Ohio lawmakers push bill addressing elder abuse

Proposed Ohio legislation would add bankers, pharmacists and county humane society agents to the list of people required under law to report suspected elder abuse.
Associated Press
Feb 22, 2013


The bill introduced Thursday by Republican House Reps. Mike Dovilla of Berea and Wes Retherford of Hamilton adds those categories to existing requirements for doctors, dentists and hospital workers.


Click here for the e*Paper or buy a Register at a newsstand near you for a story in today's edition about how a Marblehead woman's friendship with a local business owner allegedly landed her with more than $200,000 of debt and a pile of credit car bills.


The legislation's goal is to strengthen Ohio's existing Adult Protective Services Law to improve the response to cases of elder abuse and encourage more reporting of such abuse.

The legislation, backed by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, would also require a state registry to help identify patterns of elder abuse.

The proposed bill would also ensure that the life savings and homes of senior citizens are protected.



Kottage Kat

This has been too long ignored
Hope they legislate punishment to fit this henious crime


The punishment structure is in place. This new measure would only require additional providers to report suspected abuses.

Timely story, though, given the Marblehead jewelry store owner accusations. Perhaps if the 81 year-old's banker had been required to report the alleged thefts and/or frauds, she wouldn't have lost that reported $200K!


This is perhaps good to read, but where's the proposed legislation for younger generational theft?

The cost of the health and welfare benefits promised by the political ruling class is falling disproportionally on the younger generations.

Soon there will be 1.5 workers for ever one gerrie on Soc. Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicaid is currently paying for 70% of nursing home residents’ care. Think of the 78 million baby boomers, the majority of whom are stone cold broke.

The older generation has written checks and is expecting the younger generation to fund them.

I tell 20 and 30 yr. olds, that the kleptocrats will eventually need 85% of their income to help pay for the oldsters' care. How are they supposed to have a future when so much of their money is going to the state?

America is eating it's young – it is unsustainable.



That's not "theft." It's "paying your fair share." Don't believe me? Just listen to our illustrious Redistributor-in-Chief! HE'LL back me up on that...


What about the social security scam that I have been paying into for 14 years and will never see a penny of that money? Who's working on that Ponzi scheme?

Kottage Kat

That's OK Rick
I will spend your $$ wisely
Love how people feel all on food stamps are eating friviously.
My 16.00.buys a lot
Cut from 62.00 because I winterized my house through WSOS.
I am not complaining just stating fact
I am blessed and grateful



Buy some crack and tattoos for me.



2cents's picture

We have to legislate everything now because we have legislated so much, everyone has become afraid to get involved, speak up or just take care of business. They don't want to be sued for doing the right thing, how sad :(


It is a sad state of affairs when we have to even worry about elder abuse, child abuse, spousal abuse, animal abuse, and the list goes on. We are so far off base in this country that we can never correct all the wrongs that need to be corrected. I am one of those people who worked 42 years in a factory to pay SS and other taxes to support me in my old age. I never expected it to be used for so many young people who are on disability because of "mental or physical" illness. I always thought it would be there for ANYONE WHO WORKED AND PAID INTO THE SYSTEM". There are so many people on the public dole who can, but won't work, that it is like fraud. If every case was looked into, more people would be taken off SS and Medicaid then put on. The big problem is now that most people have no pride. They are born with their hands out.

2cents's picture

"The big problem is now that most people have no pride. They are born with their hands out."



according to the comments, it's all the old people's fault and all the young people's fault. which is it? neither. it's our government. the system gave people their disability checks. social security is for retirement and is not a freebie. everyone that works pays into it and those that retire are entitled to it. some young people are getting a crazy check for add/adhd which is ludicrous. some people on disability are not deserving and could work and those people should be reported but there are legitimate disabilities and what else would those people do to survive if they didn't get a check? if you take everyone off of all the programs meant to help people, you would not only have uprisings and people living on the street but more crime and more in jail. either way, you have to support some people. not all of them are abusing the system and those that are will eventually get caught. not everyone is able to work for one reason or another and would you want to work next to someone that might go off at any given moment or that might be seriously ill? sometimes it's a double-edged sword and you get stabbed in the back no matter what.


Wonder if some abused now abused their children. Why not just have harsh penities for ANY lawbreaker? Wrong is wrong regardless of age.


I am sorry, but I disagree with your statement that those who are abusing the system will eventually get caught. I have lived next door to someone for over 8 years. This person has a "mental" disorder. (There are so many of them these days. ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar, and the list goes on.). I see them abuse the system every day. It is amazing the things you can do when you think no one is watching. However,They have not been caught and won't be caught. I do believe that there are many out there who deserve disability. There are also those out there who have a mental disorder, take their meds, and are very productive citizens.


grandmasgirl is right. I, too, lived next door to people who abused the "system." The entire family was "disabled!" The reality? The man might not have been able to engage in the extreme physical labor of his former career, but he was more than healthy enough to go to concerts, move furniture, carry groceries, and walk the dog! The woman wasn't disabled at all, though claimed she couldn't sit for long stretches of time. Fine. Get a job that doesn't involve sitting! Neither were stupid; both could have been trained to do other jobs more suited to their current abilities. And yet neither were inclined to do so, and the government checks just kept on coming.

It's infuriating when obvious abuses are ignored. I work hard, and still struggle sometimes. And yet I watch people load up their shopping carts with better than I can comfortably afford. I see the big screen TV boxes on the street for the trash hauler to pick up. I listen to them party and drink at all hours.

If the government is so bound and determined to spend more and more money, the least it could do is pay a few folks to be out and about and root out fraud! It's a shame that those who really NEED help (and deserve it) are painted with the same brush, but that's also a pretty good indicator just how rampant the fraud is.

The Big Dog's back

If it's so easy to get disability why don't you try? You have no idea.

Kottage Kat

I am 65
no car
No internet
16.00 food stamps
Had to retire @ 62 d/t health
No disability
Worked 43years in health care
Not asking for anything
Loads of faith
God bless all

Kottage Kat

Pre-paid cell
Those who can will
I was taught.taking that to which you are not entitled is stealing
thou shalt not steal is what my book sayz


Ain't judging. Just asking: Where is the money gonna come from? I don't believe it's fair for the youth.

Also, "the book" mentions tithing at 10%, while the Feds, state and local can add up to wanting 60% or more.

Some confuse Jesus' message with Robin Hood's. Even though the "rich" in the mythical Robin Hood's time were the King and the Church.

Julie R.

Ohio BETTER start pushing a bill that addresses elder abuse. As I've said a hundred times over --- I have so many fraud documents prepared by attorneys and dirt-bags from an insurance company and a Huron bank with my elderly mother's signature FORGED on them, I could wallpaper an entire room with those fraud documents. In fact, the dirt-bags were still preparing their sneaky fraud documents even AFTER her death. That's who OHIO better be taking a look at. They should also be taking a real good look at the corrupt courts that are helping the dirt-bags get away with it.


"The proposed bill would also ensure that the life savings and homes of senior citizens are protected."

"DANBURY TOWNSHIP — According to Ottawa County Prosecutor’s Office reports, a grand jury meeting Feb. 26 could decide whether a Catawba woman, and possibly another person, face charges after they were accused by family members of an 81-year-old widow of ripping off hundreds of thousands of dollars over a two-year period."