Sandusky woman, friends plan to protest cop killing dog

A woman whose dog was killed Thursday will be arraigned Wednesday in Sandusky Municipal Court, but she's aiming to rally support from the communty for "Lucy," a large-breed Rottweiller.
Feb 26, 2013

Sandusky police Chief Jim Lang said an officer who shot and killed the dog on Thursday took appropriate action.

“I think he did everything right,” Lang said. “If it’s between the dog and the officer getting bit, the officer’s safety comes first."

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The dog’s outraged owner, Donna Hansen, 22, and her friends and family have sent up a rallying cry: “Justice for Lucy.”

Hansen said she has contacted PETA, Animal Planet and the Erie County Humane Society, and she also started up a Facebook page to organize a rally on behalf of Lucy, who was a Rottweiler.   

“There are so many people getting a hold of me saying they’re bringing their dogs,” Hansen said. “I want to make it so an officer can’t just walk up and shoot your dog.” 

The protesters plan to meet at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in front of Sandusky Municipal Court. That’s just before Hansen’s 9 a.m. arraignment on charges of no dog tags and dog at large, both citations that Wilson issued after he killed Lucy. 

“I don’t think it’s right that I’m getting cited after he killed my dog,” Hansen said. “How am I supposed to get tags for a dog that’s dead?” 

Hansen maintains Wilson had several other options.  The city plans to bill Hansen for disposal of Lucy’s carcass. 

“I’m truly sorry the whole thing happened,” Lang said. “If the dog would have been tied up and in its yard like it should’ve been, we never would’ve got the call.”




Anyone knowing Somebody that has a dog without a license should turn them in you have to pay why don't they pay…

Was the dog tagged last year when it was running at large…

The boyfriend should be charged for putting the officer in harms way…

Also we Have a person in our neighborhood that had as many as 11 dogs and no dogtags these shelters should not allow this to happen they are the problem


Come on people, it’s not her fault. The past 30 years the progressives and personal injury lawyers keep programing everyone that it is never your personal responsibility, it is always someone else’s fault. How can you blame a 23 year old that has been programed to think this way :)


This is very sad, I would hope no one's child sees this video. I'm just curious as to why the man didn't come out sooner when the dog continued to bark? He could have saved it's life... If they lived in my area, they would have gotten a ticket for excessive barking as well. Very very sad.

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The cop Wilson is a joke, the dog was not charging him. That clown should not even be a cop no more before he snaps again and kills a person.

Father of 1

Night roller: You are what is wrong with society. Your the joke. Everyone of you who runs your mouth about police officers and how bad they are. I hope you never need them when your in trouble. Thsts when you sing a different tune. For the ones who complain, if you don't like Sandusky MOVE. We all would be better off.


I agree Father of 1!

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Father of 1 your a joke too just like that clown who shot the dog that wasn't charging him. I was not saying all cops are clowns, just that one. Another thing is I don't live in Sandtown and never would live there or any other town, I have a farm out in the country with a few "BIG" dogs and farm animals. The dogs I have here are for telling me if any people like you are breaking into my barns so I can get out there in time for some target practice.


People dont seem to understand that their are leash laws in the city I think the cop did what he had to do for his own safety the owner should know better than to let the dog run loose. If that were my dog I could understand the officers actions this is why their are leash laws that no one obeys.You can bet if the officer would have gotten bit or worse their wouldnt have been a thing said about it Good call SPD officer.


ROFL .. he was charging the dog .. the dog was on the owners property .. it is so crazy to read stupid comments from people that dont have a clue ..

Suitcase Simpson

The video proves that the officer was jusitfied in his action. Who wants to let that rottie bite before you decide he is a threat? The fault in this incident falls squarely on the shoulders of the owner who failed to control his dog. And his reaction when he comes out doesn't indicate that he was very attached to the dog.
And Jerry from Sandusky, we don't need to report everyone for everything. You must have been a narc before you became old and cranky!!

Free Man

An innocent life lost to a trigger happy, dog killing cop.


