Dead dog's owner on BTL Wednesday

Donna Hansen's dog, Lucy, was shot by Sandusky police
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 26, 2013

Hansen is the guest on a special segment of Between the Lines Live at 11 a.m. Wednesday, just hours after her scheduled appearance in Sandusky Municipal Court. After Sandusky police Officer Brad Wilson shot her rottweiler, Hansen was cited for dog at large and unlicensed dog. Click here for a cruiser camera's video of the shooting.

The interview with Hansen will also be available for demand viewing.

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Good 2 B Me

So you are justifying being shot?


Yes. I always hoped to be 100 years old when I'm shot in bed with my 19 year old girlfriend by her jealous boyfriend. However, if I'm wacked out on bath salts or wearing white after Labor Day, then by all means, put me out of my misery.


All of you who are blaming the dog/owners are nothing but a bunch of BLIND IDIOTS!!!...Clearly the dog was NOT going to attack him, she had plenty of opportunities to do so IF she wanted too!!!
This officer was on the scene for less than a minute before he shot her!!!.....She STOPPED...IN HER OWN YARD I MIGHT ADD....and was sitting there barking at him when he stood off with her and shot her for BARKING!!!
He COULD have gotten back in his car and called the dog warden....or tried to use the pull collar that he had, but he didn't, he sqaured off with the dog and SHOT HER IN THE HEAD FOR BARKING!!!!.....I will be at this rally, not only for LUCY, but because this so called officer needs to be charged!!..
SO, I guess all of you supporters of Brad would say that it would be ok if he came to a call at your house because of a beligerent child, and if that child made him feel threatened, that it would be justifiable for him to shoot your CHILD in the head and then stand there and watch them suffer!?!?!!.....To a dog owner/lover, these animals ARE our children, so yes, I WILL use the comparison!!!!!!!


I still remember the story about the three Rots that chased down the two kids as they waited for the school bus . One survived by climbing a tree , the other was mauled to death before anyone could stop them . This is what happens because of pet owners like Ms Hansen . I sure wish a police officer would have been there to stop those dogs . I would rather hear about a dead dog instead of a dead child .


Although sad, History shows the dog has gotten lose before,so she should have known to make sure it wont happen again. To say " how can I get tags for a dead dog " is just stupid, tags should have been on the dog before it got lose. Whether you agree with the law or not, if your going to choose to have this type of animal, you have to be willing to jump through the extra hoops that comes with it and be responsable, or be willing to pay the consequences know matter how extreme when things go wrong. Kinda looks like that is what happen here, and now she dosnt like the cconsequences.


Please don't get me wrong here. I agree that she should be charged - both for dog at large and for not having a current dog license. There is no question there - she made the bed, now she has to lie in it.

The question for me is whether or not SHOOTING the dog was justafiable - which in my opinion is NO. I was on the fence with this until I watched the FULL video. After watching the video, I firmly believe the officer had NO REASON to shoot the dog. Regardless of whether she was loose, had tags, or was a rotweiler. None of that should have mattered. There were other ways to handle the situation and the officer chose the worst possible way.


Did the cop get bit? No! Then the shooting was justified! Why do we have to wait until our cops are hurt before shooting the aggressor? I'm lighting a candle right now....for the cop for doing his job at 100%! I want him to protect me!

Pastor Ron

A dog can be a weapon. Walk down the street waving a gun and you might get the same treatment. Bottom line.... people need to be responsible. Letting your dog get loose multiple times, allowing the dog to bark in the middle of the street and not having it licensed is not responsible. I pray these people don't have any kids. I think a house plant or even a cactus would probably be in peril with these two.

Good 2 B Me

That is one of the most ignorant statements that I have ever read. How judgmental.

Licorice Schtick I the only one that see the hypocrisy of that stastement?


Maybe the dog had mental issues and this is just another case of suicide by cop.

Free Man

What an idiot. Children Next ?


