Kaptur seeks $10 million for Ohio Veterans Home

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur is battling for tax dollars to enhance the lives of veterans living in a local home. Kaptur, D-Toledo, recently requested about $10.3 million in federal funds intended for several utility upgrades inside the Ohio Veterans Home.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 24, 2013


The facility’s equipped with 427 beds, offering special care for veterans and veterans diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia.

“Improvements at the Sandusky home are vital to providing the quality of service our veterans deserve,” Kaptur said in a statement.

It’s unknown exactly when an announcement will occur informing Ohio Veterans Home officials, and dozens of other organization seeking funding, if they received grants from the state’s Department of Veterans Affairs.

But just being nominated by Kaptur shows significant support in updating a very old facility, said Richard Hatcher, the superintendent for the Ohio Department of Veterans Services.

“The Sandusky home was built in 1888 and has undergone some significant updates over its 125-year history,” Hatcher told the Register. “We are pleased that, with the assistance of our Ohio legislative delegation, the homes will receive some much needed upgrades.”



She "seeks" the cash?? Really...

Who in the frip writes this crap?

Tell her not to flush the toilet paper after she goes whatever. Tell her to keep it and see if she can turn it in for $$$...




Yeah, Ok, Kelly. That was a bit vague. Just got done doin' homework and was quite tired of being very specific. That woman seems to think we can poop or pee money as she likes to spend it. We can't, and I think she should try. I hope that clears things up. Sorry to be so short.

PS, if I could poop $$$, I highly doubt that I would be back in school at my age. I "seek" money too, but it never comes from "that" end.

Yellow Snow

This is one old building built to last with occasional updates. Today's commercial buildings are designed with a fairly short life expectancy.

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I don't think they use the old buildings out front, they are mostly empty and they are not aloud to tear them down because they are of a historical nature. The new buildings are where the vets are.


Most of that $$$ is for a pedestrian skyway to Harney's. But seriously, I think they can tear the old buildings down, but it would be too expensive without a compelling reason. They're not historic landmarks or anything, just filled with lead.


It's long past time to pull back from America's decades long Endless War and stop the funding of the political ruling class' fascination and profit through military adventurism.

Take some of the money saved and adequately finance the VA system. We don't need to keep adding to the human cost by fostering more foreign wars.

Pres. BHO is aiding the French in Niger with drones and additional U.S. troops. Decades ago, Pres. Truman aided the French in Vietnam. Seems like we’ve been here before with disastrous consequences.


In case all you have forgotten, and it looks like 2cents has, the 'newer' buildings at the Ohio Veterans Home is the 'Veterans Hall'.
This building was built over 20 years ago. Seacrest and Giffin Halls are even older, so YES, upgrades are needed to keep the entire facility up to code and safe for it's resideance.
Everyone one of us should be saying sure thing, how much is needed and is that enough! No dollar amount can match the sacifrices these Veterans gave to our country.
The parking lots and roadways through out the OVH campus are in need of upgrading.
For these 'Hereos', this place should be a 5 star facility and fully staffed.

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CAP, I was referring to the old /old buildings out front. I too believe that our vets should have great care, I have a friend who lived there for a time and I visited him regularly so I do know the layout.


As a 23 year veteran of the USAF, I appreciate anything that is done to help my brothers in arms. Contango is right about people profiting from war. I served in Operation Desert Storm and did two tours in Iraq. Dick Cheney's old company Halliburton was everywhere. They made a fortune!


Pres. Eisenhower warned of the Military Industrial Complex. The trail leads back YEARS before Mr. Cheney's old co.

The U.S. is the world's largest arms dealer.

"There's plenty good money to be made
By supplying the Army with the tools of its trade,"

- Country Joe McDonald


Since the end of WW2, how many years of peace have we really had? We seem to be at war or conflict with some country all the time. I agree we need to pull back from these endless wars and let someone else police the world. It's breaking the nation. Ever notice when there is a catastrophe of some kind we're always first on the scene to help and we're broke. I didn't see anyone come to our aid when Sandy, Katrina and any other catastrophe's hit us. It's time to come together and do some nation building at home and let the rest of the world take care of themselves.


Taxpayers in all 88 counties in Ohio pay 1/2 mil to support the Veterans administration. 120 million annually isn't appropriated and is "stolen" from the Veterans. 524,000 thousand in Erie alone, 2.1 million in Lorain County. The money is already there. What needs to be changed is the Advisory Council and the "Carpetbagger" Tom Moe and make these people do their jobs. I'll be contacting Marcy's Veterans Rep (Who graduated from Perkins) and get the needed money from "OHIO."


@2cents...It would take millions to upgrade each of the cottages no longer used by the OVH. The 'Mack' building, which houses the museum, is the only cottage still being used. Upgrades to it are necessary to keep it safe and functioning.