VIDEO: Dog owner arraigned in Sandusky municipal court

Donna Hansen was arraigned on charges of having a loose and unlicensed dog in court by Judge Erich O'Brien.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 28, 2013

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Hang in there Donna Hansen!

Just a note.
*A ROTTWEILER running around the neighborhood is kind of like a ST. BERNARD running around the neighborhood--ODDS ARE that it is NOT A STRAY, DOESN'T HAVE RABIES, IS SOMEONE'S BELOVED PET, and IS CONTROLLABLE.


The three Rotts that mauled a child to death while he waited for the school bus were someones pets to . That person went to prison because she let her dogs roam the neighborhood .


Deadbeat dog owners.Repeat offenders,wonder if the dog was wormed had its shots and was fed and watered regularly.The animal thing is getting crazy,loose animals including cats are a big problem.Would the mail carrier lie?Fine them expect prompt payment even if it means asking the Dr. employer for a raise.

No excuse the owner knew the consequences and flaunted the law numerous times.
I am sad for the dog but these people broke the law again and again.

dog lover


i agree with you. She has been cited several times since 2007 i beleive. I saw the video. The dog lunged at the officer and he was in putting the dog down.


It has probably never seen the inside of a Vet's office.


you said the words "ODDS ARE". The cop played the odds as he saw it.


Except in this case her Rott chased three people down the street, one of which had to duck into a strangers house to avoid getting bit. All the while the dog was snarling and baring its teeth. It may not have been a stray, and it may not of had rabies, and it may of been someones baby, but it also posed a threat.

Hoss McGee

The new song parody for who let the dogs out is called " who tipped the dog over bang bang bang!

The Bizness

As someone who runs around the city a lot as exercise, you have no idea how terrifying it is when you see a loose dog. I have one run up to me showing his teeth and looking aggressive, and you know what I did? I stopped running, turned to it and yelled at it as loud as I could. Luckily that worked, but I am sure another dog would have bitten me. I have even seen people walking their dogs without leashes, and an owner never knows when an animal may take off to bite someone it perceives as a threat.

I don't know if the officer was justified as shooting the dog, but if a human comes running at an officer with a knife, than damn right he should shoot the person. I see a dogs teeth, the same way I see a knife.


If you watch the video you will see that he was NOT justified in shooting. He was in over his head (obviously the dog wasn't going to jump in the cruiser, which appears to be the only situation the officer was capable of dealing with) and instead of asking for assistance, he decided to just shoot. The dog was not lunging at him. And what about a freaking taser? Do our law enforcement officers now go straight for the kill shot? Are we, as citizens, going to stand by and allow that to happen? This isn't just about the dog being shot. It is about irresponsible pet owners and LE officers who are not capable of making logical decisions in the field.


From what I saw, he was justified!


Nope we are not going to stand and allow that to happen. I for one say "Good Job Officer" you made the right call in putting down a dog who had been charging at other people, and had a history of doing so, and had charged at you (I too saw the video). The cause of this dog's death is an irresponsible owner who truly did not care about the animals safety or well being.


The Bizness,
I agree with you. I don't oppose the lease laws. In this situation, if I heard it right, according to the btl video the officer was there 3 minutes after they were called. In the car cam video the dog wasn't displaying any aggression.


Yet again, an animal pays the price because humans are crappy. The owners should have cared for their dog better--even if the dog slipped his collar, I cannot imagine my dog barking for a long period of time and not getting up to see what was going on. Oh wait. My dog doesn't get tied up outside w/out supervision, so that point is mooot. So on the one hand, the dog had irresponsible owners.

Then the SPD sends in an officer who acted as if it was his first solo call right out of the academy. He acted COMPLETELY inappropriately and like the owners, should pay a price. He pulled his gun as the dog retreated, then shot the dog for simply sitting in its yard and giving off a "don't approach me" vibe. In the 5 seconds the officer stood looking at the dog and deciding to shoot it for NO REASON, he could have easily made the decision so call for the SPD's animal control officer or asked for the dog warden's office to be called in for assistance. Not only did he make very very bad decisions, he then LIED about it!!!!

The poor dog was surrounded by idiots. It never stood a chance. And because of these idiots, he died a horrible, violent, painful death...alone on a cold city sidewalk. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.


Yeah and in those 5 seconds it takes to call for back up or the animal control officer that dog could have attacked. He was right to put the dog down.

BULLISDEEP's picture

Could have attacked but didn't .


Let me clarify: five seconds of the dog doing NOTHING. And the cop proceeded to LIE about that.


I watched the video and lets see here. 1) Dog running at large 2) dog barking at officer and charging neighbors and the mail carrier. 3) I believe SPD doesn't have and Animal Control Officer (budget cuts and all) 4) Dog barks at and charges the officer. It ran down the side of the house then turned around and charged back at the officer. Its on the video. 5) Completely irresponsible dog owners who let their unlicensed dog run around the neighborhood chasing other people over the span of years. And yet some how this is the officers fault?? Oh how did he lie??

Pastor Ron

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Bad owners (who need to stop playing the victim, btw, and admit their part in all of this) do not mean the dog deserves to be killed (for which the officer should not get a pass).


The dog charging at others in the neighborhood and then officer is what got it shot. That is the result of bad owners.


@Pastor Ron
Are you actually a pastor? Your comments don't seem to be that of a religious man. I agree the owner was at fault for not getting tags but your descriptive, judgemental comments about the owner, her lover and lifestyle are really inappropriate for a man of the cloth.


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Julie R.

@ Pastor Ron: If the so-called allegations you are making about this young lady's lifestyle have never affected you in any way, why are you being so judgemental?

"Judge not that you may not be judged. Why do you see the speck in your brother's eye but do not notice the log in your own?"


She has sinned against Pastor Ron's god:

"Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD." - Leviticus 19: 28

Second Opinion

leave it to a failed lawyer to use a scripture out of context...


She didn't fail. The judges screwed her. You hadn't heard?

Julie R.

That Biblical saying more than fits your joke courts, too. That's why I've said many times over that GOD HIMSELF must shudder when he sees some of those hypocrites putting on those black robes.


I have a rottie, she is VERY vocal and does "talk" alot. I also know when she barks/growls and MEANS it in a threatening way. Rotties are known to be vocal, some more so than others. Just like a baby, you can tell by the sound of the cry/growl what it what it means.

Hoss McGee

Absolutely right Pastor Ron! And the Crowbar ( Home of the Strange Rangers) having a benefit for her is a joke. She couldn't pay her past fines now they want to help so she can possibly sue the city. Get real that's probably where she hangs out with all her rift raft friends.