VIDEO: What if the Perkins levy fails?

The Perkins Board of Education and superintendent Jim Gunner outlined who and what could possibly be cut. There will be a $600,000 shortfall should the levy not pass in March and any program not mandated by the state could be affected.
Jason Werling
Feb 19, 2013

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Click HERE for the video of pending cuts being made regardless of the levy vote outcome



Perkins Schools is the best school district around and it is upsetting to see all of the negativity. We are only hurting our children if the levy does not pass.


You have got to be kidding me?! "You're only hurting the kids" is a bunch of BS! Perkins is "Effective" at best. Gunner first stole students from surrounding schools hurting those schools financially. Perkins residents pay the extra staff, extra buildings, and extra cost for these students above what the school gets in open enrollment. He then stole operating money to build a new school for these additional 500+ new students that the community voted a big fat NO on, yet he's doing it anyways. Now he's crying he doesn't have enough operating money. This negativity was a result of his tactics. You better wake up and smell the no votes because this levy will soundly be defeated.

I'm Done

I find it very disturbing that no matter if the levy passes or fails, Gunner said that will not stop the building of a new building. I find it more disturbing that even though the athletic boosters and band boosters supported financially to the building of Gunner's stadium, he is more than willing to threaten the cutting of sports. Let's not forget the taxpayers money that was put into the stadium without their approval. So, let's get this straight, you threaten any activities not mandated by state and busing but are still going to build? If sports are kept, you are also threatening up to $1,000 per sport to play, but we get a new building? With what money and how do you expect to maintain that building? As a resident of Perkins, with kids in district, I am more than willing to open enroll elsewhere. We voted board members in to represent us, not bully us. We wonder why bullying happening in our schools? They learn through example, example of our superintendent and board members. I MOVED to this district because of what Perkins stood for but no longer holds true with how they respect their community members. If you plan to cut all that is not mandated by state, does that mean computers are also cut? Good. I am tired of all the controversy that open enrollment, computers and the new building has brought forth. I am ready to open enroll outside of district where the board cares about public relations. Gunner needs to go!