Chief Lang schedules dog training for officers

Police report getting supportive messages
Tom Jackson
Feb 28, 2013

In the wake of last week's dog shooting Sandusky police Chief Jim Lang has set up officer training sessions with Erie County dog warden Barb Knapp.

"I'm not saying we did anything wrong," Lang said. "If we can learn anything by this then we will. We're always trying to be better."

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Through the training he hoped to open Sandusky police officers to different strategies of dealing with dogs and give officers a better understanding of canine behavior.

After getting a slew of nasty emails Tuesday when the cruiser cam video of the incident was released, Lang said a flood of supportive emails came Thursday.

"They're mostly saying 'you shouldn't have to deal with this kind of abuse,'" Lang said.

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You people really have no sense of ownership do you?

The officer was right! Deal with it!


The officer wasn't right. He made absolutely no attempt to save the dog. You either agree with that protocol or you don't.

Darwin's choice

"Dog training" thats what they're calling time at the shooting range now....!


I like your style! Keep bringing it strong! This forum is "evolving"!

Rod Farva

That's punny

Pastor Ron

Will they be offering training to neighbors of vicious dogs so they know when to run or distinguish between the different types of growls? Seems like everybody needs training except the people who left their dog roam free in the first place.


Never trust a police dog.
Police dog bites reporter
Girl, 13 attacked by Police dog


Would this dog attacking an elderly man deserve to be shot?
Dog attacks elderly man.


Thank you Chief Lang for stepping up and doing something right for the City Of Sandusky! I don't know what everyone else wanted you to do but for most of us dog lovers is all we ask for is training on how to deal with a dog at large. I just don't want to think that the SPD is going to go out and shoot any do that is at large because that is not what is going to solve the problem. So thank you for being proactive.


No Donna doesn't want what is right. She wants money from all her crazy supporters and from the city.

Dog on leash attacks child. Is that a Rottweiler?


Bring in George Zimmerman to do that training.........

Good 2 B Me

Way to be reactive instead of proactive. This sure makes SPD look bad, like they might be admitting to not being properly trained. You know, the kind of thing that lets someone sue the City.

dire wolf

that ship already sailed. time for damage control.


I think having training from the Dog Warden is a good idea. There is always room for improvement. Since the budget has been cut, it seems the officers are not getting enough training. There was a dog warden a few years back but then when the budget was cut, they cut out the dog warden and the duties fell on the Police Department. I don't know if they every hired that person back and if they did why that person was not called out to handle the problem.

Hoss McGee

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I said it once, and I will say it again, IF we, the public were to have shot and killed a "CANINE OFFICER" because it was barking at us, then WE, the Public, would be going to PRISON for MURDERING a POLICE OFFICER!!!!!!.......It seems a little hypocritical to me that officers would be ALLOWED to shoot and KILL OUR family pets with absolutely NO consequences!!....
And I don't want to hear,"but the owner is at fault because the dog didn't have tags and a collar on!" We all know that Lucy SHOULD have had those things, but that DOESN'T give a police officer the right to shoot and kill an animal who was BARKING at him WITHOUT using other, more HUMANE tactics FIRST!!!! Lucy was shot within a MINUTE of that officer getting to the scene....and I honestly feel that this officer did nothing but provoke her and her barking!!....She was NOT running at the officer when he took the fatal shot, she was standing at the end of her driveway BARKING at him....He squared off with her for at least 5 seconds before he sot her, at which time she was STANDING STILL, NOT charging at him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Rod Farva

Quit whining


I'm not whining Rod...SIMPLY stating the facts!!!....And everyone who is agreeing that Officer Wilson SHOULD have killed Lucy is just too set in their own ways to understand that the TRUTH hurts!!....Because the TRUTH is, that Lucy was not trying to harm that officer!!....WATCH THE VIDEO PEOPLE!!!!...Half of those who are siding with the officer probably haven't even watched it!!....I stated my point and now have better things to do than argue with people who can't see that TRUTH!..good day! :)


Trust me do not argue with ROD or his buddy TRISTAsomethingorother. You will get no where because they have issues

Rod Farva

Aww thanks


Rod, I think someone needs a hug. Maybe then they'd be happy.

Rod Farva

I agree, maybe some ice cream and a balloon too


Trust me do not argue with ROD or his buddy TRISTAsomethingorother. You will get no where because they have issues


Point on the doll where the bad man touched you. It's never too late to be happy.

Rod Farva

You sound pretty whiny


The dog charged the officer, and apparently a postal worker as well. Maybe you should watch the video again, it is after Lucy goes between the two houses that she then charges the officer, who takes 2-3 seconds to aim before shooting. The fact is, the postal worker called the police because of a viscous dog, and the cop shot it. Don't blame the cop, blame the owner who put their dog in that situation.


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Advocate For Animals

Wilson knows what he did and so does the SPD but they can't break the "code blue" by admitting his actions were wrong.

Yes, Lucy should have had tags and not been running free but that in no way whatsoever justifies what he did much less that he committed a much crueler act by simply standing there while Lucy took 10 min. to die. That's pure heartlessness..plain and simple.

I agree with whoever said this is damage control. I don't think they expected the outrage this heinous act has generated much less that the video of what REALLY happened, which shows a completely different scenario from the written version, would be seen by the public.

This is a small step in the right direction. Hopefully no other dog in this city will suffer the horrific death poor Lucy did.