Perkins schools to cut teachers, staff

The Perkins school board is set to trim at least $12 million from its five-year budget in two rounds of staff cuts and programming reductions.
Alissa Widman Neese
Feb 20, 2013

The first round, unveiled Monday, will be permanent.

The second round can be reversed, but only if voters approve a May emergency operating levy, superintendent Jim Gunner said.

To watch videos from the Monday meeting, click HERE and HERE.

For more on the plans, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register. See the proposed cuts below.

Perkins Schools positions cut on March 13, regardless of levies in May     
Furry Elementary School: $250,000
•Two teachers
•One of three Little Pirates units
•Paraprofessionals for Little Pirates

Meadowlawn Elementary School: $150,000
•One-and-a-half teachers
•Reduction in office aid hours
Briar Middle School: $600,000
•Eight-and-a-half teachers (one in 2014, one in 2015)

Perkins High School: $550,000 to $600,000
•Five teachers
•One secretary
•Several paraprofessionals
•Possible reductions in business, family consumer science, physical education and health departments
District Office: $1 million
•One communications director in 2015
•One students services software
•One-and-a-half secretaries
•One-half school psychologist
•Busing for junior high and high school students living within a mile of campus in 2015

Other areas for possible cuts if May levies fail (minimum $600,000 in cuts needed for 2013-14 school year)
•All Little Pirates units
•Switch from full-day to half-day kindergarten
•Elementary gifted program
•Elementary and middle school guidance counselors
•Elementary and middle school art, physical education and music teachers
•All middle school foreign language programs, teaming, athletics and extracurriculars
•All high school non-essential staff members, athletics, busing and extracurriculars
•High school athletic director and athletic secretary
•High school French and Mandarin Chinese classes

Want to go?
What: Special Perkins school board meeting to discuss district cuts
When: 7:30 p.m. March 6
Where: Perkins High School, Room 805



They won't be if this levy doesn't pass and Perkins can't offer the same quality of education to their students. You won't want to live here, and no one will want to buy your home.


I'm not selling and I would never get near the over inflated rate the county shows. So it sounds to me like the upcoming levy failures will do me some good by lowering the over inflated tax value of my home which will lower my taxes. I can't wait until these levies both fail, and they will. Cha ching!


Might as well move to Hancock Street, then. If money is all you're concerned about, I'm sure that's what you'll get in a couple of years and you won't even have to move!


You sound like Gunner with your juvenile scare tactics. The voters in Perkins Township are wise to these tactics.


Let me guess, you are one of the teachers that is about to be layed off? You should change your moniker to PutOEAteachersfirst.


Great point! People saying no to the levy expect a great school program! However, you need to support the school you can't have both!


NO ONE will want to buy a house in Perkins, Margaretta, Edison, BLAH BLAH BLAH--- NO PROBLEM-- as it's been stated in other blogs, NO ONE WILL WANT TO TEACH THERE EITHER! So all these areas will be a GHOST TOWN I GUESS ...... Where is everyone going to go??? WHAT A JOKE! Live within your means, times are TOUGH, MOST don't have it to give......


Also lets not forget that about 80% of residential property in Sandusky are rentals. It is easy to vote yes on a levy when you are on Metro, won't have to absorb the increase, and have no skin in the game. That is the difference between Perkins and Sandusky. It's harder to pass a levy because people in Perkins will feel the affects directly whereas a renter on Metro in Sandusky will have that cost absorbed by the taxpayers.


Landlords in Sandusky need to RAISE THE RENT when a levy is passed. Either the tenants will start voting THEIR pocket book, or START PAYING for what they vote for!


Every year it's the same, Gunner wants more.. people are tired of his lies!!if he needs to make any reductions in jobs, then he can start with his own.


Well, I am new to Perkins and I am not sure I have the story correct so feel free to correct me. 1. They put a levy on for a new school and it failed. Voters said no. 2. They are building a school using some funds they found. 3. Now they need new funds because the other funds are building a school building? If that is true, then the voters need to see who is not following their wishes. Somebody (the board?) voted for all of this. Also, they are cutting sports with that new stadium. (Maybe they can rent it out?) And all day Kindergarten. The open enrollment students will be leaving (thus creating more revenue problems) or current Perkins kids will leave (and their parents won't vote for the levy) because students will want sports and parents will want the day care. Sounds like scare tactics to me.


Gunner needs to be let go now!


The taxpayers in Perkins have to be sick. How can you build a stadium that was partially funded by taxpayers 3 months ago and then turn around have this mess.


It's Gunner! He just laid down the law with the teachers union. Cant wait to see how they react!


Keep the money in your operating budget rather than transfer to PI to build your dream school. You will have money to operate. That simple.


It is what it is. Let the layoffs begin.


Gunners Football Field of Dreams. If you build it, you can't use it.


I did not see the elimination of the retirement "pickup" that the taxpayers provide for the superintendent and "treasurer". That could help trim your costs by approximately $20,000. Please disregard if the BOE has already implemented this cost cutting measure.


As a Perkins Parent it disheartens me to see the negativity. I think we have the best teachers and staff around. My kids get so much from going to Perkins that is is a shame to see the cuts happen. Perkins is the best school district around and it has the reputation in the state. As parents we need to support the school and our children.


We don't need to support your new school though. And an "effective" rating is hardly the best school around.

Just Saying

Bingo! Perkins used to consistently score Excellent Ratings, but our most recent score was Effective - and that has nothing to do with the shape of our school buildings or football field. Curious to know how much it does have to do with the implementation of Open Enrollment.

And I see they are letting a secretary go at the High School - sure hope it's the snotty one!


Interesring point about open enrollment bringing down our academic rating. I never thought of that. I tend to believe it does have something to do with it now that you brought it up.


I would like to know what the ratio is for the open enrollment. Are you seriously thinking that the open enrollment students are bringing the scores down? That's interesting.... Or, do you mean those wonderful teachers can only teach their own students? Hhmmm

Azure Ray

With so many kids in the classroom, it must be hard to single out any students. I doubt that is happening, Mallory01. With the cuts, the classes will only get larger. Individual attention to students will be even more difficult. Think lecture halls at college.




I did not attend the schools in this area however, I find it amusing that people who live in the same (TOWN) across the street from each other who have children in some cases that attend both schools think that they are better than each other! It's nuts and funny at the same time. I hear about open enrollment and how these (open enrolled) students must be the problem for everything that is going wrong. Hey why not blame them. They live in the same city and county but not the (township) so they must be the culprits. Those darn opened enrolled students who by the way come with a hefty cash bonus must be the reason the school system is in such disarray. Stop kidding yourself people. You are like a bunch of lions who are constantly chasing their own tails. It has got to be exhausting.


@Bluedot.... my thoughts exactly!!


Check out other areas ratings in the district they are up there!


Don't take this the wrong way--- but EDISON STAFF "KNOWS THEY ARE THE BEST"! I don't know about academics, but PERKINS HANDS DOWN has better ATHLETICS! I'm curious, when was the last time Edison won their conference for football or basketball???

local man

I want full disclosure on all administration costs outside of the actual school buildings gunner and everyone tiered below him in the building before I decide whether to vote for the levy.