Chief Lang schedules dog training for officers

Police report getting supportive messages
Tom Jackson
Feb 28, 2013

In the wake of last week's dog shooting Sandusky police Chief Jim Lang has set up officer training sessions with Erie County dog warden Barb Knapp.

"I'm not saying we did anything wrong," Lang said. "If we can learn anything by this then we will. We're always trying to be better."

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Through the training he hoped to open Sandusky police officers to different strategies of dealing with dogs and give officers a better understanding of canine behavior.

After getting a slew of nasty emails Tuesday when the cruiser cam video of the incident was released, Lang said a flood of supportive emails came Thursday.

"They're mostly saying 'you shouldn't have to deal with this kind of abuse,'" Lang said.

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Darwin's choice

Exactly right! Yes, it's "just a dog", and it's "a guy sitting on his porch", or it's a "semi-comatose guy sitting in a chair", who's going to be the next "only" dead person? Wilson needs to sit out for a while, or go completely! Lang, good luck un-ringing this bell........

BULLISDEEP's picture

They carry that snare ,why not some milkbone treats also.


A-- hole Cop!

Rod Farva

A** hole dog

Hoss McGee

Lucy last words arrrrr


I wonder what was going through her mind at the end.

Rod Farva

A 9mm jacketed hollow point


LMAO>>>>peh heh heh...

dire wolf

Has anybody ever met a dog that wasn't receptive to a treat, a dog bone, a rawhide, almost to the point where they will be your friend forever if you just show them you can be their friend. (happy dog = peaceful solutuion). The police can buy a whole box of treats for less than 4 bucks. Will last years and be a great option #1. no cold blood on their hands. Say no to the Thunderdome!


I'll have to try that next time I go to Daly's.


Aggravating souls


I'm a ginger. I have no soul.


Nothing else to do HA


Kudos to Jim Lang for giving some thought to dealing with an aggressive dog. Another suggestion would be not only to have the county dog warden involved in the training of officers in dealing with aggressive or apparent aggressive dogs but you have canine officers that are trained use them too.


Train them to use a 45 on them instead of a .40

Rod Farva

I was thinking 00 buck


Maybe I could be of assistance. I like drinking Colt 45 in a 40.

Rod Farva

Lucy likes mad dog 40's


She can't handle her liquor though. One shot and she's on the floor.

Rod Farva



If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.

Rod Farva

Or just get shot


you two are killin' me...lmao...please, stop, or I'll cough up my rott burger


thats funny as hel

Now The Rest of...

I am a huge dog lover but lets get serious, how many different articles on the same subject do we rely need? Once again we see the anti law enforcement/SPD bias of this alleged newspaper. Time for Lang to retire, again.

Julie R.

Appease the outrage over this by scheduling dog training for the officers .... wow, now that should do the trick, right? No reprimand or anything for the unjustifiable cruel shooting of a dog .... or the cops that shot the senior citizen sitting on his front porch .... or the cops that shot the young man that was passed out on the couch in his parents' house. You can bet those Cleveland cops that shot 137 times into a car won't get anything, either. OHIO has turned into a pathetic joke. None of these public servants that get paid with taxpayer dollars are ever held accountable for anything.


Great comment.

I wish that more people would pay attention to the police shootings of humans. I am neutral on the shooting of the dog because the dash cam did not show the actions of the dog behind the house. The back stepping of the police officer could be considered a clue. I would like to hear the call to police and what the police dispatcher said to the officer before he arrived on the scene.

If a person shot and killed a police dog, even if the police dog attacked an innocent person, the person shooting the police dog would be charged for killing a police officer.


"a flood of supportive emails came Thursday." "They're mostly saying 'you shouldn't have to deal with this kind of abuse,'" Lang said.

Police chief getting nasty emails from people upset about officer shooting dog ...

A flood? I think most reasonable people will say that the actions of the officer are not warranted and he should be removed from the position of public trust.

I don't want any more loose cannons in positions of authority.

And I also have a problem with the police chief downplaying this inexcusable behavior. The perpetrator doesn't belong in public with a gun and if the chief wants to support that kind of reprehensible conduct, we may want to ask ourselves whether this is the kind of man we want in this position.

Father of 1

So let me get this straight. The "team Lucy" people said he let the dog suffer for well over ten minutes right? The whole dashcam video wasn't even that long. "Team Lucy" says he got out of the car and pulled his gun right away! Really??? Looks to me like he didn't draw his weapon til he was slowly walking around where the dog went between the two houses. Did anyone see teeth showing in the video? Of course not. Why? Because the video isn't zoomed in on the dog. You people are beating a dead horse. The dog is gone. It will never come back. I'm sorry it ended badly for "team Lucy" but unfortunately for the dog it had very irresponsible owners who didn't care enough about their "child" to look after it. It chased after the mail lady and neighbors and lunged at Officer Wilson enough that he had to shoot. You don't like the SPD or how our city is run? MOVE. We don't want or need your problems here.