Perkins schools to cut teachers, staff

The Perkins school board is set to trim at least $12 million from its five-year budget in two rounds of staff cuts and programming reductions.
Alissa Widman Neese
Feb 20, 2013

The first round, unveiled Monday, will be permanent.

The second round can be reversed, but only if voters approve a May emergency operating levy, superintendent Jim Gunner said.

To watch videos from the Monday meeting, click HERE and HERE.

For more on the plans, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register. See the proposed cuts below.

Perkins Schools positions cut on March 13, regardless of levies in May     
Furry Elementary School: $250,000
•Two teachers
•One of three Little Pirates units
•Paraprofessionals for Little Pirates

Meadowlawn Elementary School: $150,000
•One-and-a-half teachers
•Reduction in office aid hours
Briar Middle School: $600,000
•Eight-and-a-half teachers (one in 2014, one in 2015)

Perkins High School: $550,000 to $600,000
•Five teachers
•One secretary
•Several paraprofessionals
•Possible reductions in business, family consumer science, physical education and health departments
District Office: $1 million
•One communications director in 2015
•One students services software
•One-and-a-half secretaries
•One-half school psychologist
•Busing for junior high and high school students living within a mile of campus in 2015

Other areas for possible cuts if May levies fail (minimum $600,000 in cuts needed for 2013-14 school year)
•All Little Pirates units
•Switch from full-day to half-day kindergarten
•Elementary gifted program
•Elementary and middle school guidance counselors
•Elementary and middle school art, physical education and music teachers
•All middle school foreign language programs, teaming, athletics and extracurriculars
•All high school non-essential staff members, athletics, busing and extracurriculars
•High school athletic director and athletic secretary
•High school French and Mandarin Chinese classes

Want to go?
What: Special Perkins school board meeting to discuss district cuts
When: 7:30 p.m. March 6
Where: Perkins High School, Room 805



TRUMP, the money they moved is gone, mayebe the communication guy can answer ware it went. I have heard ware it when but that is just rumor.


My understanding is it's not gone - just moved to a budget that can't be used for Operations but can be used to build a new school.


My question for Chris Gasteier: If the levy fails in May, will Perkins still build a new school?


If they were to deduct what the ever the milage is from his home to the school from the 300.00 I would bet the other driving would work out for the $.55 Anyone else get paid to drive to work?


I think we need to cut Mr. Gunner. That would save us allot of money and financial woes!


Great to see Mr. Gasteier, the schools head of communications answering questions. Hope he will continue to answer questions presented to him on the forum. It's a much more open process than the limited time offered at a school board meeting.

Folks, you have a great opportunity to have your questions answered on an open forum by a school representative. Please use a little common sense and civility with your questions. Don't shut down this communication avenue.


Lay off GUNNER and save a lot of money


When are some of the "low-life ghetto" open enrolled students or their parents going to defend themselves? I know of a few of these open enrolled students and their parents are highly involved giving their all to support a system that does nothing but degrade them and their children. If I were one of those parens, I would be highly offended. Funny how everything starts off about the children but ends up being what side of Perkins Ave. you live on. How typical! :(


It is mind blowing to read these blogs! Are you Perkins Township 90210 wannabes all nuts! We are talking about common sense people...and what is the point of demoralizing the children who are apparently helping to keep your schools afloat. What happened to make you believe that one side of the city is soooooooooooo much better than the other! Do we really need to get Dr. Phil involved in this madness! I am not from this area but the parts of Perkins Township that I have seen are definitely not Rodeo Drive! LOL


I have no idea how anyone could be for this.

Smcc Student

Maybe the kids that we lost to open enrollment might come back :D



Mr Gasteier,
I am glad to see the direct answers. I know that these forums become a place a bile and dissent but I am glad to see them being used as a place for promotion and discussion.
You have a large job ahead of you to turn around the negative opinions that people have but it is good to see you separating the misinformation and folklore from the realities. I think the open school meetings have been a good idea but like the use of this forum, it may be wise to "take it to the streets." Perhaps, head to places like Jolly Donut in the mornings or McDonald's at the mall, Bob Evan's, etc. These seem like places where some of the "ol' boys" hang out in the mornings and debate local politics. Jump in their circle and present the opposing view.
There must be a number of places like this that you could get invited to. They are not coming to may need to go to them.


one more time, how do YOU know we have not gone to the meetings?


