Maui Sands owner readies water park

Following a successful hotel opening in May 2012, owner Kirit Parmar wants to open the spigots for summer thrillseekers
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 26, 2013


It's been a long time coming, but the water could soon start flowing at the once-troubled Maui Sands water park.

MKSP, the Maryland company that purchased the facility in an online auction, could add up to 150 jobs in the coming months, based on recent statements from the company's leaders.

Scott Emerson, the original developer of the water park and hotel, went bankrupt in 2008. The property sat idle for years, until MKSP purchased it in late 2011. 

Pick up Wednesday's Register — or buy the ePaper — to read reporter Melissa Topey's story on her visit to the water park this week, and be sure to check out chief photographer Jason Werling's photos of the visit.



Sounds like fun! I hope they have DUI school there.

Rod Farva

I hope its hooker friendly


The ones at Kalahari are overpriced and overfed.

Rod Farva

Disappointing, you would think with their ridiculous rates they would throw you a bone, especially when you are trying to throw one


will they give the old employees first dibs on the jobs they are creating there

Home Boy

Hope the place looks better on the inside than it does on the outside.


Good. More tax money to pay for the new Perkins stadium scoreboards. It'd be good to get a nice video board up and running.


Heard they were finally getting rid of the "controller" who was part of Maui staff and remained employed during the entire time Maui Sands building sat empty. KARMA! Once all the contributing managers from original Maui are gone then best wishes to new owner. Need to dump all those who contributed to the downfall of Maui. Those accounting staff that were directly involved in paying staff then yanking their pay back out of their accoutns or withholding benefits and other illegal s@(# they pulled to save money and sc$#@ staff.


Bye Bye Denise! Karma.