Edison levy passage would eliminate pay-to-play

The Edison school board vowed to eliminate pay-to-participate fees and to hire elementary teachers if voters approve the district’s May tax levy.
Feb 23, 2013

Board members made the commitment during a meeting Wednesday, citing increased elementary class sizes, particularly in second and third grade.

Edison Schools did not replace one retiring teacher in both grades this academic year. Their student-to-teacher ratio is currently about 28-to-1, but 25-to-1 or less is ideal, superintendent Tom Roth said.    

“We’ve heard concerns from parents,” Roth said. “If student numbers remain high and the levy passes, we would like to hire, possibly in both grade levels.”

Voters will decide the fate of a 7.9-mill emergency operating levy on the May ballot. Board members contemplated levies ranging from 4.9 to 7.9 mills in January.





IN GENERAL...'YES' voters are people that aren't paying any property taxes, that are unemployed. They are renters; they could be teachers worried about losing their jobs, their spouses; students that are 18 or older may have been induced to vote Yes. These so-called "supporters" will vote for levies that landlords and taxpayers are possibly subsidizing their income via WIC, or other government assistance.

For a certain great percent of kids, workers and retirees are footing the bill for their education.

The "supporters" merely VOTE as their 'support' mechanism. The TRUE supporters own property and work. The TRUE supporters already are committed to the schools and your child's education and teachers income with their taxes! TRUE supporters have every RIGHT to protect any further plundering of their income from "yes" voters by . . .


It's not a vote for the kids. It's a vote for real estate, over paid administrators and a bandaid for their lack of budget skills.


People vote for new taxes...to help fund a new generation of thinkers. Thinkers that will someday find a cure for cancer...I own property and I am also employed and I am voting a big fat YES for this... A dollar a few decades ago is worth a lot more then a dollar is worth today...times have changed...we need to open up our dusty pocketbooks and help

Truth or Fiction

Before everyone gets angry with me, let me say this. It is difficult times. I know this. People have lost money and had to make difficult decisions, myself included. I mean no disrespect to anyone who has posted, I simply try to address things with facts rather than emotion. I have found that in my 60+ years this approach has served me well.

I have always looked at the Berlin-Milan system as kind of a positive model. It was two communities that came together and pooled their resources to provide a solid education for its youth. I have met many of your graduates, many who have gone on to repay society in valued professions. Your district was never about flashy things, just good solid common sense. Take what you got and make it work - three school buildings, grass football field (the way it should be) and dedicated staff. That is your formula for success.

I have looked at your district's financials (sorry, I am a counter - math oriented) and while they have done good with what they have been given time is running out. Those with options will move somewhere else, others will be caught in the storm; unfortunately, that includes children.


Few things I am curious of..
1) The likelihood that Edison will close its doors if levies continue to fail?
2) The value of homes if there is no school district?
3) Where will students go if this happens?
4) Will families be willing to drive their kids to school and pick them up each day, using their own gas and time if this were to happen?

tell it how it is

Will continue voting YES until it passes.

That's all I have to say on the subject this time. There's too many angry, ignorant fools on this who refuse to look at the big picture or really think through their decisions. No point in arguing anymore.


I am humored by who is name calling on here and that you, tell it how it is, would think any of us HAS NOT looked at the big picture! Why would you think we did not do our research? What makes you, tell it how it is, think we have not thought through our decision how to vote?
An informed citizen makes the best voter! Just trying to help you out, tell it how it is.
"Question with boldness..."
- Thomas Jefferson

tell it how it is

So does an educated one, and I had to re-read your post 3 times because of all of the grammatical errors.

You must not have gone to Edison Lil DAB.


Wasn't trying to be grammatical, name caller. I laugh at the people on here that can only comment on grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. Because they cannot argue the content of the message, they attack otherwise. So you, tell it how it is, just must be a bully.


We need to Vote Yes.

Truth or Fiction

Lil Bab-
I too am a student of history and our great country. Jeffersonian democracy stongly supported States rights but even Mr. Jefferson saw the importance of education.

"An investment n knowledge pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin

Truth or Fiction

Lil Dab-
I too am a student of history and our great country. Jeffersonian democracy strongly supported States rights but even Mr. Jefferson saw the importance of education.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Benjamin Franklin


You got it TOF. That's why we knowledgeable commenters have researched various districts and the importance of where our tax dollars are going and HOW they are being spent. When it is MY money I worked hard to earn & is is being plundered from my account without my approval, I have every right to say something.
The importance of education is getting LOST by these over paid administrators. Through careless spending on real estate, buildings, events and leaving the education of children left behind.