Exactly Free Man!!!!......If SPD let's this so called officer stay on, I am POSITIVE this will not be the last time we hear about him doing something unjustifiable......But then it will be too late, just like it is for Lucy!!...I can only hope and Pray that it never comes to that, but this officer should NOT be trusted to "SERVE AND PROTECT" our community!!!.....He did NOT foloow protocol for a loose dog, he KNEW what he was doing!!..He should have stayed in his car as long as Lucy stayed in her yard barking, and WAITED for the dog warden!!....This officer is a disgrace to SPD and the officers that they employ who would have handled this differently...I sure know I wouldn't want to work along side him!!!


It's a dog....who cares.

Free Man

Watch his right hand, he knew all the time he was there he was going to use his pistol.


It looked to me this so called cop enjoyed shooting that dog. Shame on his sorry A$$!

Advocate For Animals

I'm glad she's getting the platform and I hope she hollers to the rooftops! Old Quick Draw McGraw had his say now it's time for her.


Great job officer. You served the people well here.

Advocate For Animals

I don't want this man serving me. He needs to be charged with animal cruelty. First this coward shoots the dog then stands there watching the animal suffer. He's a disgrace!


@SamAdams couldnt agree with you more people think the laws and rules our for everyone else but them.I seen the video and I think the Officer did what he had to do to ensure his own safety and the public safety I can say I would have done the samething if I was in the Officers situation. People want protection from the police but if their in the wrong then they complain about the penality 1. The dog wasnt on a leash or confined.2. The dog wasnt tagged and the way the dog was getting aggressive toward the officer is reason to use Deadly Force.

Good 2 B Me

Sometimes dogs get out of the fence, yard, house, etc. It really does happen, no matter how responsible the owners are.

They actually break chains and collars sometimes too. That being said, you're saying that it would be ok to shoot your dog if it does any of those that I mentioned?

Good 2 B Me

Hopefully this officer never gets into a gun battle. Obviously he is a sharp shooter. He shot Lucy while in full retreat and fearing for his safety. Killed her with one shot. If he gets into a gun battle, he had better never miss a single shot!

Oh wait, he killed a dog that was sitting still, not charging him. IN COLD BLOOD.


If we could only put a child in place of that officer(maybe your child?) the child and dog might have played together. hahahahaha maybe this could have happened if we were living in candy land

Good 2 B Me

Silly little fool! My kids wouldn't be playing in the street! I live in the country!

he said she said

I saw something similar years ago. Two rots were running loose in my neighborhood. They kept me from leaving my house to take my son to school. I called the police and told them what was going on. When they responded, the dog warden was right there behind them. I'm standing in my house and the dogs lurched toward both the officer and the warden (like this dog did) and then started to run to my door. The dog warden plainly told the officer, 'they do that again, shoot them.' They shot one and was able to get the other one contained in the back of the truck.

Needless to say, the officers were ready and willing to charge me because they thought they were my dogs (not). The owner of these dogs took the knocks of being charged two times for dog licenses and dogs running free. He didn't get the attention she's getting because he took responsiblity for what he didn't do--keep his dogs on his property on a leash and having no dog tags.

Was this officer right in what he did? some say no some say yes.
Should this lady who broke two laws/ordinances be quiet and take her knocks like an adult? Most definately.


Defending himself. Well he might as well defend himself when a 2 year old is climbing in his cruiser. All I have to say is. GREAT EXAMPLE FOR OUR COMMUNITY IDIOT. And you even said," OH HE WONT COME NEAR ME." So why shoot it if it wont come near you. Get a life!!! A good one too. Without voilence. Also I hope you go to jail and you BETTER APOLOGIZE TO THE LADY...


geee as far as I know a 2 year old dose not have the straigth to clime on a cruser much less move fast enough to do anything harmfull. Using kids as an example is silly.


don't forget to dress down show your tats and have smokes on the desk ...

I feel bad for the dog that she had the misfortune of having an owner who put her in danger in the first place... stupid irresponsible people should not be able to have pets or kids.

"nuff said.

Advocate For Animals

Animal Planet star and cat behavorist Jackson Galaxy has tattoos too and they are quite visible throughout his show. I guess that makes him irresponsible as well and he shouldn't be helping the many people he does everyday with their cat behavior problems.

Tattoos = bad, irresponsbile person. Coward with a gun and a badge = good, responsible person.