Ohio's governor defends school funding plan

Ohio's governor says his school funding plan is focused on helping students, even as critics charge it is shortchanging many public schools.
Associated Press
Feb 20, 2013


Gov. John Kasich talked about education and funding during his State of the State speech Tuesday evening in Lima. He says his plan has a "common sense" focus on helping those who don't have the resources to help themselves.

He says no school will get less state funding for now, and described the funding plan as in a period of transition.

But critics — including some Democratic legislators and school officials — say it doesn't do enough to help poor districts, and gives more state support to private schools. The head of the Ohio Education Association calls the GOP governor's claim of increased education funding "an empty promise."



The Big Dog's back

Sure it is john.


I applaud the expansion of the voucher program.

The less money OEA members receive, the better the future for Ohio's children.



The state's rainy day fund has about $1.5B in it.

There's legislation in the works to return $400-$500M of it back to taxpayers.

Govt. giving you back your tax dollars? Whowouldathunk?


Why is this program not hailed by the liberal Democrats ? The concept of the rich paying more to help the poor has been the Democratic battle cry for years.

The New World Czar

Pete- you are right on. All the good things the teachers themselves do in the classroom are unfortunately offset by the brainwashing they get from the OEA.

The Big Dog's back

Unlike like you right wingers who get brain washed by fox news.


Don't watch Fox Brutus. We have been over this. It is too bad MSDNC has so rotted the brain cells of the left that they have zero self determination any more.
Drones is all they are.