Edison levy passage would eliminate pay-to-play

The Edison school board vowed to eliminate pay-to-participate fees and to hire elementary teachers if voters approve the district’s May tax levy.
Feb 23, 2013

Board members made the commitment during a meeting Wednesday, citing increased elementary class sizes, particularly in second and third grade.

Edison Schools did not replace one retiring teacher in both grades this academic year. Their student-to-teacher ratio is currently about 28-to-1, but 25-to-1 or less is ideal, superintendent Tom Roth said.    

“We’ve heard concerns from parents,” Roth said. “If student numbers remain high and the levy passes, we would like to hire, possibly in both grade levels.”

Voters will decide the fate of a 7.9-mill emergency operating levy on the May ballot. Board members contemplated levies ranging from 4.9 to 7.9 mills in January.




So they pass the levy, hire more teachers, and then come back next year saying they are out of money. It doesn't make sense to hire more staff when according to their own figures the new levy won't even cover the projected deficit next year. The pay to play give back is simply a way to buy votes, IMO.

Kottage Kat

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Kottage Kat

How many graduates with degrees have returned to this area to pay taxes and give back to community that helped educate them?

brutus matthews

To all my fellow conservatives and those tea partiers of which I consider myself to be; you may win this battle, but you are losing the war. I once stood strong with you all for I believed in limited government and fiscal responsibility, however it is becoming more and more clear to many that it is not just about being fiscally responsible, but for many of you, it is about saying "no" to everything. You get what you deserve in all of this. Limited government does not mean no government. As I have sat and I read for the past few years the comments on topics like this, I see that the tea party I thought I was for has just turned into cut all government spending. It's a shame. What was good intentioned and had plenty of merit appears to be largely filled with anti-government, anti-spending, ill-informed people. Remember, anti-government people exist on both the far right and far left. You may not have the same ideology as them, but the end will be the same.

tell it how it is

Myself, along with my family, are very strong conservatives and have continued to vote Yes on the levy. I don't see this as a problem between political parties, but instead it's the community not being willing to come together to save their AMAZING school.

HS Sports Fan

Right? What was the price of eggs in China. Anyway since alot of the athletes at Edison are sons and daughters of faculty memebers, wouldn't eliminating the pay to play be considered a raise for them? Don't want to argue, I was just wondering.


Edison has no doubt taught their children how to lose with grace, GOOD THING!


Where is the pdf file on the new agreement mentioned above? I would like to read it.


I want to see some legal documents, not a show.

brutus matthews

I rest my case. You're too ignorant to even have a conversation about the facts. It's all there.


But Edison has the best band!

tell it how it is

before Mr. G left. Mrs. Riley ruined it :(


My loins tell me to vote no.


"Schools keep grip on public records"


teachers work 178-180 days a year unlike most who work around 280 days. average out what the salary would be for 280 days and cut all their pay..a teacher making 40g is like us making 65g.

Now The Rest of...

If this levy passes I read that there will still be a deficit in 2015 for Edison Schools. If that's true why hire more teachers and do away with pay to play, wouldn't that cause even a larger deficit and a need for another large levy request?


Very True. they have the mindset they can just keep coming back for more. Enough!! Vote NO!

Truth or Fiction

Budgeting three years out is like you budgeting your home budget three years out. Do you know what your expenses/income will be in three years? They have done a pretty good job adjusting their budget to stay afloat. Now you want to hold them accountable for the future too!

Come on people. You're kidding are you not?

Now The Rest of...

Truth or Ficton says "Budgeting three years out is like you budgeting your home budget three years out." Yes,its their projection, any goverment or business always should be forwarding thinking and accountable in their budget. They already know they will face a deficit. Why increase you expendables knowing full well that you face a deficit in just a few years even with the passage of this levy?


How can we as taxpayers be expected to pay more while we are bringing home less money because of the cutbacks that our companies have forced upon us to compete in today’s economy? The money problems at Edison will continue with or without the levy. It wasn’t that long ago they were talking about building a new school. Why can’t we see the new teachers contracts?
I think it is crazy that the teachers get all the credit for the achievements of the students. Edison has the academic reputation because of the parenting that is common in the area. I as a parent know this because my kids come home with a boat load of homework that I have to help them with. When the bell rings at the end of the day the teachers are out of there before most of the kids if it isn’t their day to bus monitor.
As far as the pay to play goes we already have been told it is pay to participate and paying will in no way guarantee your kid will play. Many of us refer to the school as Goodwin’s Country Club. Now his son is playing varsity basketball as a freshman. His wife, cousin, and who knows who else is working for our schools. Anyone that thinks being a manager (water boy) prepares you to play varsity is tanked. At Edison it’s more about who your parents are. Just look at the Matuna boy that played varsity as a freshman. Now I am told the same thing is happening with Hall’s kid. It’s hard to support this type of “good ole boy” mentality even if I could afford it.


