Sandusky firefighters get reprieve from layoffs

Sandusky officials found a way to keep six firefighters on staff through 2013. But drastic measures, including layoffs to offset Sandusky fire’s surging expenses, could still occur by 2014.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 1, 2013


The Department of Homeland Security recently allowed city officials to parlay unspent funds from a $1 million grant, subsidizing six firefighters’ salaries for the next 10 months.

Set to expire this month, the grant covered just two years of pay for six workers.

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Sandusky fire Chief Paul Ricci, however, didn’t hire six firefighters at once when he obtained the grant in March 2011. Conserving mone y translated into saving six jobs this year.

“We basically staggered the hires,” Ricci said. “The balance of $546,000 will maintain current staffing through December 2013.”