Holdup at Huron gas station

A Huron man allegedly robbed a former classmate at knifepoint Wednesday at a Berlin Road gas station. Brandon Ferrell, 21, was charged with aggravated robbery.
Emil Whitis
Mar 1, 2013


Police were called to the store at about 10:30 p.m., but by the time they got there the suspect was long gone.

“(The clerk) was a little shook up,” Huron police Chief Bob Lippert said. “He handled it well.”

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The clerk told police he was in the back room when a masked suspect barged in and walked behind the counter. When the clerk emerged from the back, the suspect put a knife to him and ordered him to open the cash drawer.




gee everyone's getting ready for the dog benefit.


HA HA HA HA HA HA don't think so.
But I do know alot of people that will never go in there again.


Say it ain't so! Huron????


But he only did it to buy drugs, so he's the victim right???


I didn't read the full version in the paper, but it should point out that HPD tracked this guy to sandusky and arrested him with ECSO & SPD...

...all within 4 hours of the crime being committed. Good work fellas!

The Hamburglar

I bet he was an open enrollment kid. Figures.


....open enrolled in what school ? He lives in Huron.


I believe he did open enroll but not the way your suggesting. He lives in Huron but attended Perkins from what I've been told.


Not enough freebes from the Government.


Readers,I know this family. They are lovely people who are deeply concerned about their son. He comes from an intact family who's parents have been married for over 20 years. They are well educated, well respected people, and this is not what they had imagined for his life. For those of you who know what addiction/alcoholism is all about, you will understand. For those of you who don't, I hope and pray you never have do. This young man was wrong, yes..and he knows it. He and his family, now more than ever, need your prayers..not your judgement. This could be anyone's child. Yes..anyone's. Instead of saying nasty things..please just say a prayer that he will get the help he needs. Parent's out there..put yourselves in their shoes..they are devastated by their son's choices. The Ferrell's love their son, it does not mean they condone his behavior. Brandon, if you are reading this...you are God's child and worthy of forgiveness. Pick yourself up, dust off, and get the help you need to be the person we all know you are.


Well said and yes this can happen to anyone's child. As parents we raise them the best we can, unfortunately when they become adults they do not always make the best choices. I feel so bad for these parents.


Fact is, despite all of their efforts, they failed. Their drug addicted son held up a gas station. Appeasing your children and being liked does not = being a great parent. As a society we have gone well beyond reasonable when it comes to ensuring every kid is a winner, no one ever has consequences for the behaviors, etc. Being a parent means setting boudries, disciplining and taking away when necessary and making hard decisions. If we keep giving every child trophies for showing up, they will continue to shoot up schools once they graduate and realize they are no longer the super star everyone kept telling them they were all their lives. In the real world we are judged by outcomes, not intentions. It is not good enough to simply "do your best." You have to actually contribute to the outcome. In life, there are in fact, winners and losers.


Exactly - apathy is not a solution


Spoken like true Huron people...enough said!!!!


Your on screen name says it all!! Get over yourself !!! Yes their son held up a gas station..obviously it's in the paper!! You can set all the boundaries(that is the correct spelling by the way") you want!! That fact is when they become adults they still can go of the wrong path!!


Preparing for the sequester.

Dudley Do-Right

I am not trying to defend this young man, I don't know him. But I do know that drug addition is a big problem in Erie and Huron counties and we are ignoring it. The number of young middle class adults and teenagers raised in stable homes, by educated parents, addicted to drugs is scarey. Forget the stereotypes, addiction has no boundaries.


I don't think we are ignoring it, as a society we do not know how to fix it. It's like the boy in the dam, not enough fingers and can't keep up

Darwin's choice

So, how about that "war on drugs" ?


Yeah, "pray" that will help.

Rod Farva

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