Mail carrier says dog was vicious

A U.S. Postal Service worker is weighing in on a Sandusky police officer’s decision to fatally shoot a dog in a Sandusky neighborhood last week.
Emil Whitis
Feb 27, 2013

The verdict : That dog meant business.

“It ran at me from the other side of the court,” said Amanda Schneider, a mail carrier in Sandusky. “It was charging at me, snarling and growling and showing it’s teeth.”

Check back here for updates from the hearing and planned protest at Sandusky Municipal Court this morning. Donna Hansen, whose dog "Lucy" was killed, is the guest today at 11 on "Betweeen the Lines Live" with questions from the audience. 

Schneider, who has run-ins with dogs almost daily, said she can instantly determine an animal’s intent through its body language. She owns a large dog.

So when a rottweiler bolted after her Thursday on Washington Court, she knew it wasn’t looking for a pat on the head.


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When a dog gets loose, that might be an accident. When a dog REPEATEDLY gets loose, that's negligence on the part of the owner. This dog ended up being shot because it was aggressive. But even if it had been the sweetest creature on the planet, it was likely to get hit by a car, eat something it shouldn't, get in a fight with another animal...

I'm sorry, but the person who killed this dog is the woman who's now pretending NOTHING is her fault. I agree with those who suggest she shouldn't be permitted to have any animals until such time as she can demonstrate she's a grown up and has decided to be responsible for those in her charge.


You hit the nail right on the head!


I agree

he said she said

Did you ever consider that your mail carrier may not be a dog person and doesn't care for dogs no matter the size?

I can understand a dog getting loose, it happens, but how many times does you dog have to get loose for the owner to change from a collar to a harness, change the type lead it's on or putting up a kennel in their backyard to keep it from happening?

Matt Easterhold

SR loses all credibility when they can't spell a word right in a headline. They get so excited when they get these stories they can't wait and extra second to spellcheck before they hit the post button.


It amazes me, that some people are always blaming others for their misfortune.
First off, control your dog! If you can't control it yourself, then spend the couple of hundred bucks to take yourself and the dog down to the K-9 training facility. ( There is one on Columbus Ave.)
The lady needs to grow up, and quit blaming others for what happened. It's her own fault that things worked out as they did.


If they were home why didn't THEY get off their LAZY butts and go get their dog??? Maybe they had a hangover and were sleeping !!
Dogs have teeth they bite, can't stand when people say "oh they won't bite you", really did he tell you that?? Most people with dogs are idiots, this is a good example !!


They obviously weren't checking on the dog , dont take a nap while the dog is outside,check on it every few minutes, walk it, too late now, own your responsibility for this sad situation.

Simple Enough II

The owner is at fault, but I still have the impression the Cop was overboard in his actions.


simple enough: I agree, dog didnt act aggressive in the video. Maybe a leg wound ,but in the head, overkill.


Thats the problem you are only taking into account what you see in the video, the dog had already CHASED 3 people down the street. And why would you shoot an aggressive animal in the leg intentionally knowing that injuring it may make the situation worse?


The lady from Bellevue, married to a Bellevue police, maybe you ought to take your prejudices and put them aside and look at the FACTS! Should the dog have been running NO, but on THIS VIDEO THE DOG WAS NOT AGGRESSIVE PERIOD! THAT COP HAD NO JUSTIFICATION IN PULLING THAT TRIGGER! The dog has gotten loose twice in 2 years, give me a break, most of you have probably sped down the highway (WHICH IS BREAKING THE LAW) more then twice a freaking day! You people get on this forum and act like saints, like you never make mistakes or have mishaps take place in your life, always quick to judge, and IGNORE EVIDENCE ON VIDEO RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! Sandusky police (no disrespect to officer Dunn for he was a TRUE officer of the law) have shown on many occasions how unprofessional and incompetent they are over the past few years, and truly so have several other law enforcement agencies in surrounding areas. Its time if these police want respect they EARN not think because they carry a gun and a badge they can KILL, and BULLY to get it! Which is why they aren't getting it presently!


I am a dog owner/dog lover. However I am also a gun owner/gun lover. Anyone in the state of Ohio had the right to defend themself with deadly force against a dog who is acting in a threatening manner. You don't have to wait until you get bit. Know your rights people.


Florida man shot by his dog, police say

A Florida man was shot and wounded over the weekend by his dog, who walked away without charges, police said.Gregory Dale Lanier, 35, of Frostproof, Fla., told police Saturday that he and his dog were in their truck in nearby Sebring when the dog kicked a gun that was on the truck's floor, the Highlands Tribune newspaper reported.

See, you really can't trust man's best friend!!


Look on the bright side, a replacement dog is just down the road! The Erie County dog pound has new dogs to adopt everyday! I would recommended a leash, tags, and some more responsibility.

Rod Farva

There's a nice looking beagle there, a real dog, not some junkyard crap


Maybe the owner was wrong in not having kept the dog inside. Maybe the dog was really smart and figured out how to get outside. Maybe the owner was negligent. Doesn't matter at all to me. What matters to me is, from watching the video, there was absolutely no reason to shoot the dog in the head! None! That dog was NOT attacking that officer.Spin it any way you want, but there wasn't any justification for killing that poor dog.


I wish the owner of Lucy would of been a responsible pet owner and not let her dog roam free and if she had an issue of the dog getting off it's chain she should of had a kennel if she couldn't be inside. It sounds like Lucy was outside more than inside and that is a shame because this all could of been prevented. My dog inside sounds like it would tear the head off the mail carrier but she is just protecting her house and she is never left alone outside. It's just too bad it wasn't prevented.


And yet the Ragister will put her on BTL. Sad commentary on the editor's values.


Also after seeing part of the video Lucy did not seem threatening at all to the police officer. She was just barking and trying to get back to her house. I have seen dogs that mean business and growl and show their teeth and I did not see that from the video at all. So no I don't think that officer should of shot her and made her suffer. I could understand if Lucy lunged at the officer but that did NOT happen. I do think there was some trespassing because Lucy was clearly in her own yard.


The dog was clearly NOT in her own yard, as she was on the OTHER side of the neighbors house when the officer arrived.


What Rabbi said....


What Bluto's 1rst post stated. Plus 1.


The bottom line is the officer was too quick to shoot. Get back in your cruiser and wait for the dog warden. The outcome would have better for all parties involved.

Rod Farva

Good idea let the dog run around and terrorize the neighborhood

Rod Farva

Good idea let the dog run around and terrorize the neighborhood

tdluvpit's picture

There is an epidemic of cops shooting dogs willy nilly in this country. I doubt the dog was charging anyone. Yeah, owners suck letting their dogs run. They should have cared enough to protect their dog. Shame on postal worker & shame on cop issuing a death sentence because a dog was taking a run.


How dare that postal worker alert the authorities that a Rottweiler was "taking a run" in a residential area.


Dang that postal worker for actually having a job!


Probably thinks she's hot stuff because she pays taxes and buys her own groceries too. Hell, I bet she even has insurance and a high school diploma.