Ohio murderer faces execution on Wednesday

Inmate sentenced to die for killing security guard
Tom Jackson
Mar 5, 2013



By the Associated Press

Prison officials have moved a condemned killer from death row in Chillicothe to the state death house in southern Ohio ahead of Wednesday's execution.

Inmate Frederick Treesh was sentenced to die for the 1994 shooting death of a security guard following a multistate crime spree. Authorities say he shot 58-year-old Henry Dupree during a robbery of an adult book store in Eastlake on Aug. 27, 1994.

The state parole board voted unanimously against sparing Treesh, and Gov. John Kasich denied his request for mercy.

Treesh blames his actions on his cocaine addiction. Prosecutors say the crimes were intentional.

Treesh arrived at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday.



Excellent! I better get some popcorn!

The Hamburglar

Honestly, how much would you pay to watch it on Pay Per View?
I'd pay $19.99 maybe $24.99. If it was electric chair I'd pay $39.99. Firing squad $39.99, hanging $19.99. If they got executed like they did their victims I'd go $49.99 depending on how heinous it was. I think if they did this and the money went to the victims families it would be a big seller.


I'd pay $52.38 to see them die the way they killed others.


...and the victim's family member gets to do the killing. That is only fair.

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Great!! This should of happen 18 years ago. It's about time

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Don S

It's about time !!!!!! Way too long on death row !!!!!


The popcorn is a poppin!

Hoss McGee

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Hoss McGee

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