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That's the same head football coach who's 5' nephew was the quarterback a few years back instead of a player that was 6' something and more then capable of doing a better job... I hear it's a lost cause in that district, PARTY TOGETHER = STELLAR STAFF EVALUATIONS,regardless of the FACTS!

Truth or Fiction

Now - Thank you. You highlighted the fact that the school district is out of money.

Emma - sorry about the homework. Private or public schools, all have homework. As far as teachers being out of there, I believe that unless you walk in one's shoes, you should not draw conclusions. Regarding the play to participate, it is obvious that you are upset about an incident or incidents that have angered you.

Cast - no one said that parents are not important in a child's education. They are!

If you take your complaints, your observations, and your anger it points to one important fact. Your children are or have used your public school. You have benefited from coummunity funds that have helped to educate your children. Many people believe that public education will go on no matter what one says or does. I would not be so sure of this fact.


What I was alluding to was the academic achievements not the homework. I guess your shoes want to take credit for the time we parents have put into the work you have assigned. BTW I have to say good observation that I am upset about the way teachers and coach’s kids have first chance at varsity because they have spent time as the water boy.
What it boils down to is we have made sacrifices and now it is your turn. I think the good ole boy mentality sucks but I am voting no because of money. We all have to cut back.

Truth or Fiction

It's not my turn. I am on the downside of life. I am not a teacher, nor did I work in the public sector. I can tell you that bitterness will not build, it will only consume. As for academic achievement, I agree. A parent is a child's doorway to success. It is unfortunate that our society has lost this truism. I just cannot condone the slow destruction of the one opportunity that children of unengaged parents have - education. I would ask you to look past the anger and work to make your district a better district for education.

Now The Rest of...

Truth or Fiction, hard to believe "you don't have a dog in this race" since you have dominated posts on this subject. Plain fact is many people can't afford 7.9 mills when they have either lost their job or has seen their pay reduced and lose of benefits. Even the board of education admits within the next few years they will need more funding but still promise to spend more as a carrot to get this levy passed. Bottom line live within your present level of funding. Many taxpapyers has reduced their spending and learned to live on less, as the schools now must do. Reduce spending, spend your resources on education even if this results in less extracurriculars. Your job is to teach Johnny to read, not throw a ball, few employers will care about your athletic ability.

Truth or Fiction

I agree. Throwing a football isn't what education is about. But your district is not like Perkins. Our district has dominated the SBC for many years so I don't think of Edison as a power house in athletics. The problem is that you fixate on one point and ignore the important point. Your district is out of money! What is in your future if a levy doesn't pass? I can't predict but I can deduce this:

- More teacher layoffs and larger class sizes.

- Your district will take an advance on next years tax receipts meaning that when they go back the next year they will be x dollars in the hole.

- Your district will cut extras such as band, sports, choir, etc. to save more money.

- Students will open enroll in other districts causing further loss of state funds and increasing your debt to levels you cannot even immagine.

- As your district continues to decline they will shorten the school days with early release at 1 p.m. or maybe go to a 4-day school week to get to the bare minimum a school must offer in the State.

- Working parents will need to find other means of child care.

- More students will leave.

- Instead of 7.9 mills it will take more and more mills to bail your district out.

Hope I am wrong. Your actions will determine your future - not mine.

Now The Rest of...

The sky is falling, so give us more money that we can increase spending and in two years we will be back because the sky is falling again. Your answer is pass 7.9 mills, hire more, do away with play to pay and increase your future deficient that you know is just 2 years away. Would a private business or the average taxpayer handle debt that way. Cut every unnecessary non education function, focus all your resources on academics, live within you present funding, the taxpayers are tapped out.

Maybe it is time to rethink how our local schools operate, look at earned income taxes, why should the property owners pay the entire tab. Six different school districts within Erie County, each with a superintendent, treasurer, curriculum director, athletic director,transportation director, 30 high paying administrative positions each with support staffs. Reduce to one each plus one assist for each position, we know have 10, a cut of 20, share resources, purchasing, adjust student enrollment into geographical areas that make sense, why are there Edison Students who live in the Norwalk City limits, or within sight of Huron city limits, when we turn around and bus these young students to Milan. You could keep local identity of each area for athletic purposes. Elect one board member each from the present school districts to serve on a County wide board. Sports& extracurriculars do what many other countries do, fund them through local corporate sponsorship, boosters and increased tickets sales. Whats wrong with a Ceder Point or Firelands Hospital logo on a sports uniform or band uniform?