Government shutdown?

As budget cuts loom, House Republicans turn to mapping strategy
Associated Press
Feb 28, 2013



With big, automatic budget cuts about to kick in, House Republicans are turning to mapping strategy for the next showdown just a month away, when a government shutdown instead of just a slowdown will be at stake.

Both topics are sure to come up at the White House meeting Friday between President Barack Obama and top congressional leaders, including Republican House Speaker John Boehner. A breakthrough on replacing or easing the imminent across-the-board spending cuts still seems unlikely at the first face-to-face discussion between Obama and Republican leaders this year.

To no one's surprise, even as a dysfunctional Washington appears incapable of averting a crisis over economy-rattling spending cuts, it may be lurching toward another over a possible shutdown.

Republicans are planning for a vote next week on a bill to fund the day-to-day operations of the government through the Sept. 30 end of the 2013 fiscal year — while keeping in place the new $85 billion in cuts of 5 percent to domestic agencies and 8 percent to the military.

The need to keep the government's doors open and lights on — or else suffer the first government shutdown since 1996 — requires the GOP-dominated House and the Democratic-controlled Senate to agree. Right now they hardly see eye to eye.

The House GOP plan, unveiled to the rank and file on Wednesday, would award the Pentagon and the Veterans Administration with their line-by-line budgets, for a more-targeted rather than indiscriminate batch of military cuts, but would deny domestic agencies the same treatment. And that has whipped up opposition from veteran Democratic senators on the Appropriations Committee. Domestic agencies would see their budgets frozen almost exactly as they are, which would mean no money for new initiatives such as cybersecurity or for routine increases for programs such as low-income housing.

"We're not going to do that," said Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa. "Of course not."

Any agreement needs to pass through a gantlet of House tea party conservatives intent on preserving the across-the-board cuts and Senate Democrats pressing for action on domestic initiatives, even at the risk of creating a foot-tall catchall spending bill.

There's also this: GOP leaders have calculated that the automatic cuts arriving on Friday need to be in place in order for them to be able to muster support from conservatives for the catchall spending bill to keep the government running. That's because many staunch conservatives want to preserve the cuts even as defense hawks and others fret about the harm that might do to the military and the economy. If the automatic cuts are dealt with before the government-wide funding bill gets a vote, there could be a conservative revolt.

"The overall sequester levels must hold," said Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif.

Little to no progress has been made so far between House and Senate leaders and the White House, and given the hard feelings engulfing Washington, there's no guarantee that this problem can be solved, even though the stakes — a shutdown of non-essential government programs after March 27 — carry more risk than the across-the-board cuts looming on Friday.

The funding plan for the rest of the fiscal year will be a main topic at the White House meeting on Friday, the March 1 deadline day for averting the across-the-board cuts.

Obama, speaking to a group of business executives Wednesday night, said the cuts would be a "tumble downward" for the economy, though he acknowledged it could takes weeks before many Americans feel the full impact of the budget shrinking.

The warring sides in Washington have spent this week assigning blame rather than seeking a bipartisan way out. In a glimpse of the state of debate on Wednesday, Republicans and the White House bickered over whether the cuts would be under way by the time Friday's meeting started. A spokesman for Boehner said they would be in place; the White House countered that Obama would in fact have until midnight Friday to set them in motion.

The cumbersome annual ritual of passing annual agency spending bills collapsed entirely last year — not a single one of the 12 annual appropriations bills for the budget year that began back in October has passed Congress — and Congress has to act by March 27 to prevent a partial shutdown of the government.

By freezing budgets for domestic agencies, the Republican plan would deny an increase for a big cybersecurity initiative, additional money to modernize the U.S. nuclear arsenal and money to build new Coast Guard cutters. GOP initiatives such as more money for the Small Business Administration or fossil fuels research would be hurt as well, but there's little appetite for the alternative, which is to stack more than $1 trillion worth of spending bills together for a single up-or-down vote.

But the GOP move to add the line-by-line spending bills for the Pentagon and veterans' programs to the catchall spending bill would give the military much-sought increases for force readiness and the Veterans Administration additional funding for health care.

That approach has few fans in the White House, which is seeking money to implement Obama's signature efforts to overhaul financial regulation and the nation's health care system, or within the Democratic Senate, where members of the Appropriations Committee want to add a stack of bills covering domestic priorities such as homeland security, NASA and federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI.

"You need balance," said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. "We feel as strongly about the domestic side as we do defense."

The catchall spending measure, known as a continuing resolution or CR inside Washington, was originally seen as a potential must-pass measure to avert Friday's cuts or make them less severe. But no serious talks to avert the cuts have been under way.

On Thursday, Democrats will force a vote on a measure that would forestall the automatic cuts through the end of the year, replacing them with longer-term cuts to the Pentagon and cash payments to farmers and installing a minimum 30 percent tax rate on income exceeding $1 million. But that plan is virtually certain to be toppled by a GOP-led filibuster vote.

Republicans in turn are considering offering a measure that would give Obama authority to propose a rewrite to the 2013 budget to redistribute the cuts. Obama would be unable to cut defense by more than the $43 billion reduction that the Pentagon currently faces, and would also be unable to raise taxes to undo the cuts. The GOP plan would allow a resulting Obama proposal to go into effect unless Congress passed a resolution to overturn it.

