Perkins students don't want cuts

Language arts students are fighting to keep their programs alive as voters ponder a tax levy on the May ballot.
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 4, 2013

Students at Perkins High School show support of the district's language classes, specifically the French classes that may be cut next year because of budget problems. The school board plans to announce a final list of cuts at a meeting Wednesday night.

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Want to go?

What: Special Perkins school board meeting to discuss district cuts
When: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday
Where: Perkins High School, room 805






Why won't these lazy teens think of the seniors!? The middle schoolers are worse.

Matt Westerhold

Perfect pitch, Perkahontas

character counts

I think that by the end of everyone fighting about who's idea is better, or where money went,ect... In the end the students suffer. The administration will continue making their salary, people will continue to be angry. Not everyone in this entire world will agree upon every issue. However, with that being said, instead of pointing fingers and saying who did what, everyone needs to look at their own doorstep and where their own accountability lies. If you are not happy with the decisions that are being made than do something about it. Either come up with and propose a plan that solves all problems, or vote members of the board out of office. However, in all of the hoopla of the levy, the only thing that a 'No" vote is going to do is hurt the children in the schools. When everyone can quit pointing fingers and come up with a solution, than maybe something will be accomplished.

character counts

Furthermore, I'm sure that 50 people will argue with the statement that I just posted, and not one person will have a valid solution on how to solve all of the problems. It is absolutely hysterical that 9 times out of 10 someone will pipe up and say move the milage money back and all of the problems will be solved. What they fail to realize is how school money is set up. Do you realize that each building is filled with asbestos . Have you realized that when the health department looks at your building they are looking at the surface and not the structure. Do you realize that bathrooms back up and teachers are teaching in sewage. No you probably do not realize any of those things, and if you did then your next solution will be to say repair. Well how many of you are going to take a car that is worth maybe $2000 and put a $1000 of repairs into it. Not many! And then lets go on to use our brains and think that in today's day and age, it is much cheaper to build than it is to renovate. Lets face it, if I take a home that was built in the early 1900's and I remodel/restore it, I will spend much more than I would to build a new house. Sorry folks but that is the reality of the times that we live in. And the majority of people that will read this, and decide to retaliate back through a comment, usually are the people that think " it doesn't matter because my kids are already out of school, Or you are too simple minded to expand your mental capacity to understand where school money comes from, and what the people YOU ELECTED are trying to establish in your community. Not to mention that you have a banker on the board. What in the world do you think a banker does for a living? They are opportunist. They look financially at what will give you the most for your money over the longest period of time. Hence the word "investor" they make investments. And in the end when all of this blows over, all of the people that are putting up such a stink as to less than $20 a month, will enjoy these facilities and all will be forgotten. So yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion through their freedom of speech, but when you decide to come with a comment that has some validity in it, or is somewhat thought out and educated than please share with everyone what you would do in their given situation that solves everyones problems. But until then, realize that Perkins is an extremely sought out area, you are lucky to live in a tight nit community, and by arguing to the death of everything solve problems instead of creating them, and bring your community back together instead of ripping it apart!


Ok - here's a proposal for you .. I'm willing to pay more for less (and so are a vast majority of the voters in Perkins). Get rid of open enrollment, move the millage back where it belongs (inside/outside) and design the new school based on a capacity fitting students that are Perkins residents only (no open enrollment ever again). I'll even pay for the STEM programs (including the laptops). Will this cost me more than the current levy proposals? Likley so! But, it's the right thing to do and the residents of this community "get bang for their buck"!

Let's go back in time and play "what if". If Dr. Gunner had told the voters of Perkins "either give us more operating money so I can keep the schools running and upgrade our programs or face the option of open enrollment" that levy would have passed easily. Then, instead of proposing a $100 million campus, what if the administration came up with a plan that fit the needs of the community and made sense economically? Gee, let's see, as a voter that makes sense to me, I'll vote yes.

But do they listen to us? Nope, let's play the "do it for the children" card and keep going down this path that none of us agree with or want.


Wow, I dunno, this really makes me think twice about voting no. Nah, I'm gonna vote no because the BOE played a dangerous craps game with our money!


Articles like this make me want to vote no even more.


yep we are still no, schools will find anything to try and get the voters to get there thoughts off all the miss spending.


Where did all the money go from the last couple levies? O yeah, to a new football stadium, and a $250,000 energy efficient windmill that they no longer have. Ill vote no on every single levy that comes up until they can prove they know how to budget what they are given, and use it appropriately.

CR Reader

The Board of Education recently signed an agreement with Honeywell, Inc. that refunded all Perkins costs for the turbine project. The agreement permits Perkins to keep the $150,000 Department of Development grant. Honeywell, Inc. is released from its' responsibility to monitor energy savings.

The money that the board spent on the stadium project is only slightly more than what it would have cost them to make the necessary repairs required to continue using the old facility. The rest of the money was raised by the Boosters.

Our Children, Our Schools, Our Community! VOTE YES!


How much have we paid to consultants, architects, etc. for Gunners new building?


I hope the students direct their frustration to where it belongs: not with the voting public, but with the BOE who decided to use students as ransom to get their facilities.


More like Gunner and his dream building.

BW1's picture

He needs to service his edifice complex


You can really see the frustration and rage in that photo.


that was funny.


Is there really a full time teacher being paid to teach this 22 students French, or are there more?


Yeah, and that's spread over 8 periods, so less than four students per.

Common Sense

Hello? Perkahontas, this is simply one of the French classes. In fact, there are 6 high school classes and 2 junior high classes as well. There are anywhere from 22 to 24 in a class. Please check your facts as your assumptions demonstrate you are another voter who does not know anything, but wishes to comment on everything.


Still a voter though. Way to state your case by degrading a voter. That'll win the hearts and minds.

Common Sense

Yes, but isn't it part of the responsibility of a voter to be well informed? I noticed that the commentator did the math quickly based on the erroneous statement. Did the commentator check that fact before making the assumption? The answer would be a resounding NO

Second Opinion

@ Common Sense

"does not know ANYTHING" ?
Shouldn't it be 'does not have all the complete facts'?
I never met someone who doesn't know 'ANYTHING", please explain oh wise one. Seems you don't know 'anything' about using the correct wording when conveying a thought.

Common Sense

You are right. I stand corrected. Does that negate the fact that the comment made by the commentator was extremely erroneous?


Thank you for clarifying.


Sorry CS, I guess the sarcasm was a little too on the nose there.

Common Sense

It's okay. I can take it. Seems as if I take it better than some of the others who post on here.

dire wolf

Don't worry students, we got your back. We would never have built that nice new stadium if it meant your programs and education would suffer. sleep tight.




I find it funny that the same people who complain about the decline of society also complain about paying more taxes for education.