Norwalk school board meets to talk about levy

The school board meets this evening to review options concerning an emergency tax levy for the May ballot.
Feb 25, 2013


Some parents have expressed concern that arts programs could be cut if a new revenue source is not secured.

Click here for the e*Paper of get a copy of Tuesday's Register at a newsstand near year to learn what board members decided.




SR commenters, it's your favorite subject...


Do you SR writers even read what you write? That second paragraph is atrocious. First off, you can't CLICK anywhere. Second, it should be "OR" instead of "OF". And at a newsstand near "YOU" not "YEAR." Wow.

For those who are interested, the Norwalk Reflector has the story now. The school board made a decision tonight. Here's the NR story:

Kottage Kat

Fine educational example
Who needs a college education to be a journalist
I need to finance this?????


Sure would be nice to have a board and super like that in Perkins.

Kottage Kat

I graduated FROM NHS
I live in Norwalk have vote in the BM district by virtue of location
This was an excellent well thought out strategy.
Hope others will see the wisdom and do likewise.


Kottage Kat,
I'm curious as to how much your home is worth as you stated on another article you will have to sell your home if the Edison School district passes their levy. The passage of the levy will cost a homeowner of a $100,000 home $20.16 per month. Most of us could knock out $20 a month in their budget very easily.