VIDEO: Dog owner arraigned in Sandusky municipal court

Donna Hansen was arraigned on charges of having a loose and unlicensed dog in court by Judge Erich O'Brien.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 28, 2013

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Pastor Ron

About a month ago they did an article about him and he was complaining about having to share an office with a bailiff. Maybe if he actually collected all of the fines and court cost....... he could make that happen. So many cases are court costs only. His court has become a joke and not a very funny one at that.


I believe has HAS the money to make more room for himself and his court. It is the commission that has held this up by a proposed move of the city building. His court is not a "joke" of any kind. He has done what is allowed in any court. It never ceases to amaze me that the judges get the brunt of what the Feds set up and the local judges must administer. Perhaps if we would all pay closer attention to what the State and Federal government mandates about overcrowding and fines, we wouldn't be blaming the local judges but put the blame squarely where it belongs....higher up.

Rod Farva

This crap is getting really, they just want to make money out of this


Thank you Officer Brad. Being a cop in must be a challenge.

Now The Rest of...

I am a huge dog lover but lets get serious, how many different articles on the same subject do we rely need? Once again we see the anti law enforcement/SPD bias of this alleged newspaper.


After watching the latest video, I thought it was inappropriate for the police officers to stand at the door entrance and as the dog owner approached, they harrassed her and held up a sign. Secondly, I thought the Judge could have left his comedy act at home and his wise cracking dog comments. The judge was highly unprofessional.

Now The Rest of...

Darkhouse, The folks outside has the same rights as her supporters, don't you think she was trying intimidate the city. She clearly succeeded with the judge and his media comments. I do agree with you on the judge attitude, that's how he is, he always thinks he the funniest person he ever meant, which is why many repeat offenders don't take him seriously. Current case the last time she was cited for dog running at large April 2012, she only received the minimum fine, didn't bother to pay it, what legal incentive did she have to keep the dog under control? If you are not part of the solution your are part of the problem.


It was refreshing to see this woman bring her child to court ... drag out the sympathy now .. to avoid this happening next time ..just taser the owners a few times , and then maybe doggie killings can be averted .


Leash Law! Period!


Do you even have a dog? I have 2, and they are protective of my family, and I'm grateful, this town has gone to crap! My dogs would do anything to make sure me and my children are safe!!!!!


I think it's sooooo wrong! The dog didn't even advance at the cop. The dog was only protecting what it thought that was his. I have 2 dogs my self and they would do the same thing. The cop killed the dog for no reason!!!!! The dog didn't even move to the cop at all.....I'm so pissed about this!!!!!

Swamp Fox

Cdcarter11, you should be "pissed off" do you allow your dogs to run at large throughout your neighborhood even after you were cited last April. Would your significant other hide in the house to avoid a warrant instead of trying to contain your dog? Did you ever give your dogs training? Yes, I agree any responsible dog owner should be pissed off about this women who doesn't have a clue about dog ownership. My large dogs are leashed, contained, trained and more important family members.