Child porn images identified

Port Clinton police are zeroing in on a suspect who they believe might be the owner of a book recently bought at an auction that had child pornography hidden inside its cover.
Feb 23, 2013


On Jan. 16, a 51-year-old woman purchased the books at an auction shop in Perry Plaza, hoping to find some children's books for her grandchildren. She later inspected the items, finding inside one of them a cardboard cover to an adult porn DVD. Taped to the inside of the cardboard cover was a series of small images, each about an inch wide, featuring pornographic photos of a child, according to a police report.  

The man suspected of being the owner of the book already faces multiple counts of rape and sex crimes against a child. Click here to read about his previous arrest.

Click here for the e*Paper or buy a copy of Saturday's Register to learn how police traced the images back to the suspect.  




What amazes me is that no one reported this person sooner. It seems the child in these particular pictures is grown up now so it's been going on for a long time.


doesn't amaze me at all ..... have you ever tried to get child services to investigate a suspected sexual abuse against a child? Abusers threaten children and scare them into remaining silent, but unless the child just blurts out that something is happening to a total stranger, there is "nothing we can do" is the words you will here from child protective services.


oh, and what the child says had better be pretty graphic, give specific names and information or it will not be followed up on.


why was he in here not to long ago?


kid diddling charges..