Dead dog's owner on BTL Wednesday

Donna Hansen's dog, Lucy, was shot by Sandusky police
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 26, 2013

Hansen is the guest on a special segment of Between the Lines Live at 11 a.m. Wednesday, just hours after her scheduled appearance in Sandusky Municipal Court. After Sandusky police Officer Brad Wilson shot her rottweiler, Hansen was cited for dog at large and unlicensed dog. Click here for a cruiser camera's video of the shooting.

The interview with Hansen will also be available for demand viewing.

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Wasn't referring to animal planet..just previous guests...FYI I was being sarcastic.


I feel sorry for the owner, alot of people see their pets as their own kids. But I cant fault the Policeman in this situation. He did what he had to do. If you have pets see to it they "NEVER" get loose. Just like if you have a child, see that they never go out in the street. It only takes one time. Be responsible. Always.


Just watched the video. Its obvious the policeman is upset that he had to shoot the dog. And the owner was very upset. Where in the He.. was the owner the whole time this dog was on the lose barking up and down the street. What a shame this happened.


The policeman was upset he had to shoot the dog? You must be watching a different video then me! What I saw was a dog RUNNING FROM a police officer, THE OFFICER EVEN STATED ON CAMERA "THE DOG WONT COME NEAR ME" (and he still shot her! what an idiot) the dog comes back around the corner, begins barking, the officer HESITATES to shoot his weapon, then decides to shoot, the dog hits the ground, whimpers, cries, flails, moans and yet the officer kept walking up to her pathetic body, looking down at her, and didn't have the decency to shoot the 2nd time to put her out of her misery! THATS ANIMAL CRUELTY....You all that are sticking up for this man that wears a badge, bottom line is this.....THE OFFICER HAD 3 OTHER MEANS OF CAPTURING THE DOG AND HE NEVER TRIED A ONE OF THEM, 2ND OFF HE LET THE DOG SUFFER FOR SEVERAL MINUTES.......NO NEED!

Darwin's choice

"why", "did not", "was not", "would have", "she is not", "she will not"," officer thought", "he thought the dog was charging". WOW ! What are the lotto numbers tomorrow?

Free Man

There's a killer on the road
His brain is squirmin' like a toad
Take a long holiday
Let your children play
If ya give this man a ride
Sweet memory will die
Killer on the road, yeah


The Doors, right?


I think its funny the officer knew the dog's owners name. Either way its a dog. Get serious. For those of you complaining etc. if a dog attacks you or a family member/friend dont call the police. Half of you will talk the talk but will you walk the walk?

Advocate For Animals's only a dog. Humanity at its finest.


My son was attacked by a Huge German Rottweiler when he was 7 years old! This dog was one that would have fit the profile of attacking. My son was walking past a group of apartment buildings, we had heard the dog barking but had no idea where it was coming from, the bark seemed muffled, then all of a sudden the bark was extremely close, I turned around to look and my son was screaming in sheer pain, with this big dog attached to him, I beat the fire out of this dog to get him loose, my son required stitches, but I refused to push to have this dog killed, I pushed to make his owner pay my sons hospital bills, and I pushed to force them to quarantine the dog for 10 days because there were no vet records available on this dog. You see we are all part of this game called LIFE, and whether we like it or not CRAP HAPPENS, but we also live in a world where everyone is sue happy and think the world owes them something....Get over it, accidents happens (like this dog getting loose), but to immediately resort to violence is absurd!


The mail lady he was charging was surely afraid for her life. This dog is making a lot of noise before it is shot but the boyfriend doesn't even check until after it is shot. The only mistake this officer made was not finishing it off so it didn't suffer. The dog clearly charges at him from between the houses and again at the sidewalk. Is he supposed to wait until the dog is on top off him before he shoots? She is a bad owner and because of this the dog is dead. The only forum she needs to defend herself is the court room.

dire wolf

so your saying the only mistake was not to put a 2nd bullet in it, to make sure it died asap? you do understand that dogs bark naturally, don't you? clearly charged the cop twice?..really?...the dog deserves instant death? .really?..maybe the mail lady needs to find other work if a barking dog scares her too be "surely afraid for her life". who was bit? attacked ?barking dogs are standard operating procedure in that line of work. It's like being a pilot and afraid to fly, or being a stripper, but afraid of drunk guys. either way, it's not the dog that deserves an instant death penalty.


