Mail carrier says dog was vicious

A U.S. Postal Service worker is weighing in on a Sandusky police officer’s decision to fatally shoot a dog in a Sandusky neighborhood last week.
Emil Whitis
Feb 27, 2013

The verdict : That dog meant business.

“It ran at me from the other side of the court,” said Amanda Schneider, a mail carrier in Sandusky. “It was charging at me, snarling and growling and showing it’s teeth.”

Check back here for updates from the hearing and planned protest at Sandusky Municipal Court this morning. Donna Hansen, whose dog "Lucy" was killed, is the guest today at 11 on "Betweeen the Lines Live" with questions from the audience. 

Schneider, who has run-ins with dogs almost daily, said she can instantly determine an animal’s intent through its body language. She owns a large dog.

So when a rottweiler bolted after her Thursday on Washington Court, she knew it wasn’t looking for a pat on the head.


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Rod Farva

Who is this Willy Nilly character?


Just look at her, she spend a lot on tattoo's, maybe some of that should have gone for a better leash!

Rod Farva

Theres ways to get tats without paying ;)


Yeah, like maybe she sold her leash and dog tags on the black market for major cash to afford the tattoo's! That's what I do!

Rod Farva

That's plausible


Tramp tats rock!

Rod Farva

Just for something to aim at


I hope no one gives her donations, she will go get another tattoo !!


I hope noone gives her donations, she doesn't deserve any. SHE is responsible for the death of her dog. She left it unattended. She didn't learn her lesson for the other dog at large charges, she will not learn a lesson here either. I just pray she doesn't get another dog. She obviously is not responsible to own one.


I agree with DON that most mail carriers think/assume all dogs are vicious just because they bark or charge. That's in many dogs' natures. It's instinctual. That does not mean they will necessarily bite someone or jump on them and kill them. Many people think they are animal 'experts' just because they see them on a regular basis, including many that work for humane societies (which employ ex-cons for community service).

Swamp Fox

I am a huge dog lover, the bigger they are the better, mine are big Teddy Bears, but they never allowed outside unless leashed and they are licensed, they have been trained not to bark or show aggressive behavior, that being said. How many of the 60 people who showed up to support Ms. Hansen showed support for Officer Dunn or any of our recent homicide victims? In April of last year this same lady was found guilty of dog at large, she was given court costs only, clearly Judge O'Brien didn't take it seriously maybe if he had the dog would not have been loose again.


I've known Amanda personally for many years. She is a wonderful and strong woman. She is also an avid animal lover. To say she is just another dog fearing/animal ignorant mail carrier is false.
Her home is a place full of love for both her cats and dogs. She's always taking a stray animal in or helping with care of a pet when she can.
For her to feel threatened as she did had to of been no joke! She loves her job, pets and her life. I'm sure she meant no harm to be done to the dog intentionally. Her call for safety was the end of her story. The rest lies in the actions of the officer that showed up for the call.
Personally I believe mistakes were made in the heat of the moment. Those to blame should accept their faults. To whom it may be. What's done is done and repercussions will follow.
I'm thankful the story got to be told. It's truly sad what media will do to stir the pot. Nothing should have been published until all information was collected and people shouldn't be so quick to judge and jump to conclusions.
Much Love Mandy!


You're a good friend to her. Keep up the good work. The majority of those of who have weighed in on this topic have supported the police officer and have totally held Amanda blameless. Henson reminds me of the person who smoked cigarettes their entire life and then blame someone else for getting cancer.

Good 2 B Me

Apparently now she is the "dog whisperer."


Of course, what else would she say~she started this sad situation.


Looks like the police and their buddies have been busy blogging today. Not a cop hater but this was truly uncalled for!

Rod Farva

You are uncalled for


Strike a nerve?

Rod Farva

Yes I'm sure oh so hurt, i wont be able to carry on

Hoss McGee

I have a question about the video. When the dog was shot was that smoke or what was it coming from the dogs head?

Rod Farva

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Off-topic comments.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Off-topic comments.

Rod Farva

It was dog brain

Julie R.

I know somebody that had a big lab get loose once because someone left the gate open. The whole neighborhood was out looking for him. Somebody passed a cop car and 'lo and behold, there he was riding in the back of the cruiser with his head sticking out the window looking as proud as could be.

Thank God the Huron cops aren't like the ones in Sandusky!


You can guarantee that huron dog wasn't growling and showing teeth when the officer put it in the back. If you watch the video the cop first tries to nicely coax it into the backseat just as you say the huron cop did. Owner is at fault plain and simple.

Sandusky Register Reader's picture
Sandusky Regist...

Oh yea Matt, like you said .... a high strung moment for the police officer. Wonder what the hell he'd do in a real high strung moment? I sure don't want to be in any area where this officer would be responding too for fear of getting shot! He's to trigger happy for me.

Sandusky Register Reader's picture
Sandusky Regist...

I personally don't like pit bulls, but I won't deny her, her right to have on. I pesonally don't have any tatooes and won't get any, but I won't deny her, her right to have any. She was at work when this happened. Apparently there have been other incidences of her dog getting free. Her boy friend is to blame for the dog getting free in this incident since he was the one at home when it happened. Perhaps a harness would have helped keep the dog attached to the chain. It appears to me that he slipped out of his collar. Wouldn't you want to get free too if you were a dog? What is left is for dog lovers - no correct that to animal lovers - to unite and take action against a man who is suppost to serve and protect who is so afraid of a barking dog he shoots him down dead.


This is not a pitbull.


There's no way I'm taking any action against the police here.

When a loose dog actually trapped me in my own house a few months ago, I called the police. The dog did have a collar and tags, but was large, extremely aggressive, and charged at me every time I tried to open my front door. He was crouching, growling, baring his teeth, and making just about every danger signal you've ever heard of.

Fortunately, I was able to stay safely in my own home until the police arrived. That dog was terrifying, and yet the police didn't hesitate to deal with the situation. I'm sure they could have told me to just stay put, but instead they were doubtless concerned about somebody who WASN'T safely behind a closed door when the dog went after THEM!

To the best of my knowledge, that dog wasn't shot. But frankly, having seen it all too up close and personal, I would have understood if the police had had to do so! I'm not about to second guess an officer who was standing in the direct "line of fire" of a dog that size with a mouth full of "weapons." I'm sure shooting isn't the FIRST line of defense, but it's not an unreasonable option given such circumstances.

Sorry. If you want your doggies to stay safe, keep them confined. And if you find yourself confronted by an aggressive animal that some owner cares so little about that it's untrained and on the loose, well, call the police. As far as I can see, they've been protecting and serving just fine, thanks.

(And before you ask, yes, I have pets. Yes, they're confined, and not because I worry a cop might shoot one of them. It's because I'm responsible, and because I love them!)


With all this going on. Why did the boyfriend not do anything with the dog??? He did not want to be bothered?? He was enjoying the show too much? He did not come out till after the dog was shot. The boy friend killed the dog by his not doing anything. He should had took control of the dog befor the police was even called. On another note, If I were walking and a dog came after my like that I would not waited as long as the Officer did, the only diffrence being the dog would had a larger hole in her head the police carry .40 S&W I carry .45ACP. Problem solved........