Dog dies because owner is NOT responsible enough to even own a goldfish. There's a headline for you.


"Owner's Negligence Ends In Dog's Death" pretty much sums it up for me. Sad end, no ones fault but the owner's. Buy tags when you're supposed to and keep your dog confined/on a leash. My dog didn't get shot today because mine was not running the streets. People opposing this officer have obviously never been on the other end of an unknown dog with an unknown demeanor who has previously charged other people and is growling at you. Take some responsibility for your negligence.


ROFL .. really so if the dog had been wearing a license the cop wouldnt have shot it .. that absolutely has NOTHING TO DO with anything . I have been on the other end several hundreds of times .. and guess what .. never shot the dog . just stupid people . stupid cop

Just Sayin IMHO

Who is to say the dog wasn't tied up... who is to say that he didn't just get loose, like some dogs do from their yard.... And why wasn't the Dog Pound called in to collect the animal? They are trained in dealing with this very thing. I don't see why there is not the same kind of training for officers. Chances are, once you get the dog on a lead, his tail starts wagging. And even if it doesn't, there are many many ways to handle that as well. I know... I am a groomer and have been for 12 years. This was not necessary.


Agreed! ^


With technology getting ever better these days ..pretty soon animals will have weapons too and then they can fight back....and what if that dog did have a gun think that things would have ended differently.Well in this world we live in there are people that think owning such a breed is like having a weapon..that dog was taught to show aggression and it proved to be the thing that got it killed. It will not be the last time this happens, for some people assume that when a cow roams freely in India ..Why can't my Dog do the same in the U.S.A.


Bownt chicka mow mow...


Bownt chicka mow mow...


It's very clear. The dog was off the owners property and was showing aggression towards others. The police are 100% doing their job. Owner is 100% at fault.


how ignorant you are


I agree the woman should of had a license for the dog and all the registration as required by law, however the police officer was not being threatened by the dog, the dog was not attacking him and did not speak with any witnesses before shooting the dog. I will always honor and respect law enforcement, however in this instance they were completely wrong and Captain Lang needs to re-evaluate his thinking and stance on this issue.


Agreed 100% ^

Anyone commenting on this article should watch the video - just to see how fast your opinion changes. There is no reason the dog should have been shot BEFORE the officer even attempted to use the harness! There is no reason the dog should have been shot within 45 seconds - 1 minute of the officer exiting his vehicle!

Sandusky Police Department - please show common sense and decency and give this shooting the investigation it deserves. If you allow this to go on unpunished, what's to say the next police officer doesn't shoot a person because he or she "MIGHT" or "COULD POSSIBLY" attack someone?

nosey rosey

I don't care if the dog was loose, killing it was definately not the correct response. Should it have been loose, no but sometimes things happen. The dog did not attack nor shown any signs of being a threat. This officer and his superior should be fired.


For those of you calling Officer Wilson a coward. I'll have you know that he has spent more time in Iraq latrines than most of you have spent time commenting on here (including myself). He is the last person I would call a coward.

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On behalf of a grateful nation, we thank your son for his service to our country, Ms. Hansen.


Big deal, I spent time in Iraq too. The way he acted he should be ashamed of himself and I would have no problem telling him that to his face.

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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


I am absolutely upset about this.. i believe the police officer(P.O.) did not have to shoot that poor dog.. the neighbor new who this dog belonged to he was standing on the porch. the P.O. did not even attempt to knock on the owners door. nor did he wait for the dog warden to help him.. that dog was running from him,, the p.o was coming at her too fast and with a gun drawn and pointing,the ONLY intentions he had when he pulled up was to kill this dog. the collars they make are made to snapped apart for safety,, probably snapped it loose. just happened to me the other day, i live in country but i prefer to leash mine,, it caught on a board on my deck and his snapped off. this is utterly disgusting. OMG I just want to say im sorry for this pet owner,, why cant you shoot the criminals as fast as u shoot animals.. some of them should never have survived at some of these nasty people have done to people like andy dunn and etc.