Vigilante justice meets Lady justice

An Erie County grand jury indicted three Sandusky men for allegedly going vigilante on two teenage burglars in November. Quinton Larry, 22, Correy Martin, 35, and Sammie Whaley, 28, were charged with complicity to commit aggravated robbery and complicity to commit felonious assault. Martin and Whaley were also charged with obstructing justice.
Emil Whitis
Feb 28, 2013


Two teenage boys allegedly broke into Whaley’s Judy Lane house at about noon Nov. 10, taking an Xbox and some video games. Neighbors spotted the boys and followed them to an East Farwell Street home, then called Whaley.

When Whaley, Martin and Larry showed up on Farwell Street, the boys were still outside. Martin told police he punched one of the boys in the face. As a second boy fled, Larry allegedly pulled a pistol and shot off a round.

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“We’re still not sure whether he was shooting at the boy or into the ground,” Sandusky police Sgt. Dana Newell said. “He tried to shoot again, but the cartridge jammed.”

Th e t h re e m e n tu r n e d t h e i r attention to the remaining boy.

“They took some money from the kid they caught,” Newell said. “That’s where the robbery charges come from.”

On hearing the gunshot, neighbors called police. When officers arrived, Larry was gone and Whaley and Martin told officers they had no idea who the shooter was. The two boys were also charged with burglary

The Erie County grand jury indicted 16 suspects Monday. An indictment is a formal charge and does not denote guilt or innocence.

   Indictments handed down:



Good for them! I wouldn't have shot at them(outside of my home. In my house they would both be dead) but I would have beat them unconscious. There are too many laws that protect criminals. Ohio is a absolute joke! I can't wait for the citizens to stand up and take America back! Revolution 2013!!!!

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NOW thats funny !


I was afraid you might push them off the deep end so I had to reel them back in a little.


It made my day--an early morning LOL.


The cops don't do the job right anymore it's time we take things into our own hands just yell citizens arrest and take the bad guys out




We can't afford enough police anymore, so we (nationally) are going to see increasing vigilante action. And we can't afford enough police because we are spending too much on entitlement programs for those who are not entitled, and on too many wars caused by matters of opinion (e.g.religion).

Simple Enough II

I disagree with the vigilante comment, as it has always been the right and responsibility of the free man to protect his own. Need more police? Why, it is nothing more than a catch and release program.

Simple Enough II

Also, Police aren't there to stop crime, but investigate it, they have no constitutional responsibility to protect you.