Church looks at questions for God

If you could ask God any question, what would you ask?
Matt Westerhold
Feb 23, 2013

Will I be saved? Does everything really happen for a reason? Are my deceased loved ones doing OK?


Click here for the e*Paper or get a copy of Sunday's Register to find out what questions people are asking God, and, maybe even what the answers might be. 


Send these queries, and more, to a local church's leaders, and they'll try to provide the answers.

Grace Community Church in Fremont begins its third "#GodQuestions" series today, kicking off a month-long program dedicated to tackling tough issues surrounding religion and faith.


Good 2 B Me

Q: Who made up your story?

John Harville

Did you really speak to Abraham?

Phil Packer

Or, why don't you really exist, when so many people think you do?


I would ask God to allow the truth to come forth and the lies of the powers that be to become known to all.


Is Obama the Antichrist?

John Harville

The Antichrist is a fable...


Wish Obama was only a fable!

John Harville

How Godly of you.


Here we go!

Atheists on Parade!


Atheists should be on parade.... Our intelligence and skepticism opens eyes for indoctrinated masses.


Ha ha ha!
Sounds like a communist Beldar Conehead.




..... and so are you.

Licorice Schtick

Such inspiring piety. Hypocrites on parade.

John Harville

How can you not believe in something you say doesn't exist?


Excellent comment by Question Everything. I believe that we are ALL atheists. I just believe in one less god than do Christians.


you + him = nonsense


Why are there so many messed up Catholic priests?

John Harville

Is it to counterbalance all the messed up community church pastors?


I would ask God why people think it's okay to be two-faced.


I would ask Him, how bad this fallen world has to get before all us believers can live with Him in Heaven. As for the Atheists and those who have decided FOR US that God needs to be taken out of schools out of court houses or any goverment building, YOU are what is wrong with this country. Since the Lord has been phased out of schools, how many school shootings have we had? It actually is your God given right to NOT believe in God, I guess we all just fell out of the sky and landed on Earth....


We still have the Great Tribulation to face.


I do NOT need god to know right from wrong. I do NOT need god to help my neighbor. I can be a good person with out god. I am NOT what is wrong with the country. I pay my bills, I teach my children respect, I do what I can to help others, I do what I can to make the world a better place. God has NOTHING to do with that. My mother taught me to be a good person. And yes I have the right to believe what I want. My husband fights for that right everyday. He fights everyday for every American to be able to do, say and BELIEVE what they want. I am not a bad person for not believing in your god, but I am pretty sure your god says you are NOT to pass judgement on others either.


Our founding Fathers felt exactly the same way Ladydye.
The whole idea was that there wouldn't be a bureaucracy (made up of fallible humans) deciding what was kosher (forgive the pun). The parables/fables, modern religion or older sect religion, we learn when we are young do not take faith in a higher being to see the logic.
That is not to imply that that same faith is misplaced. It can be a good life salve and help with finding useful direction. If you've found good civil direction there's no room for complaint.
My wonderful Mother used to say that if we would do unto others as I would do for myself it would take care of most of the worlds troubles.

Good 2 B Me

Well said ladydye_5

That is the hypocrcy of Religion. No one HAS to believe in anything, but Too many religious people insist that if you don't believe in what I believe in, you will burn in hell! What kind of junk is that? :)

John Harville

That would be the Chinese egg.


You are entitled to believe in your imaginary friend, but like sex, religion is best practiced quietly in one's home, and our country is better off when it is that way. As far as lack of religion being a supposed cause of more school shootings, I would point out that there are MANY first world countries in which there are NO school shootings and in which a much lower percentage of people believe in God. Violence and Religion always seem to go hand in hand.

John Harville

John Dorian.... tried to let this pass, but just can't. "... who have decided that God needs to be taken out of schools...."
...standing in a garage doesn't make you a car...
The Triune God goes to school everyday in the hearts of believers - and even those who don't realize God's presence. If God has been taken out of schools, etc., it's because "Christian" fail to share God in all you say and do.
Putting a Bible in the classroom or Jesus' picture on the wall, doesnt' put God in school etc.

The Big Dog's back

We have Godwin's law when the conversation turns to Hitler and Nazi's, now we have Big Dog's Law when the conversation turns to blaming Obama for everything. Remember, Big Dog's Law.