Police release surveillance video of robbery

UPDATED WITH VIDEO Witnesses said a man masked man who robbed the Perkins Convenient Mart late Friday fired off three rounds from a handgun as he fled from the store in the 1900 block of East Perkins Avenue.
Emil Whitis
Mar 6, 2013


The suspect is still at large and Perkins police are asking anyone with information to call 419-627-0824.

Watch the surveillance video in the player to the right.

Click here for the e*Paper, or buy a Register at a newsstand near your for an update on this story Wednesday.



Another catchy headline with zero new info to go with it

The Hamburglar

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Hahahaha... Thank you for that one, Hamburglar.


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Or Firefox with the same. I use ad blocker plus and Ghostery to stop ads and tracking. Doesn't take 'em all away but certainly and most definetly, faster loading websites and cleaner pages. Keep the updates on. :)

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They are working on one for IE also.


MicroSoft is "always" working on something. Two steps behind everyone else. They still hold the major market though, even if they have to steal it.

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Still looking for that video!?!?!?

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I see video now, this guy has full gun control LMAO! (Shooting Grip Essentials)



That was awesome. Lol!




Thanks for shaing...LOL


Rookie mistakes!!!


My clocks go the other way


yeah I see what you mean. it's clockwise for the target though. depends which side of the gun you're on I guess. then there's the southpaws. this could be confusing. it aint easy being a gangster..

Good 2 B Me

Watch the guy in Grey. He is acting very suspicious leading up to it...

Simple Enough II

They just need to post a sign on the door, "No Guns or Robberies allowed", or "No Shoplifting" or "No underage sales to minors", yep that ought to stop all the crime in the conveinance stores!


I feel so bad for the people who work in these stores they are putting their lives in danger for min wage. i think it's sick


OMG! That poor girl at the Register! I hope the little money and cigarettes the guy got is worth armed robbery and prison. Hope he gets caught soon!

Hoss McGee

I didn't realize that was a girl working. I thought it was a guy at first. Hell the robber probably loves right behind the store in the hood


I tried to watch the video, Was the pixel on the right the bad guy or the pixel on the left?


Awww, poor girl. She had to be terrified. SCUM!