NASA Plum Brook continues look at turbine energy

Wind power at the NASA Plum Brook Station could be a major win for everyone involved.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 27, 2013


Wind power at the NASA Plum Brook Station could be a major win for everyone involved.

Federal space agency executives continue to explore the benefits that might sprout up if they plant wind turbines at the station.

Click here for the e*Paper or buy a Register at a newsstand near you for an in-depth look at the pros and cons of a wind farm at Plum Brook.

“NASA is in the process of generating an environmental impact statement for the proposed Plum Brook station Wind Farm Project,” agency spokeswoman Lori Rachul said.

Officials paid $68,000 for an environmental company to research the plan. Those workers recently knocked on doors in various neighborhoods bordering the world-class testing facility, gauging people’s interest in the technology.

   A wind farm consists of several turbines in a confined area, ideally harnessing wind energy for power production.

   They’re also a clean form of energy.

   Turbines are found sporadically throughout the region, including one near  Sandusky police headquarters on Meigs Street and another in Huron at Rye Beach Road.

   At the Bellevue-based Norfolk Southern train yard, for instance, a 50-kilowatt wind turbine powers the pumps and controls for the company’s wastewater treatment plant.

   NA SA o f f i c i a l s f i r st introduced the concept in September 2010.



Saw on Discovery Channel last evening that the WORLDS oil supply will be gone in about 60 years. If we don`t come up with another form of creating energy we`ll be back to doing everything by hand again.

swiss cheese kat

Ever hear of Coal?


Heard of it? Yes. Ever seen any? Nope! I've never been on the naughty list. Nothing but Legos, candy and oranges in my stocking.

swiss cheese kat

Good for you. I hope you feel better now.


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If you were to ever get away from your computer and Sandusky, you might want to head west where you will see that wind turbines are everywhere and are creating enough energy to power entire cities. No polution. You have really got to stop spending so much time watching Faux news and trusting everything Beck and the rest of them are filling your head with. The reality is that the Earths oil supply is running out and coal is dirty no matter what Fox tells you. Some of us actually care about what the coming generations are going to have to deal with. Wind and solar are about the only options open at this time because our law makers are making so much money off oil and coal. Wise up and look around. Our grandchildren will have no future unless we make changes now. Start paying attention to what is happening around the glode with the weather and then tell me glogal warming isn`t real. Even the GOP is starting to admit it is real.

swiss cheese kat

This whole wind energy debacle just further illustrates how the American people have been played by their elected officials who bought into the "global warming" hysteria that pushed for wind energy in the first place. When will liberals realize wind is not a step forward for America? Wind turbines are nothing but a greenieweenie feel-good money-wasting Al Gore scam.


So these birds that are SO smart as to migrate without a GPS or a map are NOT smart enough to NOT fly into a LARGE object in front of them? The "bird kill" issue has been shown to not be what people make it out to be. { According to this report, collisions with buildings kill 976 million birds a year, high tension wire collisions kill at least 130 million, and on and on. Wind turbines are about .003% of the total. These numbers are likely to grow as the number of turbines increase and wind turbines do kill birds, but apparently much less than other hazards. I’ve never heard anyone in this province suggesting that we take down power lines, buildings, communication towers or that we ban hunting, house cats or vehicles. And yet these obstructions and hazards are a far greater threat to birds than wind turbines.}

Read more:

Birds are killed by flying into buildings, power lines, cars, airplanes, other animals. The "oh the poor bird" theory is getting old.

swiss cheese kat

Wind turbines are nothing but a greenieweenie feel-good money-wasting Al Gore scam.


Who is the Al Gore you speak of? The one that sold Current TV to Al Jazeera TV backed by the oil rich UAE and made him gazillionare (sorry Forest). The guy that owns a huge mansion and has a huge carbon foot print. The guy that flies on private jets when flying commercially. This guy has profited more from global warming than anyone. If it weren't for hanging "chads" this nut job would have been president and we'd be carbon taxed to death. Did I also mention he invented the internet :)


Be careful of what you wish for........this town wants these things tore down because of the horrific noise they make.


NASA has been talking about these being built there for decades. They had at least one at one time. It wreckage and peices were laying next to the old B-1 Test Facility last I knew.

Keep chasing waterfalls...see where it gets you.


Don't go chasing waterfalls.
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.
I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all,
but I think you're moving too fast.


Plumbrook owns hundreds of acres so the noise won't be in issue if placed in the open feilded areas like they are designed to be. I am a millwright in the union and seeing this news excites me! We install wind turbines like these that means jobs for me and my brothers/sisters! Coal is out sourceable wind is forever, I'll put my money on a job an something that will last an if it becomes a "wreackage" then we just put it back up. The money and power made by these turbines pays for its self within the first few months of operation.


Yeah, ask Perkins City Schools about wreckage...and getting your money back...

Really are you ...

I have tried to contact them about another way to produce electricity at home, in your house. Not outside, but electricity generated inside your place of living. And also the electric grid as it is now is reliable but ineffecient. The people that oversee the grid are going to be replacing the grid in the near future with an unreliable effecient grid. Which would be better? Relying on a grid that is always failing, or your own non emmission producing electrical generation in your house, work, vehicle... I have found the answer to the what would happen if the oil supply ran out. But have only been talking to deaf ears I guess.

The Bizness

The smartest thing a community could do is create a energy utility of its own and have a city, or county grid at the biggest. That way you could use wind, solar, and natural gas and not worry about a huge regional outage. No one seems to like that idea though. Which is why I am attempting to go off grid on my own and not even worry about the grid as a whole.

However windmills at plumb brook would be great. People concerned about noise just need to stand next to the one in Huron and see if it is that big of a deal...but that would involve effort. :/


The Bizness writes:

"The smartest thing a community could do is create a energy utility,"

Economies of scale, plus construction and maintenence costs are the downside.


Nat-gas will continue to make alt-energy a money loser for decades to come. Money down a rat hole.

"The most exhaustive study to date of a key natural-gas field in Texas, combined with related research under way elsewhere, shows that U.S. shale-rock formations will provide a growing source of moderately priced natural gas through 2040, and decline only slowly after that."