Dog rescued from ice floe back with Ohio owner

One of two dogs rescued from an ice floe on Lake Erie is back with its owner.
Associated Press
Feb 20, 2013


The dogs were stranded for almost 10 hours Friday after wandering onto the ice along the Toledo shoreline.

The Blade newspaper in Toledo ( ) reports that the owner of the two dogs picked up one of the dogs on Tuesday after he paid part of the fees against him. He told the dog warden he'd be back later this week for the other dog.

The fines are for not having a license for the dogs. He also owes kennel fees.

Firefighters used a hovercraft to rescue the dogs last Friday night.




GOD bless the rescuers!


The reporter left out the most important point. What exactly did this rescue of these two animals cost the general public? I doubt anyone involved would want this exposed to the PEOPLE they are paid to protect and serve.

eddie albert

Yep, Just, its really, no wonder this gov't is broke. Townships to the Fed, forget where the money comes from.


JUST US and eddie, so the persons who are sworn to protect and serve should just let members of someones family drown!

More than likely, they were being paid anyways. Would you rather them being paid the same wage for sitting at the fire station watching reruns of some irrelevant TV show ? The only extra cost for this rescue was fuel. Fuel for or the vehicle to get the hovercraft to the location and the fuel for the hovercraft...People seem to amaze me sometimes!

Hopefully, you never need a firefighter for you or a member of your family. Hopefully, they will respond and do what they are trained to do.....Save someone or something!


bigsexy... These people are paid to risk their lives in an effort to protect human beings from death, injury, and possessions, not animals. You have my sympathy for thinking the only cost here was gasoline. People who have no clue about priorities and waste of hard earned money amaze ME! Do the math of this expense occurring thousands of times across our country for years and years. Perhaps that will wake you up to reality.


Some people are PATHETIC! Worry about money waste when it comes to saving an animals? I'd rather it be an animal than all of the WASTE I see going on! Speaking of are a topper


So the friendly neighborhood fireman shouldn't rescue my poor kitty cat if he gets stuck in a tree?

nosey rosey

I'd much rather pay them to rescue poor defenseless animals that get into trouble than idiot humans who should know better.


Justfor - a decent human interest story and all you can do is criticize. Please point out to me where it is written that the only lives which can be saved must be human beings. Talk about not having a clue.


The next it may be you and this is the best way to train and practice!


Eddie and Just us: I would much rather see animals get rescued, than a couple of heartless humans. I hope you two don't own any animals, your not fit to have any.

Kottage Kat

Mean ole humans
Hiss on you

Da kat


I think that H should've been a P Kottage. :D


Just Us, I quote you, "to protect human beings from death, injury, and possessions, not animals." In your line of thinking they are to protect possessions???? Isn't an animal a possession? Are you saying they are to protect your TV in your house (both possessions) but not an animal?


All of you pet lovers have my sympathy for believing pet rescues have a priority over milllions of humans who are jobless, homeless, and starving without hope. What part of cities, counties, and states across our entire nation being without money to function properly in addition to the federal government owing trillions to the rest of the world don't you understand? Evidently all and none. Perhaps you'll wake up to reality when income tax takes 75% of your wages.


Sounds like someone needs a hug. Would you like a hug?


Just us...What?! Who said anything that pet rescues have priority over humans? No one said anything like that! If there is a human and a dog in the water, get the human first, of course. This story has NOTHING to do with jobless, homeless, starving, taxes or anything like that. Are you off your meds? Stay on topic please. Good god.


He's just one of those sickos out there that is probably killing neighborhood animals. THAT'S the worlds problem~SICKOS

Pterocarya frax...

Steamer 84 got it right...real world training.

But I will say that ice fishermen who are dumb enough to get in a position to need to be rescued deserve to have to pay for the resources used.


@Pterocarya frax...

Did you see the article in the Register last week where a multi-government resue exercise was held over in Marblehead? It was held on a Saturday (overtime day) and one of the training personnel was lucky not to crack her skull on the ice (lack of safe equipment).

How about we eliminate income taxes or property taxes for rescue services and rely on "call response fees" to finance safety services?


You bad dog!