Kottage Kat

I am neither ignorant nor a fool
I am a realist
tried if them taking away and giving back to garner votes
That is intimidating plain and simple
Academicily yes Edison at one time was excellent, sports took front and center
Academics has not been mentioned
Just pay and participate
Perkins has no bearing on this issue.
Please do the research and be informed voters
Your No vote will then mean No
Read the headline
Remember the busing fiasco and how well that worked
Mr ison
God bless you,love my garbage men
My questions were for truth or fiction
Which he has not answered
Trust me, I am no stranger to Milan
Their attitude and thinking
That's why I left
You have great library
They could be a good source to research
Hearts, heads or pocketbook
The choice is yours
Use them wisely


Smaller class sizes was JUST one of the many things EDUCATIONAL wise that was offered up...

Kottage Kat

I am a Norwalk resident, stuck voting in the BM school district
I do not live at rustic hills
Just clarify, and so what if I did, those folks pay taxes too
Not every voter lives at Edison Ridge

Swamp Fox

When you read the school website it infers that the teachers are now paying their full share of retirement, wrong they only agreed to pay a very small percentage. Their health insurance pick up was increased slightly but still is far below what most of the taxpayers are paying. The median income of teachers is now higher than the median income of the same folks who are paying their salaries. Extracurriculars pay, some staff members increase their salary by 25%-33% more with this supplemental income that also increase the boards pension pick up. Edison administration continues to use smoke & mirrors, vote no until they are honest with ALL the facts...


The comments about the Edison and Perkins school taxes are interesting to read. I see the "haves" and "have nots" posting various comments to either vote yes or no. It appears to me that the "have nots" are too poor to pay additional taxes and the "haves" or those who can afford to pay additional taxes or school costs for non-essentials want the poor to pay more.

In order for schools to have enough money for education, schools need to trim the fat and stop waste of taxpayer money. It is easy to spend somebody else's money if it doesn't come out of your own wallet.

This is an example of how one school in Chicago wasted taxpayer money. If the individuals were limited to meal expenses or had to pay out of their own pockets, this waste would not occur.

"Batavia Unit District 101 Superintendent Jack Barshinger wasn't expecting to cover the $1,929.75 tab at Morton's Steakhouse in Chicago for several of the district's board members, administrators and some family members during November's statewide school leadership conference.

Despite the unexpected cost, it didn't stop members of the 16-person entourage from ordering items like a $57 New York strip steak dinner, five $15 lobster bisques and two “hot chocolate cake” desserts at $14.50 each. It would have been three cake desserts, but one was comped by Morton's to celebrate a “retirement” in the group, according to the receipt provided by the district as part of a Freedom of Information Act request. Barshinger is stepping down at the end of the year."

brutus matthews

I'm not originally from the area. My wife and I moved here and we have kids in the school system. Yes, there are cliques in Milan (as in all small towns). Yes, there is small town politics (as in every small town).
I am about as fiscally conservative as one can be, but some people are taking things too far. What do you expect schools and towns to do now? Yes, I am pissed about the water rates that are going up as well. And I am sure it will hurt the chances of passing the levy. Fact of the matter is, the school has done everything it can to control costs. Stop with the teachers being greedy argument. Do any of you even know that at year 1 and at year 20 Edison teachers have one of the lowest pay rates in the state? It's not the teachers. The facts are the facts people. The state has drastically cut funding the past 8 years. They've lost more than half of their state funding in 8 years. It is just physically impossible to make that up.
Will the school close down if the levy doesn't pass? I don't know. Will home values decrease? I don't know. Home values have slid for the past 8 years, so it is hard to imagine it decreasing more. The bigger picture is this, kids need an education. The state and federal government is mandating more and more, and giving them the schools less and less to cover those mandates. It falls then on the taxpayers. It is unfair, but Edison schools is not coming up with all these mandates. The teachers aren't coming up with them. The students aren't coming up with them. But all three will suffer as a result of them, and as result of continuing to vote down levies.
I am not naive enough to think I persuaded anyone into voting for it bc i know everyone will vote their pocketbook, but remember, these kids however smart or dumb they are will eventually be left to be our doctors, our police force, and our government. We decide how much we want to educate them.

Truth or Fiction

This is not a have or have nots issue. Schools are funded in the State of Ohio by property and/or income taxes. The Edison School District is solely dependent on "property" tax (no income tax) so when Kottage Kat says she lives in Norwalk but is "stuck" in Edison that means she doesn't pay income tax. Now if she lived in the Norwalk school district she would pay both - property (if she owned property) and income tax.

Swamp fox is again WRONG! The new contract eliminates retirement pickup. Your teachers did not get any new money, in fact there is a net loss to the teachers over the next two years. All districts pay coaches for coaching athletic teams. Using Swamp Fox's logic, you get rid of all athletic teams and reduce costs. Unfortunately, this thought leads to further loss of State funding. How you ask? Because those students who can - leave to play sports, band, etc in other districts that have those extras. The district loses more State funding per pupil. Ask Sandusky about the millions they lost in State funding when students left for open enrollment.

