State Theatre director leaving Sandusky

Sandusky State Theatre director Thomas Kazmierczak confirmed Tuesday he has accepted a job as executive director of the Landmark Theatre in downtown Syracuse.
Feb 19, 2013


Kazmierczak has been the executive director of the Sandusky State Theatre for the past five years. He has two decades experience in arts management and was the executive director of the Lancaster New York Opera House for more than 10 years.

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Uh oh , sounds bad.


Isn't he the person who facilitated the Christmas windows in Downtown Sandusky? I discovered lots of small business the year we walked and visited the windows. Wonderful idea.


And this is an alert???

HS Sports Fan

I'm quite happy to hear this. I'm hoping a new director would bring more of a variety to a big town like Sandusky. Under his direction the theatre seemed to be more for 12 and under or 65 and over, There is a large group of people in between that has not seen the inside of the place since his take over. And 50 dollars to see a play is quite overboard for Sandusky. He belongs at a more upscale dinner theatre, which I hope the place he's going is. He would do well in that atmoshere. We need to appeal to all ages like the a The Ritz Theatre in Tiffin. Good Luck Thomas and now let's hope things head in the right direction for OUR beautiful State Theater


Ron White is for seniors and kids ?