Huron's legal fees kept in check

Huron officials follow a simple but cost-effective strategy to limit legal costs: Handle most public legal matters in-house, rather than relying on outside attorneys.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 22, 2013


Since 2008, in fact, private attorneys  earned just 14 percent of the $545,000 the city spent on legal costs, according to a Register analysis of financial data obtained through a public records request.

For comparison , Sandusky — which triples Huron’s population and budget — spent almost $1.75 million in legal fees in the same period.

Sandusky’s three-person legal department depends on several other companies to help tackle the workload.


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You mean as in Don Icsman farming all legal endeavours out to an outside firm, including but not limited to the charter!!


You bettcha! Exactomundo!


What's with this picture? The article is talking about the city, not the school board.


Someone needs to look at Icsman's budget especially the consultants.

There you go again

Sandusky has 3 times the population so you would expect the legal fees to be 3 times those of Huron.

545,000 X 3= 1,635,000 (Huron's)
Sandusky's = 1,750,000

Am I missing something? Doesn't seem like the numbers are that different.


I thought the same thing..... but it is a very short article, so maybe there's more to it


Not sure I can buy into the idea that legal fees should rise proportional to population. Certain legal costs, such as negotiating contracts, shouldn't vary with a larger number of citizens.

Hey, it's happened everywhere else. If the legal department can be run more efficiently, smarter, less costs, more duties shared, etc., then by all means the city should strive for improvement.