Deputy's truck burns to crisp

An Erie County deputy's 2007 Dodge Ram burned up on Old Railroad Road this week
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 28, 2013

Deputy Adam Klepper's personal truck burned up on Tuesday afternoon, according to an Erie County Sheriff's Office.

Klepper was headed south on Old Railroad Road when he noticed flames near the pedals on the floorboard, according to a deputy's report. He pulled the truck over and got out, and within short order the vehicle was in flames.

Margaretta firefighters showed up and extinguished the fire, which had apparently started in the engine compartment. According to a deputy's report, a mechanical or electrical malfunction caused the fire. The truck was destroyed.  



I bet it was Lucy. I read Pet Cemetery, trust me, this doesn't end well.


Good one.


This the kid that got in trouble a little while ago?


Does it matter? At least he is okay!

Rod Farva

Excellent piece of reporting! Really scraping the barrel now


I can't believe that Deputy would have the audacity to allow his truck to catch on fire on a public street. He should be fired, or at least given further training on operating a vehicle without starting a fire. **As I've noticed, not many of you are well versed in the English language, this is a prime example a sarcasm.**


+1, good sir.


Love the sarcastic remark! LOL


Does it really matter??? So he made a mistake. Are you telling me that you haven't been to a family gathering where underage kids were drinking and you didn't report??? It's not like he bought the alcohol good lord.

Licorice Schtick

Good catch!


Double post

Rod Farva

Cars burn around here all the time... its always in the paper like this


This happens all the time, only the Sandusky Register would find that it is a deputys truckand make a story out of it. But when the Sandusky Register van hit the sheriff car the MAIN headline did not read "Sandusky Register van hit Erie County Sheriff." imagin that.

Rod Farva

Anything to make a public safety agency look bad


Sex sells. That's why they're always screwing with the cops.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment, goodtime1212. Here's an excerpt from the article published online regarding the story you referenced: "Erie County Sheriff Terry Lyons, 57, was involved in a head-on collision with a Sandusky Register van Wednesday morning and taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center."

There are also photos of the accident, which was reported online and in the print edition. 


the main head line, The big bold letters that makes you stop when your walking past the news stand to look. It still dosnt say SANDUSKY REGISTER VAN HIT SHERIFF HEAD ON.


Unhappy goodtime? Maybe you should apply for the editor's job or buy the paper!



Now The Rest of...

If this was a Sandusky officer Chief Lang would order auto fire prevention training.

Julie R.

Thanks for the laugh. I was thinking the same thing.


Glad he's OK!


Yea, this is news. Only because somehow, someway, the SR twists things. Tag along story?? Not unless he set it on fire himself. How does the SR get awards again? Cause they stir the pot. Witches brew at it's best.

Licorice Schtick

It is not typical for vehicles to spontaneously go up in flames. This is news, but not well reported, because a reader's first quetion might be, "What's the make, model, and year?" Get with it, Emil!


maybe he was behind on his payments


Nobodycares might have something. A 6 year old truck just don't start on fire.


I hope he's ok and that he talks to dodge. What if this has to do with something more serious that needs to be recalled by the manufacturer. Hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone else. Scary!


Check the headlight switch,mine melted to a crisp!


People can't remember what happened yesterday, much less an article that ran in the SR some time ago. I remember the story but had forgotten that it was Terry Lyons. Run something good and it's remembered for a day or two at most and has maybe 10 posts. Something bad or a mistake, they have a hard time forgetting and maybe 200 or 300 posts!
In the old days headlight switches (brights) were on the floorboard, now they are on the dash or by ther steering wheel. Adam stated the flames were by the pedals. Had a SR reporter said this there would be a hundred posts. Surely not "Picking" or making fun of you, just proving a point. There are many topics that demand exact reporting and others that are just interested reading to keep us up on local news.