Man accidentally shoots himself outside gun show

Police near Dayton said a 50-year-old man accidentally shot himself in the hand after attending a gun show there.
Feb 24, 2013

No one else was injured Saturday afternoon at the venue in Trotwood, Ohio.

The accidental shooting happened outside Hara Arena in suburban Dayton where there was a gun and knife show.

Trotwood police told The Dayton Daily News the man had just bought a holster and was putting a handgun in it when the gun fired.

Police said a bullet struck a finger on his left hand. They said they don’t expect to file any charges.



I wish the 2nd Amendment wackos would stop with the "they want to take away our guns" nonsense. The percentage of people who want that is very small. I think they just use that as a smoke screen to distract from a sensible discussion on a sensible topic: Why do we NOT require background checks for gun purchases at gun shows, while requiring it for gun purchases made elsewhere?

Why was Wayne LaPierre 100% supportive of background checks in the late 90's, but is completely against it now? To me, and many others, the NRA ceased being a reasonable organization of reasonable people with their opposition to this single common sense idea.


Yeah, when the NRA holds the ilk like Ted Nugent in esteem that tore it for me. We will still have our own weapons. It is yahoos like this 50something that sullies it for decent weapons owners. "Bunch of "cowboys."