Double post in error


Check the property taxes of all of the school officials and boosters and you will see that there property taxes took a dive. My taxes increased and I now pay $400 more to the schools than last year. Then they come on here and call me self centered because I tell them of my plight. The people who got the big tax breaks pay less to the schools while I am forced to pay more against my will. When I run out of money and don't the my taxes the sherrif will come and kick me out of my house and sell my house at a sherrifs sale. The people that come here and want me to vote for more school taxes and townships are the ones that got tax breaks and pay less taxes to the school. They remind me of when I once was invited to join three other people for dinner at a restaurant which had high prices. I wanted separate checks but the loud mouth of the group told the waitress to put it all on one check and told me that we could divide the bill up later. The loud mouth and another got the most expensive dinners and also ordered expensive wine. I got one of the most cheaper dinners and coffee. When the bill came, it was something like $200 and loud mouth told me that my share would be 1/4 of the bill plus tips which would be over $50. I refused to pay since I got a cheap dinner and no wine. Loud mouth said that we agreed to one check and settle up after. I got up and left $20 on the table for my share and tips and told the waitress before I left what I did. I feel that I should only pay for my share and not another $30 so that loud mouth could order the most expensive meal and expensive wine. I wasn't about to pay another $30 so that the other two people would only pay $50 for a $80 expensive meal and expensive wine. You people who got the tax breaks and pay less taxes are the ones who support more levies and want me to pay more on top of the $400 school tax increase that I was forced to pay against me will. Who is self centered now? I am going broke because my savings are decreasing because of higher taxes and less income for me. I will lose my house sooner when the levy passes. I am going to use those free newspaper ads on Wednesday and start selling off my possessions before I put my house up for sale.


Thank you! Reading these comments, it seems like no one really wants to ask questions. Instead, people just want to bash anything and everything they can. And watch this: I'll probably get bashed for--how did one commenter put it?--"spouting off". And as for the "beautiful school to the north", the environment is different than that of Perkins. That is why a number of students and their parents chose open enrollment at Perkins.


Then they can choose to move here because we aren't approving either levy to educate their kids!




Mr. Gasteier,

Will the new building be built with or without a vote by the general public?
How much millage was moved from outside millage to inside millage?
Does inside millage ever get voted on again by the general public?
How much of the upcoming new operational levy will be used to replace the millage moved to the inside?
Did the school board ever request Mr. Gunner to live in the district?
How much of the total stadium project was funded by private donations?
How much of the total stadium project was paid with taxpayer dollars?

That's my first set of questions. Looking forward to your reply.


How about an answer to these questions:

Why did Mr. Gunner and the BOE insist on manipulating and moving funds after the voters rejected the last levy?

Why was a new football stadium built when the school buildings were in such dire straits?

I can already predict the spin-doctoring that will go into these answers!


Has there ever been any bids on just how much it would cost to repair the school, adding on the southside to replace the rely old part that can be tore down? If not, why do they keep saying it will cost to much to fix and add on if they have not reserched it? Not the study the State did, real bids.


If you really want to help the students, you won't take away things that they love. You're going to take away our sports? What was the point in building a brand new stadium then? You're going to take away teachers? You're messing with people's lives here. As for the possibility of the French program being taken away from the high school, Madame is a wonderful woman, who is a wonderful teacher. I'm a senior at Perkins, in my fourth year of french, and I don't know what I would have done without Madame O'hara-Kropft these past 4 years.


You better learn Spanish then.


I chose to learn French for my own, personal reasons. This is my last year here, so it doesn't affect me, however, it does affect other students, who chose NOT to take Spanish. Also, Madame has worked at this school for 16 years. How would you feel if you were a teacher, who had full classes, and has worked at the same place for 16 years, getting pushed out of your spot? They just hired new teachers this year, Why would they do that if we were in so much trouble with our money?


Try living in the real world without a government job. Happens all the time!


Just because it's a government job doesn't mean teachers don't love what they do.


Just because it's a non government job doesn't mean those people don't love what they do. Like I said, happens all the time in the real world.


How about those workers in Milan that worked for Tenneco that lost their jobs to Mexico, those that worked for CVG in Norwalk that lost their jobs to Mexico and those Ford folks in Castalia that had to either moved to Louisville, Cleveland or lose their job. It is called LIFE, things adapt or you get left behind. All of this is coming to a head because our nation is bankrupt/broke. The Federal government can't send money to the states, the state can't send as much as they used to the school districts and the taxpayers can't afford to pay more in taxes. This all reminds me of the falling Roman Empire...petty fiefdoms fighting for what ever swag was left. IMHO, they should be teaching only Chinese as that is who we work for now anyway.


Well said.


ohiocountrygirl - it is NOT the taxpayer's responsibility to fund things you love. That is your parents responsibility. Perkins taxpayers have been kind enough to support both your academics and your sport interests for many years. Unfortunately, economic times being what they are, people just don't have extra money to throw at schools anymore. Your school's administration chose to fund a stadium instead of using the funds for what was necessary. That's why these levies will not pass. Sports are an expensive distraction to the real purpose of school. How many hours a day do your fellow students spend practicing for sports vs. time spent studying? Kids need a dose of reality here - they can't have everything they want or love. Taxpayers just can't afford it. Focus on your studies and the things that will make you a productive citizen of tomorrow. And really, the age of your building has nothing to do with students' ability to learn or study. I attended college on the east coast in buildings that were 150+ years old...and did just fine!