Edison levy passage would eliminate pay-to-play

The Edison school board vowed to eliminate pay-to-participate fees and to hire elementary teachers if voters approve the district’s May tax levy.
Feb 23, 2013

Board members made the commitment during a meeting Wednesday, citing increased elementary class sizes, particularly in second and third grade.

Edison Schools did not replace one retiring teacher in both grades this academic year. Their student-to-teacher ratio is currently about 28-to-1, but 25-to-1 or less is ideal, superintendent Tom Roth said.    

“We’ve heard concerns from parents,” Roth said. “If student numbers remain high and the levy passes, we would like to hire, possibly in both grade levels.”

Voters will decide the fate of a 7.9-mill emergency operating levy on the May ballot. Board members contemplated levies ranging from 4.9 to 7.9 mills in January.




NO disrespect, but I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I read your statement that "EDISON IS NO POWER HOUSE IN ATHLETICS". Why is it that SO MANY OTHERS know this and the powers that be in that district DON'T? While academics is by leaps and bounds of the utmost importance to most adults, kids love their sports. Those kids have to be so tired of losing.

Edwin Ison

3 boys at state in wrestling right now.
Boys individual xc champion 2012.
2 SBC 1st team girls xc.
Boys 4x800 2nd at state 2012.
Several boys and girls in individual track made it to state.
2012 girls softball...awesome.
Just off the top of my head.
Sports is more than football and basketball.
The best student athletes are involved in some of the "fringe" athletics.
Take Edison XC for an example.... I am pretty sure nearly EVERY kid on the boys and girls team is on the Honor Roll each quarter.


I want to see some PDF documents on the Ohio school websites. The taxpayers need to know the needs of the schools. If the Ohio schools are in dire straits, please show the taxpayers some PDF documents to prove need of additional taxpayer money.


Enter your county at this search on the State Auditor Webpage.




Bitter or not, You are right on the money. We are suppose to go to the meetings to voice opinions but when they don't coincide with the BOE like in Edison or Perkins, they say we are bitter. My answer, dang gone right we are bitter! We keep paying more in taxes and give raises to people with little economic sense. These same people are teaching our children. Is there any wonder why we are suffering the "Dumbing Down Effect" and now rank 26th in the World?


I’m not against sports at all. I do however have some concern on how more much emphasis has been placed with sports over say 30 years ago. I remember picking my kid up from middle school, she had me wait so she could check out a text book. I said what, every student is assigned a text book, well not her school and when leaving I noticed all the lights lighting the field over at the High School field, of course this takes electricity and that costs money. Again not against sports, they teach a lot of good things but remember the priority is on academics. This might be a shift from when I was in school, but back then we also played outside, backyard football and a lot more. Today it seems like everything has to be too organized and controlled!


Why should the kids have to loose sports, the teachers and high paid Administration should be the ones to take cuts. In any other business you fall on hard times, employees and owners take paycuts... not goverment people, they keep on recievin and somebody else has to loose!

Truth or Fiction

Good night Irene!


Average salary of a SOLDIER deployed in Afghanistan = $38,000

Average income for seniors on Social Security = $12,000

WHO needs a RAISE?


Government programs that make sense:

If you are against all taxes you are against government. You are an anarchist and an enemy of order.

Being fiscally conservative does not mean you are against all taxes. If you feel squeezed by taxes currently, you need to prioritize your anger and look at where the real waste in government spending occurs. This is where uninformed members of the tea party get it wrong.


all groups are funded by tax dollars and distributed by themselves to themselves. They make the rules of how to spend our money on themselves.and it use to work but when you can get away with making rules for yourelf people get greedy. My house would be upgraded if i could pass a fix my house levy.we have had alot of medical bills so we cant so i will ask you to do it..OK



Do you believe there is no waste or redundancy in your above group? These are some of the worst offenders when it comes to bureaucratic overspending.


Of course there is waste and redundancy in government programs but if you really look at where your taxes go over half is just social security, health care and medicare. Education and transportation are actually much smaller portions than you would expect.