The idea is that money could be transferred from lower-priority accounts to accounts funding air traffic control or meat inspection. But the White House says that such moves would offer only slight relief. At the same time, however, it could take pressure off of Congress to address the sequester.

In the House, where Republicans in the past Congress passed legislation to replace the cuts, Boehner has said it's now up to Obama and the Senate to figure a way out. The Senate never took up the House-passed bills, which expired when the new Congress was seated in January.




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I was curious when this would become more news than the dog news!


Sadly, it won't.


Only in the mind of a brain-dead DC bureaucrat would a decrease in the rate of spending be called a "cut."

If the lopping off of tens of billions of dollars from trillions of dollars in spending represents the end of Western civilization; then financially, fiscally and economically the U.S. is doomed.


Scare tactic that does not compute


666 is coming.

"Got numbers"?


The "Number of the Beast" depends on the source.

Iron Maiden said it best:

Regardless, numerology makes phrenology look respectable.


Who is your source?...You?


...and your big bump?


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Its amazing that the Dems and Obozo are using scare tactics trying to sell that a cut of 85 million in spending will spiral this economy out of control. Thats like 1% of spending for this nation. If it was you or I, a 1% cut in spending ISNT ENOUGH. Should be more like a 30% cut in spending. Cut government in half and this nation will be out of the hole in less than ten years.


Don't disagree with the Imperial President.

"BOB WOODWARD: A 'Very Senior' White House Person Warned Me I'd 'Regret' What I'm Doing":


You should read the e-mails pooh before you make an even BIGGER fool of yourself. Geez, talk about "sheeple".

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This is too good not to post again!


Don't worry guys, your SS check is already in the mail. You guys are very transparent and.....SCARED!


Off the mark: No "earned" public entitlement payments here.

Now if Bernanke quits buying Treasuries and mortgage backed securities to the tune of $85 billion per month, the caca will REALLY hit the fan because it's about the only thing keeping this economy afloat.

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Yes it is, every QUARTER along with Fed, State, Med, city, property and bla bla bla!!


How much can you possibly pay for a double wide?


Bring up "Washington D.C." on your computer's cmd line. Highlight and push delete. Close cmd and hit restart.


so, prezo is NOW making this a priority! where was he in january and all of february? why didn't he try to come to a resoluation during that period? prezo is solely responsible for this meltdown!


Because Michelle is on TV, late night shows. Obie is traveling around trying to sell his voters on a budget that will increase spending another Trillion. Obie is a celeb, not a president.


If and when cuts are made, I hope they don't touch the "Rottweiler Equal Rights and Services" program


Here's an idea, instead of cutting school funding, police funding and other necessary funding... Why don't all congress get 90% of their pay cut??? That would save millions I'm sure!


School funding is a state issue, not federal. Police funding is a municipal matter, not federal. And there ARE no cuts happening. There are small decreases in anticipated INcreases. In other words, we're going to continue to see Washington spend more than any remotely reasonable or responsible government should because "cuts," if any, tend to be "cuts" like these.

This is a joke that the Democrats are trying to pretend is a real and present danger to the economy and to citizens. The only real danger here is that people will see the cuts are just as immaterial as they really are, and start to demand REAL cuts!


If the effects of the sequester aren't real, perhaps you can explain why independent economists and several high-ranking GOP congressman think that it is? I wonder if the tens of thousands of people who stand to lose jobs as a result of the sequester will think it's real?


I have to agree with coasters fan.

If there aren't any cuts happening then why the new article in the register....
It names military, school etc. these cuts do affect ALL of us.

You're being ignorant if you think otherwise.


@asweetnessabove.....or tell Obama to stop flying around all over the nation on his 3rd campaign tour. Hint, can't run again. No budget in 4 years, and travel expenses that are costing this country MILLIONS of dollars a week.


I have to agree with that one too.


Stupid, they are crying about a 13% reduction when since President Harrison J. Bounell, the EPA's budget has increased 38%.

Don S

Government shutdown ???? I thought it had been for the last 4 years !!!!!


This, like the other "fright week" will be all blown out of proportion by the media. Both sides will continue to do absolutely nothing to reach an agreement until the 11th hour, at which time, three or four of our illustrious Washington elite plan to stick some multi million dollar "zinger" into a bill that never should have been there, allowing some rich business to get "theirs". JUST LIKE LAST TIME.

Nothing changes in Washington, and nothing will. Over the course of the last nine years, we (the people of this country) have allowed this to happen by electing these people to Congress and then whine like mules because they don't do what is right for this country. We have no one to thank but ourselves. And forgive me, but unless you have not voted in the last nine years, you, too, are included in that group.

So when this all comes further undone, we all have no one to blame but the faces we see in the mirror every morning. Instead of doing something about it, like remove the people in Congress who are not doing their jobs, then we have no right to complain.


Re: Woodward

Yea, right bambie. lol

Havin’ this WH telling ya you'll "regret" is kinda like Don Corleone tellin' ya that he's got an "offer you can't refuse."

And this from a WH that determines which overseas Americans are terrorists and then "whacks" 'em with a drone.


Take a few dozen hammer heads and throw them in a bag. Shake them up a whole bunch, then dump out the bag on the ground. What will you have?

A few dozen hammer heads laying on the ground separated instead of being together in the bag.

The USA gov't @ work, in other words.