Bomb-plotter suspect 'mentally fit'

Court documents indicate that psychiatric tests are inconclusive on the last of five bridge bomb-plotting suspects in northeast Ohio.
Associated Press
Feb 24, 2013


Federal prosecutors said in a court filing entered last week that they agree with the defense for Joshua Stafford of Cleveland that the results were inconclusive on his mental competence.

But the government said a hearing before a federal judge in Akron should provide evidence that Stafford is mentally fit to stand trial. No hearing date has been set.

No bomb went off and no one was hurt. The four other defendants have pleaded guilty.

The target was a highway bridge over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park between Cleveland and Akron. The FBI said the device was a dud provided by an informant.



Really are you ...

Give him another dud. Ask him to make a bomb, then have him wear it. Have everyone leave the building. Come back in 15 minutes to see if he was incompetent enough to detonate the device. If the trigger was pulled, he was incompetent. If he didn't pull it, guilty as all be. Either way jail or funny farm.