Sandusky raises rec fees

City commissioners vote to hile park rental rates at 25 public properies in the city.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 26, 2013


“We haven’t raised the fees since 2007,” commissioner Julie Farrar said. “Everything is going up.”

Farrar, along with commissioners Pervis Brown, Diedre Cole and Jeff Smith, voted for increased fees at Monday’s public meeting

“In Huron, you’re going to be paying $15 an hour Monday through Friday and $25 an hour for shelters on the weekends,” Farrar said. In Sandusky “they have it for the whole day and evening (for one price). It’s a bargain.”

Commissioner Wes Poole voted against the increase in rates. 

“There is not enough specifics of what we are going to do with the money,” Poole said. “If there are citizens that have concerns about this, we need to come up with a solid plan. If we raise your rates, these are the things you are going to see.”

At least one city resident echoed Poole’s concerns.

During a public comment portion of the meeting, former Sandusky firefighter Ron Urig said officials will still neglect the properties, whether they increase the rates or not.

The parks are in “deplorable condition,” Urig said. “They don’t have concrete plans to fix anything up. As a former city employee, I was embarrassed to meet fellow taxpayers and visitors in areas that had shelter houses.”



Where in the world did you come up with this 1984 Senior picture?


so, i pay taxes to supposedly maintain them and most look like crap and now you want to increase the rates?

Licorice Schtick

Great, now the city's budget will balance, right?


Sorry, but we want a shelter we go to Huron, or even Osburn Park. The city parks and shelters are not worth the rates or my time.


No mention of wage reduction for the salary people in sandusky......

People need to push for wage reduction the city is not big enough to pay these over payed people....

If they complain fire them or tell them to go elsewear and work Kim found work.....


This is just the beginning with the budget woes. There are cuts in services coming along with separate fees for services. Keep your eye on what developments.

T. A. Schwanger


Farrar's comments can be considered the poster child for what's wrong with some local politicians and their misunderstanding of taxes and fees.

Increases "because we can" or because "they haven't been raised in a while" with no concrete plan for how the extra funds will be used besides going into the general fund.

Agreeing with Darkhourse, there are so many "non-voted" taxes Sanduskians are paying now and increasing shelter rental fees are just the tip of the iceberg.


I think the politicians are figuring out that we are all a bunch of sissies and they dont need to put it to a vote because we won't do anything to stop them. Even if we do vote it down, they find a loop-hole like any dirty rat would and do it anyways

Truth or Fiction

I'm sorry but how many cities our size spend the amount of money we do on park maintenance? I'm not talking about parks that you just cut the grass but flower parks, water fountain parks, and on and on and on.


Most towns that cater to tourists do have a little extra flair to enhance the visual effect. The problem is they pay city workers who take their sweet time on every project because they are hourly so why rush. What they need to do is put some of the criminals to work pulling weeds and watering flowers, etc. We pay alot of taxes to take care of those people, so why can't they contribute? There are alot of successful inmate programs, we should adopt one.



Are we spending too much or too little in your opinion?


We had a beautiful wave pool with picnic seating....gone. We had Osborne park with a pool and plenty of picnic space and shelters....gone, other then the shelters of course. Seems to me Bellevue and Clyde do more for their county residents then we do. And yes, I am aware of their water concerns. However, they still opted to give their county residents a place to swim!


Are you too good for Lions Park? Name another place you can buy heroin, a prostitute and get a tan all in one place!


Two out of three in Washington Park

Truth or Fiction

I honestly don't know. I would guess that planting flowers, changing dates on the floral clock and maintaining a greenhouse can be expensive but maybe they have it down to bare minimums. Don't get me wrong, Washington Park is beautiful, I'm just asking what percentage of the park groundskeeping costs goes into floral upkeep. If the budget is say $100k and we are spending $80k on the floral parks, then maybe we should rethink our policy.


I know there is an endowment fund set up for the greenhouse which grows some if not all of the flowers for city parks. As far as overall cost for planting etc???


The commissioners really should think about doing something to FIX and REPAIR what they have before worrying so much about charging higher fees. I totally agree with those who say anything about reopening the pool.

What a total travesty to keep it closed and do nothing with it. I understand they had a problem before, but that was then and this is NOW.

It doesn't have to be a wave action, why not just make it into a regular pool. Higher some good life guards and re open it. Charge what it takes to run the thing. In the winter, if there is a way, make it into a place to ice skate. If not there, then do so at the tennis courts and charge for that to keep it going. Hire security for that.

There are TWO things for people to do that are fun AND make some money while being used.

But at least with the pool re opened, it will stop being an eyesore and start brining in some money as well. Like I said, it doesn't have to be wave action if it is too expensive or that part doesn't work. Have it just be a pool. Charge accordingly. It will make money. It'll be can count on it. And you should have no trouble finding the necessary people for summer staff: lifeguards and security.

T. A. Schwanger

@ Wired:

Here's what the attchments for the Ordinance to approve the fee increases states:

""""Any amounts generated annually by said fees, rates and charges of shelter and gazebo rentals will become part of the general fund and shall be used to defray the cost of any improvements directly related to the
shelters and gazebos"""".

Placing the added funds into the General Fund does not ensure the money will be used to improve or maintain the shelters unless personnel is added to do such. Currently, there are issues with preparing the shelters for rental based on shortage in staff.

The City has a Greenhouse Endowment, Washington Park Endowment and a Cemetery General Maintenance Endowment. When the Marina District Project at Batter Park failed, it was suggested the City create and place the $50,000 project deposit into an endowment fund for the Sandusky Bay Pavilion. The money was spent elswhere.

T. A. Schwanger


Just keep in mind Wired there are business factions adjacent to the pool not wanting it to reopen or upgraded for other rec. related activities because they have an eye for their own use of the property or prefer private condos to increase their membership.

Truth or Fiction

T. A. Schwanger -
Where was the $50,000 poject funds spent?


I was wondering the same thing