Ottawa County's health officials expand adult vaccinations

Ottawa County’s health department has given its adult immunization program a shot in the arm.
Tom Jackson
Feb 18, 2013


The county’s health board voted Tuesday night to give the department permission to expand its adult vaccination program.

The health department now offers adults vaccinations against hepatitis B, shingles, meningitis and HPV, said Nancy Osborn, the county’s health commissioner, with flu and pneumonia vaccinations offered during flu season.

The expanded program will provide vaccinations that will include hepatitis A, Tdap (typhus, diphtheria and pertussis), chicken pox and MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), Osborn said.

The cost of the shots will range from $35 to $105.

“It’s really only just basically just covering our costs,” she said.

The expanded vaccination program will likely begin in March, perhaps earlier, she said.

As with the department’s flu vaccine, local companies can pay to have their employees vaccinated by the health department, Osborn said.

In fact, the health department began discussing expanding its adult vaccination program after a local company asked the department to vaccinate its employees, said Diane Kokinda, nursing director for the department.

There have also been requests from local residents, she said.

“Why send them to another health department when you can have them here?” she said.

Dr. Jennifer Casey, M.D., a physician who sits on the board, said that while her office provides adult vaccinations, many doctors have tired of the paperwork that’s required for giving the shots.

Osborn said the health department will continue to refer local residents to other health departments for immunizations needed for travel to other countries, such as for cholera.



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