VIDEO: Cop shoots, kills dog

A Sandusky police officer shoots, kills woman's dog.
Emil Whitis
Feb 26, 2013

The woman. Donna Hansen, 22, hopes to rally a protest at Sandusky Municipal Court Wednesday morning when she is scheduled to be arraigned on a loose dog charge at 8:30 a.m.. 

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Simple Enough II

Same goes for why does a brother cry after sex?.....


If you have worked with dogs for 8 years & would've shot this dog, you need to find a new profession.

Father of 1

Not happy the dog Is dead. I own a dog myself. But mine stays in a fenced yard and has tags. This isn't the first time she didn't get tags for her dog. Check her record as well. People love to blame anyone but themselves. Our society is going down the tubes because of it. If the dog would have bit the mail carrier or someone else is that when its ok to shoot a loose dog?

Super Judge

Are you threatening me?


I love how all the people on here with no common sense and are against the officer, are always self proclaimed masters of all subjects. Magically when they are out to get an officer for doing his job, and doing it correctly, they know everything about everything. Some should probably be professors at Harvard, but for some reason here they are on the BLOGS of Sandusky Register posting all day hmmm.....


Who has no common sense? Could it be the police officer who - instead of using his common sense to call the dog warden (or another SPD officer with more experience with dogs/animals even) instead shoots a harmless animal? I think that pretty much proves he has no common sense.

And I don't see anyone on this "blog" claiming to be a Harvard professor, or even "proclaimed masters of all subjects". I see people WITH the common sense you speak of (like myself), and then there are people like you who lack the same.


The dog warden doesn't come out to the city for calls like that, you would know that if you had common sense!


Trust me when I say that I DO have common sense. And I do own dogs - and live in Sandusky. The dog warden has previously brought my dog home to me when she got loose. So before you go running off at the mouth, you should check your facts.

Why do you think there is a Erie County Dog Warden's office? That is their JOB.


I have to agree. Anyone with common sense would know that SPD has 1 animal control officer. What do they expect him to do? Work every day all day?

Good 2 B Me

Wow. I am not a fan of this action at all. Not sure what took place before the video, but once it was rolling, she did not appear to be charging the officer. She stood there barking and he shot her. He acted like he was running away, which anyone know that a dog will follow you if you act like you are running away. She never appeared to be threatening the officer though.

By the officer's arguement, if I am yelling and harrassing the neighbors, and do not come to him when he arrives, he should shoot me... "What other choice do I have?"


So all of you people want to say it was right to shoot the dog because theoretically he was barking he "could have" or "might have" attacked somebody? Really? How much sense does that make?

That's like saying that it would be okay for the police officer to shoot you if you were yelling. You "might have" or "could have" hurt somebody. Eventually. Right?

Exactly. Open mouth, insert foot.


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Julie R.

No way would I ever watch this video.


Nice insight into what this law enforcement officer is capable of doing when confronting human situations. Hopefully his poor judgement will escort him to a more appropriate job without a gun.

Super Judge



Try pursuing the facts. The officer was there at the request of a postal worker who was chased and cornered on a neighboring porch. The dog was illegally running loose. The owner illegally had a dog without obtaining a license as required by law. This animal's stance is clearly aggressive, having run between houses and then charged the officer. No animal is worth seeing a person bitten. Sadly an irresponsible owner cost the dog his life. If he had been obedience trained and properly housed, he would still be here.
Thank you SPD for serving our community.

Good 2 B Me

The dog followed him when he "ran" away from it. Most dogs that I have ever encountered will do the same thing with the mindset of playing. When he stopped, the dog stopped, barked and he shot it. It was NEVER charging the officer. Poor judgment.

Super Judge

I dont know whats the worst part? The fact that he shot the dog, or that he appears to have lied about the events? How can anyone in Sandusky take him seriously now? He has appeared to have perjured himself not only on this case but all futer cases. Any attorney worth their salt will have a field day with him on the stand.


All of this dead Rottweiler talk has made me hungry for Korean BBQ spare ribs!


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Glad I could brighten your days. There is a lot of material to work with here.

Rod Farva


Darwin's choice

Another case of very poor judgement by a Sandusky Police officer.


Another case of people who don't obey the law, and it comes around and bites them.

he said she said

I feel for the dog. Responsible owners would have made sure their dog had tags and a harness if the dog kept getting out of it's collar when changed up. The officer...was doing what he thought was right. Officers usually only have up to 5 seconds if that to make a decision and his was to stop what he perceived as a threat to him.

I watched the video up until the officer shot the dog. The dog was barking and kept backing up until the officer with his gun unholstered started around the side of the house and the dog trotted at him. The dog doesn't know the officer and most dogs (mine included) do not like people in uniforms; the officer was an intruder on the dog's domain. If I had a dog that could possibly outweigh me in pounds trotting at me that way, I probably would have done the same thing.

Sorry to the dog's owners but you are also at fault for the death of your dog.


Sorry to disagree, but the ONLY person at fault for the dog's death is the officer involved. Most people would have at least ATTEMPTED to use the harnessing tool he had in his other hand. Most people would have had the common sense to at least TRY to harness the dog and find the owner OR call the appropriate facility (Erie County Dog Warden's Office).

Most people would NOT have shot first and asked questions later.

Yes the woman was wrong - she definitely should have had the dog tagged and leashed. BUT, how did this officer know that the dog didn't just slip its collar and go for what it though would be a leisurely walk through her neighborhood? He didn't. He just shot. Watch the video - any "dog person" can see she was not being "aggressive". And shooting her because she "might have" or "could have" done something is NOT the answer to the issue either.


Omg just stop. The warden will not go!!!!! SPD does their own rounding up animals. You would be singing a different tune if that dog would have attacked a child. The dog already charged strangers and cornered the mail carrier.


completely agree with what you say here. It's sad for the dog, but this officer had a call about an aggressive dog, the mail person is trapped on the neighbor's porch and it is the police officer's job to contain the animal. Personally, if my dog were barking like this I would have been out of my house and would have called it in. There's nothing more annoying to neighbors than continuously barking dogs so I would have been responsible for this. Not to mention, when one has a dog like this one not only is it the responsibility of the owner to get tags but also to make sure that it is contained. If someone's kid had been mauled by this dog because they accidentally wandered onto the yard, then everyone would be clamouring about how the dog should have been contained. In addition, the officer had no way of knowing that he was on this dog's property. Lastly, this isn't some charging chihuahua we're talking about. If this officer didn't make a decision, the dog could have charged him from that point and done severe damage. Clearly the dog was not backing away from him when he fired. I don't think he can really wait until a dog has taken his hand to pull the trigger.

I am sorry that the dog suffered. My only problem here was that the officer let the dog suffer and didn't shoot again. The owner didn't comfort his dog or anything. Had this been my dog, I would have been on my knees crying. (and btw, I own a rottweiler who is a big baby, but she's built of solid muscle and power, in irresponsible hands, she would be a weapon)

Good 2 B Me

The mail carrier left the scene. The Cop even mentions it and acts disgusted that she left.

Simple Enough II

If the dog had a hoodie on, we would be having marches in the street right now...well come clear warm weather....on a weekday, can't lose time on the weekend....