VIDEO: Special meeting of Perkins Board of Education

Pending cuts to teachers, staffing listed during public meeting.
Jason Werling
Feb 19, 2013

Superintendent Jim Gunner listed what positions the district will have to reduce following approval of the school board in March. The pending cuts are regardless of the passage or failure of the upcoming levy and could be reduced through retirements.

The pending cuts for each school and district positions begins 7 minutes into the video. Click on the player to the right to watch the meeting.

Click HERE for a video of what could be cut should the levy fail in March



We're all tapped out. Pay to play then. Vote NO!



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not the whole cost


Tue, 02/19/2013 - 11:19am

We do PAY TO PLAY![/quote]

If you already pay to play, then why would they need to cut sports?? That makes no sense! Besides, the school makes money from those sports. Why would they cut a money maker for the school? Are they going to just let that new stadium sit empty? Yes, I'm sure that's gonna happen. As I said on another thread....someone needs to inform Mr. Gunner and the entire school board that the people in Perkins township aren't as stupid as they seem to think we are!


Well said!


I remember many years ago when band members would go door to door and sell things. The booster club can have a paper drive and collect aluminum cans for sports. Do the boosters still sell citrus fruit? Asking the voters for more money is easy. The hard part is raising funds by doing some work. I have to work for my money. Churches raise money by having bake sales and bingo. At one time I was able to save about 10 percent of my money for retirement. My retirement money goes to my checking account to pay for more taxes. Soon I will have no more savings to pay taxes and I will not be able to live in my house. First to go will be all of my possessions which are in my house. Next will be my house which will probably sell for about half of what the county says it is worth. The way things have been going for me and others, the schools will go after grave lots and put a tax on them. If that doesn't work, they will dig me up, sell my casket for scrap and use my body for fertilizer. I haven't made arrangements for my funeral yet because they are to expensive.


Until the public wakes up and combines the districts we will be wasting our tax dollars! Take the blinders off and look at it from a fiscal view and not an emotional view.

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Combine the districts and you'll REALLY see the tax dollars wasted. Sandusky voters will steamroll levy after levy until Perkins is bled dry.


Perkins voter I can't imagine the state of our society if there were a majority of people as self centered as you. Your life would be perfect if you could just suck off of society without any of the responsibilities most feel we sacrifice for our community's better good. If you are as miserable as you let on, why not isolate yourself someplace where you answer to no one.


Perkins voter is self centered because he/she wants to remain owning their home? Would you have him/her live in a cardboard box so you and the students can have a shiny new building? Talk about self centered.

The New World Czar

Interesting that the Register has an editorial piece on out-of-control public pensions (hello!)...and at what age can a public employee (teacher/administrator) retire?

Bueller? Bueller?