Worker dies in drilling accident

Authorities say one man was killed and another was injured at an energy company's work site in eastern Ohio.
Associated Press
Feb 26, 2013



Carroll County Sheriff Dale Williams said it happened Monday afternoon at a gas drilling rig near Carrolton, southeast of Canton.

The injured man, 21-year-old Alex Cox, told the sheriff that he and the other victim were using drilling equipment and hadn't hooked up a safety line designed to keep it from swinging around and striking workers.

The dead man's name hasn't been released.

Cox fell backward and suffered a severe laceration to the back of his head.

Media reports said the rig is owned by R.E. Gas Development, a subsidiary of Rex Energy Corp.

The investigation is continuing.


Simple Enough II

Shame. Prayers to the family.

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The Hero Zone

It is a shame this happens. We had a few from our THZ community move up to North Dakota to work the shale fields there and while you get paid very well (in fact McDonald's there pays about $20/hour with a $2k signing bonus to compete with the oil fields) it is very dangerous work. Just as well not everyone they work with, from what I understood from the stories, was the...most observant...of people.


If the safety equipment isn't used, all criticism is negated.

Pterocarya frax...

Criticism of what...and whom? I would have to hear the rest of the story. Were the workers being pressured by management to hurry up, and to skip certain safety steps? Were the workers just lazy and careless?

Either way, I hope this company is in huge trouble for their workers not having the safety hammered into them.