How budget cuts could affect you

Automatic spending cuts scheduled to take effect Friday are expected to touch a vast range of government services.
Associated Press
Mar 1, 2013



Some examples:


One of the Navy's premiere warships, the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman, sits pier-side in Norfolk, Va., its tour of duty delayed. The carrier and its 5,000-person crew were to leave for the Persian Gulf on Feb. 8, along with the guided-missile cruiser USS Gettysburg.

Veterans' funerals at Arlington National Cemetery could be cut to 24 a day from 31, meaning delays in burials for troops from past wars. Troops killed in action in Afghanistan will be the priority — they are usually laid to rest within two weeks, Army spokesman George Wright said. But overall funerals would be reduced by about 160 a month because of furloughs among civilian employees who work with families to schedule services as well as furloughs among crews that dig the graves and do other grounds work.

Pentagon investments in countering cyberthreats and nuclear proliferation will be at risk, says Michael Vickers, the undersecretary of defense for intelligence. And the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, says the agency could be hit hard because it depends heavily on military and civilian personnel to accomplish its mission.

Coast Guard rescue aircraft will fly fewer hours and cutters will patrol the seas for fewer hours, says Commandant Adm. Robert J. Papp. Emergencies will be a priority and interdictions of illegal immigrants, drugs and illegal fishing could decline.


Hundreds of illegal immigrants have been freed from jail across the country. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say they had reviewed several hundred cases of immigrants and decided to put them on an "appropriate, more cost-effective form of supervised release" in a moved started Tuesday.


There could be an estimated 2,100 fewer food safety inspections and increased risks to consumers because of the cuts and the fact that lack of a new 2013 budget means the Food and Drug Administration is held at last year's spending level. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg says most of the effects wouldn't be felt for a while, and the agency won't have to furlough workers.


Hospitals, doctors and other Medicare providers will see a 2 percent cut in government reimbursements because once cutback takes effect, Medicare will reimburse them at 98 cents on the dollar. But they aren't complaining because the pain could be a lot worse if President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans actually did reach a sweeping agreement to reduce federal deficits. Automatic cuts taking effect Friday would reduce Medicare spending by about $100 billion over a decade. But Obama had put on the table $400 billion in health care cuts, mainly from Medicare. And Republicans wanted more.


The nation's busiest airports could be forced to close some of their runways, causing widespread flight delays and cancellations. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood predicts flights to cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco could have delays of up to 90 minutes during peak hours because fewer controllers will be on duty.

Though the spending cuts are scheduled to go into effect on Friday, furloughs of controllers won't kick in until April because the Federal Aviation Administration is required by law to give its employees advance notice. In addition to furloughs, the FAA is planning to eliminate midnight shifts for air traffic controllers at 60 airport towers, close over 100 control towers at smaller airports and reduce preventative maintenance of equipment.


Visiting hours at all 398 national parks are likely to be cut and sensitive areas would be blocked off to the public. Thousands of seasonal workers looking for jobs would not be hired, according to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. Salazar and National Park Service director Jon Jarvis said visitors would encounter locked restrooms, fewer rangers and trash cans emptied less frequently.


More than half of the nation's 2.1 million government workers may be required to take furloughs if agencies are forced to trim budgets. At the Pentagon alone that could mean 800,000 civilian workers would be off for 22 days each, spread across more than five months — and lose 20 percent of their pay over that period. Other federal agencies are likely to furlough several hundred thousand more workers.


Some 70,000 students enrolled in pre-kindergarten Head Start would be cut from the program and 14,000 teachers would lose their jobs. For students with special needs, the cuts would eliminate some 7,200 teachers and aides. The Education Department is also warning that the cuts will impact up to 29 million student loan borrowers and that some lenders may have to lay off staff or even close. Some of the 15 million college students who receive grants or work-study assignments at some 6,000 colleges would also see changes.


Congressional trips overseas likely will take a hit. House Speaker John Boehner told Republican members in a closed-door meeting that he's suspending the use of military aircraft for official trips by House members. Lawmakers typically travel on military planes for fact-finding trips to Afghanistan or Pakistan, or other congressional excursions to foreign locales.





A $85B reduction in the RATE OF FEDERAL SPENDING equates to the end of the world?

Heck, Mr. Bernanke buys $85B in Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities every month.

Pres. BHO should call 'im and tell 'im to print more "funny money" outa thin air - problem solved!

The Big Dog's back

Big Dog's Law has been invoked.

The New World Czar reported by The Associated Depress. What else would you expect from the remainder of the non-Woodward journalists?

Home Boy

I know it's really going to affect me, and my life style. I was supposed to get a 4% raise effective April 1, but now I'm only going to get a 3% raise. How in the world will I now be able to feed my kids, buy gas for the car, and still go out to dinner 4 times a week?! Oh, wait a minute. Maybe now I could just out to dinner 3 tiems a week and be OK. Hey, tell the WH maybe thaty's what they could do with their budget. Whoops! His budget consists of OPM....why would he do that?!


it is interesting that no one has explained that these cuts are not immediate. they will be phased in over an 8 month period. also, both congress and senate will feel the effects (little as it may be) as they will all lose money for staffing.


They should lose the most!


Well, the main one that needs to be banished is the IRS, they have never collected more money then the government pays into them. Bet that would free up alot. $102,000 a yr for retired congress n senate should be cut as well. Oh but wait, their the ones making the rules so thats never gonna get cut. It's not just the presidents fault, but the entire congress and senate as well.

Simple Enough II

Meh, I won't see any difference in services than I already have. Kinda like when a family member passed and the funeral was on a monday, the burial ceremony was on a tuesday (Yep the VA cemetary was closed for a federal holiday). I thgought TSA was funded through a surcharge on airline ticket sales, so why would they be effected? They need to suspend all congressional flights, you want to go home on the weekend, you stand inline like the rest of us common Joes, (you really are not that important considering how we have no budget still and we continue to spend more in debt). And the Head of HSA and the administration are crimminal for releasing illegals aliens. So all you who voted for Barry, "you axe and you get what you get", happy now?


"Some of the 15 million college students who receive grants or work-study assignments at some 6,000 colleges would also see changes."

Grants. Scholarships. Pffft. Just invisible money the school offers to "bribe" you into attending their establishment. If they can "GIVE AWAY" that kind of money, they don't need to be charging it to begin with. The student still ends up with over $40,000.00 student debt. If not more.

Unless you get a FREE RIDE SCHOLARSHIP, you ARE paying out your ...ummm..wallet for a long long time.

Model Citizen

Government scare tactics - same old, same old. If I ran my household like the government runs this country I would be living in a cardboard box.


"Be thankful I don't take it all
'Cause I'm the taxman, yeah I'm the taxman"

- The Beatles, Taxman


It's a never ending attack
Everything's a lie and that's a fact
Life is a lemon and I want my money back!



We make it
Before we see it, you take it
Makes me wanna holler, the way they do my money
This ain't livin', this ain't livin'......Marvin Gaye!


Money, it's a crime
Share it fairly
But don't take a slice of my pie

Greatest band ever... Pink Floyd


"Some people got to have it....For a small piece of paper,
it carries a lot of weight." ...The O'Jays


At some point, the government may just take it all: your paycheck, your home, your freedom-oh wait, they already took that.

The Big Dog's back

Par-a-noia strikes deep
into your life it will creep
it starts when your always afraid
step out of line the man come and take you away

we better stop
hey what's that sound
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Is this a partial list???

I didn't see anything about cutting foreign aid---should be at the top of the list----take care of our own first.


Bring it!

Dinghy Gal

I think I'm gonna puke!