Perkins relocation begins

Get moving.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 28, 2013


That's what's happening in Perkins Township today and during the next few days, as the Perkins Township government moves into it's new headquarters at 2610 Columbus Ave., a stone's throw from the Erie County Sheriff's Office and Jail. 

Planning for the new Township Hall began in 2010. The new $3.2 million complex includes a new police department and a centralized office for all township government operations. 




Chris should also bin fired for rattin Barker out. Mark is to old for the job. Hope he has auto insurance on his vehicle. Still d old regime of Mc Clown. oops Mc Clung


Is the Register's proofreader out sick AGAIN? Sheesh!



Are you looking for a job with the SR.

Google for applications

Good 2 B Me

Do my eyes deceive me? It looks like cops are doing physical labor.


Any idea what will happen to the abandoned run down car wash that sits directly in front of the new hall? Kind of an eye sore IMO.


Sandusky Police Depart. relocation spot??


"This'll look great in your apartment"

"These fell off a truck"


One new building coming up and one million dollars in the hole that the taxpayers have to make up the shortfall of the budget.

Now The Rest of...

One ugly building, did they design it after in trip in the time machine back from the 80's. The only thing worse than the building is it surroundings, trustees blew this one.