Erie County Health Dept. hopes to expand addiction services

The Erie County Health Department is exploring whether it can build a new inpatient clinic that will provide treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction and mental health problems, regardless of ability to pay.
Tom Jackson
Mar 1, 2013


Health commissioner Pete Schade said he has in mind a 150-bed center. He has a tentative location in mind, which he said he isn't ready to reveal yet.

Drug addiction is on the increase, according to nurses who work at the Erie County Jail. Click here for the e*Paper or get a copy of Saturday's Register to read more about the challenge.

The proposed substance abuse-mental health center, which is being developed with the cooperation of the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Erie and Ottawa Counties, is intended to complement the health department's primary medicine clinic, which Schade is seeking to expand, and the department's new dental clinic, which is scheduled to open later this year.

Schade has been attempting to build a system at the health department that will provide medical care, dental care and mental health care regardless of ability to pay. The project will come easier if Gov. John Kasich succeeds in expanding Medicaid coverage in Ohio, a proposal that's now before the Ohio General Assembly.




These services are very much needed.

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Let me get this straight. People CHOOSE to make a train wreck of their lives with drugs, and it's somehow my responsibility as a taxpayer to mitigate their consequences?


some becomeo dependent on legally prescribed prescription meds or on alcohol.

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They still CHOOSE to take them.


some becomeo dependent on legally prescribed prescription meds or on alcohol.


I'll support if Schade promises to give back his last raise to help pay for it.


Hey Register; what's going on in the 100-200 block of Scott st. right at Wayne? 4 cop cars with no lights on and cops in the streets. Anyone with a scanner?

The Hamburglar

Nothing to see here. Move along.


There is a simple God given plant that can cure alcoholism, drug addiction, mental problems and many physical ailments. The human brain has cannabinoid receptors.
"It is now well established that the psychoactive effects of Cannabis sativa are primarily mediated through neuronal CB1 receptors, while its therapeutic immune properties are primarily mediated through CB2 receptors."

Did God make a mistake of putting cannabinoid receptors into the human brain? What does the health department know?

There is an out of control addiction to money and power. That addiction has brought many woes to mankind and society.
"Power is sweet; it is a drug, the desire for which increases with habit."—Bertrand Russell, 1951"

Yellow Snow

"Run from the Cure" Rick Simpson Youtube.

Simple Enough II

Meh, waste of time, if they wanted to stop using drugs, don't you think they would be lined up asking for help instead of lining up for more drugs?


i say let the state take the hit on the chin once and buy a ton of drugs, give them out freely.

now follow me here. people selling them, instead of working a real job, will lose money and starve since black market price would drop to nothing.

people would overdose and thus no longer be a food stamp hoarding drain on the economy.

those that do blame their addictions on why they steal will no longer have a rhyme or reason for blaming their addictions for stealing, thus get the actual prison sentences that they deserve for home invasion instead of packing them into CBCF's. just completely wipe that crap out of the law books.

and once the dust settles we'll no longer have to waste tax dollars on people that can't control their own will power...

win win win, as in, DarWINism!



Just keep them in jail and hire a few more nurses, problem solved. We don't need anymore facilities that we can't afford, the county is in debt up to there neck.

The Hamburglar

So we, the taxpayers, should feed, house and provide medical care? Screw that. Let them OD.


Not all people abuse drugs, some just use them!!!!!!!


My God how did so many of you people get so cold hearted?? Most of the people who are addicted to opiate drugs got that way because their doctors are careless and will give drugs to anybody willing to pay the overpriced office call fees. Many of those doctors keep giving out pain pills every month increasing the amount every few months knowing their patent is getting more and more addicted to the drugs. Then when the addiction has gotten so bad that something needs to be done, the doctor cuts them off cold and refuses to see them again and no other doctor will take them knowing they are addicted to pain meds. Doctors always cover for other doctors. Unless you have gone through withdrawls, you have no idea what it is like. It doesn`t just happen over a couple days either. It can be the scariest thing some people have ever had to deal with. You say they should just ask for help and they`ll get it? Well you are wrong!! Like I said, many people get addicted to drugs from their doctors. Then when they tell them it is becoming a problem, the doctor dumps them. Then when they seek help, they are turned away because they aren`t actually "drug abusers". So if you want to place blame on somebody for all the drug addicts, then you need to place most of the blame on careless, greedy doctors that keep over prescribing pain meds to people and then dumping them when it becomes a problem. The only way mass amounts of prescription drugs can get onto the streets is if doctors are prescribing massive amounts of those drugs. Doctors have become legal drug dealers and unless we cut the head off the snake we will always have snakes breeding more and more snakes. Drug addiction is almost as big a money maker as big oil these days.

Swamp Fox

Look at the street crime its crack, heroin and booze that is causing the problems.

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FST, I missed in your sad tale of woe the part where those evil doctors held a gun to peoples' heads and made them accept the pain medications.

Every day thousands of people are injured or have surgery, and manage not to get addicted to anything. I had an operation. A week later, 3/4 of the pain meds I'd been prescribed went down my toilet.

Doctors say quit smoking, exercise more, eat less, eat better, and people ignore them. Then doctors say, take X of these pain pills for Y days, and all of sudden they're speaking the word of God.

Swamp Fox

What taxpayer money tree is six figure salary Schade going to pick now?
Agency ran by non elected group, but free to spend taxpayer money. How many new goverment employees will this give us?