VIDEO: What if the Perkins levy fails?

The Perkins Board of Education and superintendent Jim Gunner outlined who and what could possibly be cut. There will be a $600,000 shortfall should the levy not pass in March and any program not mandated by the state could be affected.
Jason Werling
Feb 19, 2013

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Click HERE for the video of pending cuts being made regardless of the levy vote outcome



Can anyone tell me ware we can find out how much the school board payed for the football field and how much was donations/ I know a few voters who think it was 100 percent donations I KNOW thats not true but not sure how it breaks down. thanks


Maybe your answers are in this audit on the State of Ohio Auditors page. ;-)



Call or e-mail the superintendent or the athletic director. They should both have that data.


Next they will threaten to remove sports like Huron did... Schools like Huron and Perkins where sports are fruitful, this always works! oh..and then they will give all your teachers raises too!
Good luck Perkins residence, your back is against the wall!


They will threaten to stop busing also.


What's Gunners tax rate where he lives? Is this why he won't move here? Are Perkins Schools not good enough for his kids? Do we pay him mileage to drive back and fourth? How many paid consultants have we hired to get the levy passed? How much are we paying these consultants? How much does it cost the taxpayers every time the board puts a levy on the ballot over and over again?

Tell it how it is.

The comments here make me sick to my stomach. The cancer of negativity in this area is too much for me to handle. The fact is that no matter what the school does the same people will write negativity up here. (fact) The scary thing is that Perkins has the lowest effective tax rate in the area and the community won't pass a levy. (fact) Historically they don't pass levy's. (fact) Sandusky will stand to tax themselves at 41 mills while the Perkins Residents have a problem taxing at 26mils. (fact) When will people realize who they are hurting by voting these down. If people want run down schools and very limited programming they will soon get it. (fact)

And I think the BOE for staying off the ballet this long. Longer than any other district in Erie County. (fact) I also thank them for keeping my taxes low while I live here.


(Fact) levy supporters make me sick. (Fact) The majority of Sandusky homes are not owner occupied. (Fact) That is why Sandusky blindly passes all levies. (Fact) The majority of homes in Perkins Township are owner occupied. (Fact) That is why levies have a hard time passing.

Pirate Mom

I have a job (fact). I pay taxes through my employer and on my home (fact). I support the levy because I've actually stepped foot into the schools in the last 20 years (fact). I vote (fact).




Fact: you will only be hurting the kids if you vote no

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No, that is an opinion, and one not supported by the facts.
Fact: there is NO correlation between school spending and student outcomes.


The school funded half the stadium (fact). The school moved inside millage to PI to build a school without voter support (fact). The school now is threatening cuts because they don't have enough money to operate (fact). I will be voting no (fact).


I will be voting no.(fact)


FACT.. if we could trust the BOE to be responsable with our money I would vote YES now. A million oR so bucks in a football field, knowing the school needed work is not responsable, Moving over the inside millage to help fund a new school and then saying we are going to get rid of teachers becouse we cant offerd them is not responable. They come out with a plane other then a new school and it is realistic you MIGHT see a big change of minds on here.


These are just scare tactics the school board is using to pass the levy. They will threaten to drop sports and to stop busing; every school district around here does it.

This year it is Perkins wanting a new school. Next year it will be Sandusky. Why else do you think they bought the old Memorial Hospital? It is to make room for the new school they'll need to build next year because adding the seventh and eighth graders to the high school has caused it to be too crowded. Wait and see. It will be on the ballot this year or next.

FYI: It is my understanding that every school system has a million dollars in reserve for "emergencies".


Com'on, folks ! Don't you want your school to be as nice as your football stadium ???

Stadium cost $ 3.4 million 1/2 donated 1/2 from school funds

How many teaching positions or other staff could have been saved with 1.7 million dollars ?????


Answer: None. Gunner wants to build his new school to put on his resume so he can move on. He doesn't even live here. He has no investment in this District.


Mr. Gunner has no skin in the game. He has maneuvered funding legally around so the public has no vote on the building of the school. The operating levy will not pass and we will have a new school with no funds to support it and Mr. Gunner will be off to a new job.


I think you hit the nail on the head.


YOU are correct DONUTSHOPGUY. wHY SHOULD HE CARE his kids dont go here, he wont pay the tax, like he said he has been the head of 2 schools, there will be a 3rd. THE MONEY WAS THERE A YEAR OR SO AGO, THEY HAD IT, THEY JUST MOVED IT FOR THE NEW SCHOOL AND FOOTBALL FIELD. now they say they are broke,HE IS A BULLY thats it. using our kids as pawns for his agenda.

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One other thing that needs to be said:

Gunner serves at the pleasure of the board. To all those voting no, you do realize that ANY vote to retain an incumbent board member is pretty much asking for these shenanigans to continue, right?

God Of Thunder

Can anyone answer the 1st comment from rww589??? I've been wondering the same things...


Raises go to the administration first, then the teachers.


What raises? The teachers have been on a pay freeze for a couple of years. They have made many concessions.

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No such thing. That only means that they didn't have a cost of living increase, but most of the step increases that remain are as large as or larger than the cost of living increase.


Don't you think the administration has earned it ? Look at that beautiful stadium !


I'm all for the process taken by the citizens who raised private money to help finance the new football field. I give then credit for their effort to support what they believe in.

Why don't we use the same concept with the new school?

Those people who believe the natatorium is needed raise half private money to help build it. Those people who believe the gymnasium is needed raise half private money to help build it.
Those people who believe the auditorium is needed raise half private money to help build it.
Those people that believe the arts are needed raise half private money to help build it.

Come on guys put some skin in the game. Don't just rely on others to support what you believe to be necessary. You know sports and the arts will be the first areas cut. Tell them no by raising private funds to build the facilities.

I've offered a middle ground approach.

It eliminates some of the feeling that the board and superintendent are forcing this issue down the taxpayers throat. It eliminates some of the feeling that taxpayers are spending money on non-educational facilities. It allows people to believe that they were a part of process and be proud of their effort.

The stadium was truly a community project. Can't we do the same thing with the school?


I would rather HOME SCHOOL than send them to Sandusky freak school


I posted the Perkins audit from the State of Ohio at Goodtime1212 comment previous page. To any other schools wondering how much property and income tax is collected and how your district's money is spent, escrowed, donated, dispersed etc go here: