Erie MetroParks attendance skyrocketed in 2012

A sport’s soaring popularity provided a huge assist to Erie MetroParks, which registered the largest attendance in history last year.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 25, 2013



About 95,000 people visited one of 10 reserve-based park properties in 2012, according to the district’s biennial report.
The 12-month attendance record shattered previous head count high marks. The number usually hovers around 46,000 people per year.
A spike occurred during MetroParks inaugural Roller Coaster Rumble in June at the Osborn MetroPark. The lacrosse tournament brought in more than 20,000, including players, their families, visitors and fans. The tournament provided a 
$1.6 million injection to the local economy last year, according to the report, with visitors spending at area hotels, restaurants and other attractions. 
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Good for EMP, I saw the traffic on Perkins Ave a few times, great for the area economy. Good see them start promoting the facilities and property they have rather than be on a big land grab, that press really turned off the community!


Even the empoloyees are laughing at these exagerated figures. What do they do, count heads all day?