Sandusky city commission: Want-to-Go?

Sandusky city commissioners meet at 5 p.m. Monday with an agenda that includes a resolution oppossing the Ohio Legislature's House Bill 5, designed to bring uniformity in municipal income tax rules.
Feb 24, 2013


The city's recreation department also hopes commissioners approve a fee schedule for the Mills Street Golf Course that will continue growing "overall usage of the course through memberships, punch cards and daily paid rounds. We will still strive to be the area’s lowest priced golf course while still providing a quality experience to our golfers attracting both locals and visitors."

According to Bruner-Cox, business consultant and CPA firm, initial legislation for municipal uniformity, HB601, died in the lame duck session last year. The revised HB 5's legislative intent is to achieve additional consistency and uniformity among the many cities that impose an income tax. 

The city commission agenda resolution calls on commissioners to "strongly oppose" the uniformity legislation.


What: Sandusky city commission meeting
When: 5 p.m. Monday
Where: Sandusky City Hall, 222 Meigs St., Sandusky
*Click here to see the commission agenda. 


There has been no public discussion by commissioners of any potential tax legislation that might be under consideration. City Manager Nicole Ard arranged public meetings for residents to participate in a survey that included questions about whether they would support service specific tax initiatives such as police and fire and other services. The public forums Ard scheduled were not well publicized and were sparsely attended, with city employees making up the majority of participants. 

The city's three labor contracts with police and fire and other city employees expired last year. There has been no public review of any specifics in negotiations or contract terms, but it's been suggested the contracts would include a small percentage raise for police and fire. It's unknown whether concessions or other changes in the agreements will offset any wage increases if pay hikes are included.




It is time for Ard to stop pushing things to the back of the burner and start making some decisions. It is also time for the commissioners to start discussing things at the table rather then behind closed doors. Time for some leadership! Let's get these topics on the table publically so the public knows what is going on.