Does your kid thank you for sticking up for him. I highly doubt it. I bet if his kids every get attacked his actions will be very different than yours. Never side with an animal over a Human. Isnt that why were at war over seas all the time.


This is a sad and unfortunate incident. For one, it was irresponsible for the owners to let Lucy run loose. Secondly, if I had heard my dog barking as much as Lucy was you can bet I would have checked to see what was going on!!!!!! Lastly, maybe this will prompt SPD to better train their officers on how to handle situations like this. RIP Lucy...

Keepin It Real

In response, Chief Lang told FOX 8, “At that point, he was still too far away to use the Taser, you know it was about eight feet away and I feel as though the officer used good judgment.”

Chief Lang please explain your 8 foot rationale as to why that was to far of a distance for the officer to utilize his taser to reach the dog versus a bullet.

How far can a taser reach?
The maximum reach of most tasers is about 30 feet, they have special ones that can reach 100 feet!

Read more

Someone needs to reboot their memory card..... Very sad situation there are more wrongs than rights....


This whole paper is rediculous. Emil find a job. if you can.


learn to spell it before you use it

R-I-D not red


The headline is incorrect. Here, let me fix it...

Irresponsible dog owner on BTL Wednesday


The city is in complete chaos and shambles and we're all worried about a cop killing a dog. This is shameful. There are much bigger fish to fry. Of course I won't attend the "vigil" or rally or whatever it is. I'll be at work. I have to continue supporting the folks who WILL attend.

Edwin Ison

I am a runner.....if I shot every dog that came charging at me out of yards during 5, what carnage. I have never been bitten.
Cop was in Iraq?
I wonder about veterans being peace officers after war....something in their wiring gets altered after being over there. I have family who have been there and they are not the same when they return.


This exactly ^

Simple Enough II

Being in Iraq does not automatically make one "A tip" of the spear", a lot of REMFS and what are now called affectionatly "Fobbitts", as like a Hobbitt, the never leave the shire or in this cas a FOB (Forward Operating Base)!


SR you should put up one of those What do you think? , surveys .


So many people missing the point, Lucy never appeared to act in any aggressive manner, the officer continued to taunt her while he was clearly intimitadated by her. He should have retreated and called the proper department while staying on watch in case action would have needed to be taken. He had the night stick pulled the entire time and clearly lied about what actually occured. Yes, owner was at fault and needs to pay the fine but at the same time the officer is clearly at fault as well and needs to pay for his actions. Look at facts and stop pointing fingers!!! Lucy is the one who paid for the wrongs of two ignorant people.

dire wolf

exactly. nice to see someone who gets it.


Hope she wears those same shorts!


@ LIFETIME, MY SON IS NOW 16 and he LOVES ANIMALS, as a matter of fact he protests this entire situation, he watched the video and stated "mom where in this did the dog charge the cop?" So yes my son is thankful I handled things the way I did, and im sure a dog bite isn't why we are at war overseas all the time, its stupid Americans that think like you that cause these wars. Let me guess you were probably an Obama voter also? Seems like the basic train of thought for his followers. As I have previously STATED, EVERYONE PERCEIVES THREATS TO DIFFERENT DEGREES, THATS UNDERSTANDABLE, BUT THAT DOG LAYED THERE, SUFFERING, MOANING, TWITCHING, AND PROBABLY IN SO MUCH PAIN BUT YET THAT ROBOCOP COULD WALK UP TO THIS DYING DOG SEVERAL TIMES, LOOK DOWN AT HER, LISTEN TO HER CRIES, WATCH HER BODY TWITCHING, AND STILL CONTINUE TO LET HER LIE THERE AND SUFFER....Any human that can watch torture on any living creature has a true mental problem PERIOD!


No I'm not a Obama supporter. I crawled in tunnels with Posionous snakes held by clothespins to support my country. So a Cop shooting a Vicious dog is the least of my worries. At least they wont spit on him.


How about calling one of the neighbors and finding out who owned the dog. Give them a call to get their dog. If the dog was a habitual problem why was the owner never contacted in the past.

Hoss McGee

Guess Lucy won't bark at the police anymore Jack!