Some of you in your district keep trying to make an issue where none exists. First it was your BOE, then nobody believed or liked the Superintendent so he retired, then the teachers got dragged in the mud when effective July 1, 2013, they are the second lowest paid in the County.

Swamp Fox

Truth of fiction check you facts the teachers are only picking a small portion of the pension costs, why mislead, afraid of the facts. The schools should focus all their funding on academics, the extracurriculars should be self funded through pay to pay and support of boosters. How would lose of athletic and other extracurriculars lead to lose of state funding? Where are they going to transfer? What other district does not have either present or future funding issues? All school boards should be in the business of education, not sports and band. When the economy and tax base allowed it was nice to have the extras, but in today's world lets focus on education. Housing values and many good paying jobs will not return to this area anytime in the near future, all levels of goverment must learn to operate with reduced funding.


Retirement was picked up by the staff but they WERE GIVEN IT BACK IN MONEY.... Is that what you mean by there was no NEW MONEY GIVEN? If so, that's not a cut, sacrifice, or working in good faith in my book....

Kottage Kat

I am retired
Pay taxes
Do you live in the district?
The answer to this question would go a long way in validating yoyu comments and support to your opinion
Thank you


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brutus matthews

It has become apparent that you cannot argue with people who are unable to deal with facts. I understand "TIRED" that your income has gone down and your taxes have gone up. However, making up illogical statements about teachers wanting hand-outs is ridiculous and shows you don't understand the facts or don't care to know the facts. I voted in favor of SB5. I felt it allowed schools to do the things they needed to do to help get their budgets under control. However, regardless that it did not pass, the latest contract with the school board and edison teachers union showed that the teachers gave up plenty. They did their part.
Some people will never be happy. I don't know what you or Kottage want to see. As I said before, I am very fiscally conservative, but there are things you should support. I have no idea how old you or Kottage are, but one day the both of you (as will I if it is still there) will be getting Medicare and SSI checks. These same kids who you are voting to take away their "entitlements" (as you see them) might vote to take away yours (and mine). Being fiscally responsible doesn't mean cutting everything to its bare bones and providing the bare minimum. If that were the case, we all would be in trouble, bc our employers if they chose to be as fiscally responsible as you are would cut their employees to the bare minimum. Pay minimum wage, and provide zero benefits.
I get it. We all want the public sector to work just like the private sector, but it can't. You're right, you cannot tax the private to death to pay for the public sector. Yes, many public sector unions have been greedy as hell in the past, too. However, this is not the case here. By the way, I know everyone wants to make the claim that teachers are making more and getting better benefits than most of those people paying for them, but did you ever stop to think about what you're talking about there. Your teachers have graduated from college. They have a higher education. 23.5% of Milan and 20% of Berlin Heights population has a bachelors or higher education. That's why many people are making less than teachers. Because somewhere people decided to roll the dice and see if they could make more money in trades vs becoming a professional through college means. As of right now, most jobs pay more for having that college degree. Don't hold that against those who chose that path.
Learn the facts, discuss the facts.


"Being fiscally responsible doesn't mean cutting everything to its bare bones and providing the bare minimum." Maybe not in your household or place of employment, but in MOST, this most definitely is what it means, LOOK around you, companies are cutting jobs, expecting more out of the bare minimum staff that they have, cutting benefits, cutting hourly pay... You are OUT OF TOUCH my friend.... Your district just changed the way they allocate the money- they are going to take it from them on the retirement and give it right back to them in pay. What this also means is it really costs the taxpayer more money with it going in wages instead of retirement.

Truth or Fiction

If you are trying to make it personal, I don't have a dog in your hunt. As for the reference to the VACATION in the sun, it was not a retiree. Young and vibrant person it was. May have thought it was funny. Maybe just wanted to get a rise out of someone but not appropriate.

Tired as you well know all workers put into a federal or state retirement fund. Most of us contributed to the social security system where we had 7+ percent over the years taken out of our wages until you reached a max figure in earnings. I never reached that max so I can't tell you what it was. My employers also contributed to the SS system on my behalf.

Same set of circumstances for your teachers, your firemen, your police officers, your public officials. They have a percentage of their wages taken each pay and sent to the retirement system PERS (Public Employees Retirement System) or STRS (State Teachers Retirement System). Your teachers had accepted a percentage pickup several decades ago in exchange for a lower pay rate. It saved the district money as the district saved on percentage payouts for work comp, insurance, etc because the payroll was lower. The new contract corrected that and removed the pickup from the teachers. They pay into their retirement like every other teacher in the County with the exception of EHOVE that has full pickup for its teachers retirement.

Kottage Kat

We have till may
I shall prevail
As is my right
And yours
Thanks to all for a very good discussion


I have not seen where TorF has called anyone a name. What are you talking about?

Kottage Kat

Please note
I clarified by saying all remarks were NOT directed to him.
I hope this clears this up for you
Sorry you were confused