Ohio woman claims she was fired for Obama vote

A southwest Ohio woman who says she was fired because she voted for President Barack Obama filed a lawsuit against her former employer.
Associated Press
Feb 21, 2013

Patricia Kunkle's lawsuit accuses Dayton-based defense contractor Q-Mark Inc. and its president of telling employees that if Obama was re-elected, then his supporters would be the first to be fired, The Dayton Daily News reported.

Brian Wildermuth, an attorney for the company president, said in a statement that Kunkle was laid off for economic reasons — "nothing more."

"I am sure you and your readers are familiar with the ongoing uncertainties regarding defense spending, and thus the economic environment confronting defense contractors," he said. "The allegation that Q-Mark discharged Ms. Kunkle because of her vote is simply false."

Kunkle, of Kettering, has an unlisted phone number and her Dayton attorney didn't immediately respond to a request to speak with her.

The lawsuit, filed in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court on Feb. 14, seeks a minimum of $25,000. It says that Kunkle's vote came up in conversation on Nov. 7, the day after the election, and that she was fired Nov. 9. The suit claims that the company's president and owner, Roberta Gentile, said the firing was in the "best interest of the company."

The lawsuit said that Gentile engaged Q-Mark employees in conversations aimed at discovering their political affiliations and repeatedly disparaged Obama supporters.

Kunkle started as a temporary worker with the small company in April and became full-time in May, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit said that she performed her duties "efficiently and effectively," and never received any disciplinary action or negative performance evaluations.

Defense attorneys have until mid-March to respond to the lawsuit.



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@ KnuckleDragger

"....the media refused to report on despite having reporters embedded with the military units that found them?"

With the Republicans there is always a conspiracy or cover up if they don't get their way.
You have to stop letting Fox Right Wing propaganda fill your head .
I personally talked to a member of the 101st. Mountain Division.
He was very angry because there were no WMD's to be found.


LMAO, funny story (rick) true but fun to read in your format!


I had to leave out the really funny stuff to keep the Moderator militia off my back!


Jobless claims, hot off the press:

"Initial claims rose to 362,000, above estimates of a rise to 355,000 from the previous week's 341,000 new filings."

Our "caring" Pres. BHO is focused like a "laser beam" on jobs right? Or was that his golf game?

Tiger says that he's a good putter.



"Tiger says that he's a good putter."

You read that wrong C, A bunch of women said "Tiger is good with his putter" :0

Second Opinion

I’m surprised the liberals haven’t made charges of discrimination when employers determine that the applicant can’t perform the job. Next they will charge potential employers with discrimination for not sending the applicant to college to learn the required skills they need! There’s no end to ridiculous claims by the 21st century American socialists whose chant are ‘HOPE’ and ‘FORWARD’. I guess the HOPE part is the destruction of American to gain personally on the backs and work of others and the FORWARD is like a Bull in a china store.


In a way, she voted for her own firing. Vote to re-elect a clown that's destroying this country, and when your employer can no longer afford to pay your salary, you get let go.

She can really only blame herself.


so true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This case will clearly standup in court, and she will win a big reward... ALL OVER THE WRIGHT-PATT AIR FORCE BASE DEF-CONTRACTOR offices it was well known that the axe would fall on those who were against obama... It even goes as high as the WHITE HOUSE, where Obamas people demanded to KNOW WHICH FIRMS WHO HELD DEF-CONTRACTS WERE REPUBLICAN OR DEMs... I know, because our firm is located at WPAFB and we were warned we would lose future contracts if Obama was reelected and we did not support "their" mission...!!!


You were warned by whom may I ask?


Ahh yes, more BS. I spent a better part of a decade working at Wright-Patt. This kind of crap usually came from workers and not from the management. For the record though, these people will lose their jobs. Just go to the Dayton Daily News website and read about the affect the furloughs will have on WPAFB. So the court is going to find in her favor because the truth was told? The company she works for will likely be laying off its whole workforce in the next two weeks. If that happens, she is gonna have a hard time proving she was singled out. Even if she was, it makes no difference. Ohio is an at will employment state. You can let someone go for any reason, or no reason aside from the few federally protected classes. Last time I checked, there is no protection of Obama voters listed there.


Situations like this make me glad I don't work or vote.


you should be fired voting for that screwball.....wake up smell the coffee ....
if u work ur health care is gonna be 10 k a year for a family within the next 2 years !!!!!!! !!!!!!
who would even want to be a doctor in this mess !


and whys obama golfing with a pig like tiger woods ? isnt there any other golfers ?


Isn't Ohio an "at will" state? Outside of unions, I mean, who protect CRIMINALS let alone the stupid. And if her employment was "at will," she can be let go for any reason or no reason at all.

That being said, if she DID work for a defense contractor and she DID vote for Obama, well, karma's a _itch, ain't she?


what is she bitc hing about? she can live the new american dream of being totally controlled, um, i mean supported by prezo.

her love of prezo reminds of a song by van halen.."runnin with the devil"

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Barack Hussein Obama received 65,899,625 votes. 51.02% of the vote. Right wingers lost. Get over it. Move on.


So the woman who claims that she was fired because Pres. Obama was re-elected also "won?"


Yea, that makes sense Winnie......?????????????????


Dog wrote that Pres. Obama won and to move on Zippy. Shouldn't the woman who was fired be happy and just "move on?"

What's the hopium content of those ceegars?

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I think she should sue him for every last penny just to prove a point.


As the case goes on!

Yes your Honor!
I clocked in late because I had to vote.
I clocked in late at lunch, because I had to vote.
I clocked out early because I had to vote.


@The Big Dog....Save your typing skills. The Reps on here are not about to let go of ANYTHING where this past election is concerned. Instead of trying to figure out how to correct the mistakes made by the republican party and why they lost, they will spend the next four years COMPLAINING that they lost. It seems that none of them can move on. But that is exactly the reason the republicans lost. Holding on to the past so long made them loose touch with the present. It showed up in votes. Even those at the top of the Republican pyramid have figured that one out.


Your comment is almost laughable. Repubs may hold on the past, but Dems seem to completely forget about it and continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Wake up and realize that both parties are out of touch with America.


@ KnuckleDragger:

Enjoyed reading about the general public workers strike in Greece.

The unionized transportation ees. only worked long enough to ferry their union brothers down to the demonstration site and back again.

Debt Bomb:



hats off to a good friend of mine. their daughter is graduating this spring from osu with honors. she said last night that she will not attend graduation ceremonies because prezo will be giving the commencement speech!!! hats off to you mags. one college student not brainwashed.

looking around

Wow Mikle really! She would deny her parents and herself the chance to attend her own graduation because the person whom holds the highest office in the land may speak at the commencement! Sounds like she didn't get much of an education.....also better check that story to see if there is any validity to a sitting president scheduled to speak. If so it would be a great honor for those students.


yep. she made that decision with her parents. going to be a vet so i imagine that she has had an extensive education.


"Obama will speak at a ceremony scheduled for noon on Sunday, May 5, in Ohio Stadium."

12K graduating. He probably won't miss her.

H*ll, I just had 'em mail me my diploma. Too much pomp and circumstance.

Concrete U was more educational. It's what you learn after school that's more important anyway.