Perkins trustees vote an about-face

“This levy is so gosh darn important,” trustee Mike Printy said. “I don’t want to put one vote in danger. The input that I got over the last two weeks I will not ignore. I’ve got to pay attention to that.”
Andy Ouriel
Feb 28, 2013


Facing backlash from residents, Perkins Township trustees have decided to reverse course on a decision t o create a part-time position in the fiscal office. 

About two weeks ago, township fiscal officer Jane Gildenmeister received approval for $15,000 to hire a part-time worker in her office.

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She said she was “getting behind” in her work and an extra body would help offset the massive workload.

Trustees Mike Printy and Tim Coleman originally OK’d the request, while Jeff Ferrell vehemently opposed it.

Ferrell refused to provide Gildenmeister with a single penny, given that financial constraints forced trustees to eliminate seven positions in early February. The move caused six people to lose their jobs.

Fast forward to Tuesday: Ferrell’s colleague s completely switched gears, rejecting Gildenmeister’s request.

“I’ve been contacted by a few people (who are) against the action of hiring an assistant fiscal officer,” Coleman said.

Coleman and Printy were worried about negative vibes from voters, which would no doubt affect the outcome of a police levy in May.




Yikes! Bureaucrats that pay attention to there constitutes. Now all we need is a school board who listens to the values of their community.


I never understood how they could justify laying off cops and highway workers, but turn around and buy the clerk an assistant. That will kill a levy quicker than a guillotine. Sounds like they finally got smacked by some common sense, fiscal responsibility, and priorities. Hope it's not too late.


AMEN, wonder if the commissioners in Sandusky are listening and learning?


The real issue here is not the Trustees - they realize that the fiscal officer's office needs to run smoothly so the rest of the township runs smoothly. The real problem is that Perkins voted in an unqualified person. Hopefully someone who can handle the job will step up in the next election.


oh, and it takes a lot of guts to listen to the people and "do the right thing." Kudos to the Trustees for listening and taking action.


And considering they may be up for re-election soon and don't want "to lose one single vote".


Maybe Andy should ask the clerk why she is "getting behind". There may be a valid reason. Let's get both sides of that story.


Fear the stache!


NOW the schools need to do the same, the BOE need to listen to the voters and TELL Gunner to rethink what he is doing


HEY DIANE, hope you run next time!


Our problem is all four in the picture. Really don't know Jane but common sense is really lacking.


The problem with cutting staff and asking for a levy comes on the heels of building a township hall that the township couldn't afford and they are coming up short in the budget so the leadership is asking the taxpayer to fork over money to get them out of the hole.


Are the Perkins Township voters located in Erie County, Ohio happy that they voted out the previous Fiscal Officer? This is a good example of how stupid some voters are. My question is why did the voters put an unqualified person in office over the more qualified person?

Maybe Matt Westerhold can have Jane on Between The Lines so that she can further explain why she is behind in her work and needed additional help at taxpayer expense.


Don't go giving Jeff Krabill any ideas.



You mean the "Professional Politician WannaBe"