Sexting gone wild

Police and officials at a Cincinnati-area high school say hundreds of students may have been involved in recent cases of "sexting."
Associated Press
Feb 27, 2013



In January, officers confiscated up to eight cell phones belonging to high school students that had videos on them made by a male student who has since been expelled.

In a second investigation, an official estimated that "hundreds" of Madeira students and possibly others outside the school had received or circulated pictures of naked female students.

In the January case, the student has been charged with a felony count of disseminating sexually explicit material to minors. His attorney says he's not guilty.

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Who do these kids think they are, Sandusky cops?

Sit n Spin

Good one ! Hahahaha ! Little Ritterbach's all over this great state !

Darwin's choice

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Rod Farva

Good one...


Maybe the kid dismissed will get credit for the classes missed. Cops get back pay. Why not.


Most nude "models" get back pay too. See what I did there? Back pay. Get it?


Gotta love it. If I were a teenager today, I'd love the tech.



Rod Farva

I dont see a problem with sending a d**k pic every now and then


I bet you like to receive a few also.

Rod Farva

You wish sister


Me either. My mom does it all the time.


You received a d**k pic from your mom? That's very trans-scending...see what I did there?...lmao...just playin' Trustafarian...but really though.


I see you working 24. I ain't mad at ya. It's all in fun. Some people take these comments way too seriously.

Rod Farva

My feelings is hurt today

Rod Farva

I got that pic from her too, she's got a nice piece haha


4th Amendment, blah blah. Their all sex offenders make them all register for the rest of their lives, or at least the next 25 years, blah, blah, theres a victim in this, not a willing participant, blah, blah, just execute them all (except the poor victim) blah, blah.


Kids and texting do not mix. Kids can survive without a cell phone. Fact.


More "local" news about sex. Who cares?